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How to become a School Councillor

Please read Tawhid's letter about how to become a School Councillor:


Dear Pupils and Adults that care about their children,


To become a school councillor, you need to be confident in talking in front of a crowd; it is essential that you are capable of speaking confidently and clearly. There is also a necessity of being able to listen to other pupils’ voices. Furthermore, it is crucial that children of Sir John Heron Primary School are able to express their own opinions clearly. If you want to have the chance of being elected for the School Council, you have to write a speech and give it in front of your class. If the other students vote for you and you get more votes than everybody else, you will be given a School Council badge; as well as this, you will be having frequent meetings every Monday, to make sure that everyone’s voices are heard and taken into action.


The School Council also have additional jobs such as being: a journalist, a minute-taker and a correspondent. Correspondents are people that write letters to the head teacher about changes that the pupils want in this extraordinary school. A journalist writes reports and articles for the school newsletter every week. A minute-taker takes notes in the School Council meetings and write documents about the changes made in this fabulous school.


The School Council meetings are run by Miss Werrin, Year 6 Jesse Owens Class teacher, and if you want your children to become a School Councillor, find out if they are interested however, do not force them; if they are interested in becoming a school councillor at Sir John Heron School Council, tell them that at the start of their next year in primary school will be their chance to maybe become one of the four School Councillors in their year group.


Yours Sincerely,


School Council Journalist, 2017-18