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Sir John Heron Primary School

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Year 4

Autumn Term 2018


We are very much looking forward to working with you and your child this term and hope it will be an exciting and rewarding experience! This letter outlines the Year 4 curriculum for the Autumn Term 2018.



This term we will be reading ‘Charlotte’s Web’ by E.B White, ‘Wolves’ by Emily Gravett and ‘Ice Palace’ by Robert Swindells.

We will focus on writing skills such as:

  • Writing in different genres, e.g. writing in role, poetry writing, writing information texts, writing newspaper articles;
  • Creating our own picture book based on the book ‘Wolves’; and
  • Editing, redrafting and proof-reading pieces of writing.


As part of literacy lessons we will also focus on:

  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar; and
  • Improving reading comprehension skills.



We will be using the Kangaroo Scheme of Work and will be focusing on:

  • Numbers and the number system;
  • Counting and comparing, including the use of Numicon;
  • Investigating properties of 2D shapes, with a focus on symmetry;
  • Understanding addition and subtraction in depth; and
  • Understanding multiplication and division in depth.



In Science, we will be exploring how to work scientifically during the course of the first half term. During this topic, we will be taking part in various enquiries and conducting research. Later on in the term, we will be learning about sound and we will focus on:

  • How sound is made and how we hear sound; and
  • Conducting experiments to test out our predictions about sound.



We will be looking at the topics ‘We are software developers’ and 'We are Toy Designers'.

We will:

  • Learn about online safety;
  • Create our own software for a specific audience using Scratch;
  • Learn how to debug;
  • Design a simple toy that incorporates sensors and outputs; and
  • Create an on screen prototype of the toy in Scratch.



History and Geography

Our history topic this term is Early Civilisations. We will:

  • Learn about some of the first civilisations including the Indus Valley, Ancient Rome, Phoenicians, Ancient Egypt, Shang Dynasty, Ancient Sumer, and Ancient Greece; and
  • Learn about some of the great achievements of these civilisations including the invention of writing systems, trade, number systems, inventions and architecture.
  • We will be exploring and learning about our local area for our geography topic later on this term.




Our topic in art is ‘Investigating Patterns’. As part of this topic we will:

  • Identify patterns found at home and in the environment;
  • Create patterns using rotation, symmetry and reflection;
  • Create patterns using a stencil;
  • Use printing to create a pattern; and
  • Design a pattern for a particular purpose.



The children will be playing invasion games, which include football and handball. They will explore the key skills and aspects of these games. Later in the term, children will be looking at health and fitness, especially focusing on why it is important to live a healthy lifestyle.




Our topic for PHSCE will be ‘Being Me' and ‘Celebrating Difference’. Some of the areas we will look at include:

  • How to make our school community a better place
  • Learning about rights, responsibilities and democracy
  • Working with and caring about others
  • Accepting that everyone is different
  • Knowing how to include others when playing
  • Learning how to help if someone is being bullied




In RE we will be finding out:

  • How and why do Hindus worship at the Mandir?
  • Why is the Bible special for Christians?