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Sir John Heron Primary School

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Year 4

Spring Term


We are very much looking forward to working with you and your child this term and hope it will be an exciting and rewarding experience! This page outlines the Year 4 curriculum for the Spring Term 2019.



This term we will be reading ‘The Iron Man’, an enchanting science fiction novella written by Ted Hughes. In the second Spring half term, we shall be reading ‘I Was A Rat’, a story by Philip Pullman, which has the feel of a Grimm's Fairy Story, but with a thoroughly modern twist. We shall follow this by reading ‘The Sun is Laughing’, a collection of poems by various poets. We shall also be exploring other poems throughout the half term and encourage you to read poems with your children at home.


We will focus on writing skills such as:

  • Poetry writing

  • Writing our own stories based on the book ‘The Iron Man’

  • Editing, redrafting and proof-reading pieces of writing


As part of literacy lessons we will also focus on:

  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar

  • Improving reading comprehension skills

  • Speaking and listening targets



We will be using the Kangaroo Scheme of Work and will be focusing on:

  • Exploring time as a measurement and understanding what time actually means

  • Exploring money

  • Investigating fractions, decimals and percentages



In Science, we will be finding out about electricity. We will focus on:

  • Exploring the importance of electricity and how it enhances our life.

  • Discussing the dangers linked with electricity and how to stay safe using electrical devices.

  • Investigating simple electrical circuit including battery and cell.


We will also be finding out about animals including humans. We will focus on:

  • Identifying and classifying different types of living creatures in their environment.

  • Discussing how the environment can shape the life and organism of fauna and flora.



We will be looking at the topic 'We are Musicians'. We will:

  • Explore different online media in which we can produce music

  • Create a piece of music which uses repetition and sequencing



This term we will be journeying back in time to visit ancient Egypt. In this topic we will:

  • Find out about the structure of ancient Egyptian society, from pharaohs to slaves

  • Research and present information about a wide variety of Egyptian gods and goddesses

  • Find out about the pyramids of ancient Egypt



Next half term we will be investigating where our food comes from. We will:

  • Explore which foods come from temperate and tropical zones

  • Explain how land is used to produce food in the United Kingdom and other countries

  • Investigate the trade links that enable food from around the world to be sold in the United Kingdom



Our topic in Design and Technology is “Alarms”. As part of this topic we will:

  • Evaluate existing systems of alarms and decide on their own design.

  • Learn about the components necessary in making alarms and discuss their aesthetic properties.

  • Create their own system of alarm using their knowledge.



Our topic in Art is ‘Seurat and Pointillism’. As part of this topic we will:

  • Look at various Pointillist paintings, with a focus on the work of Georges Seurat

  • Use a variety of media to create our own painting in the Pointillist style



In PE this half term, children will be working on Outdoor Adventure Activities. Children will be focusing on improving their communication skills through a range of challenges performed with a partner and as part of a team. Next half term, children will be focusing on net/ wall games to improve their hand eye coordination.



Our topic for PHSCE will be ‘Dreams and Goals' and ‘Healthy Me’. Some of the areas we will look at include:

  • How to cope with disappointment and how to help others cope with theirs

  • I know what it means to be resilient and to have a positive attitude

  • Learn how to share in the success of a group and how to store this success experience

  • Understand the facts about alcohol and smoking and its effects on health

  • Knowing myself well enough to have a clear picture of what I believe is right and wrong



In RE we will be finding out:

  • What religions are represented in our neighbourhood

  • Why Easter is important to Christians