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Year 6

Welcome to the Jesse Owens and Tanni Grey Class page!


Your teachers will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.

Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your Teacher know!

Science Day

For Science Day this term, Year 6 were given the challenge of building a motorised car that travelled faster than everyone else’s. We used a range of resources, including wooden sticks, pulleys, wires, batteries and switches. After building the chassis, we had to attached the electrical circuit. Then came the testing!

Most of the cars worked, but some didn’t, and we thought about why not and what we could have done to improve them.

We were pleased with what we had made, and the challenge was a lot of fun.

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STEM Week in Year 6


For STEM Week, Year 6 had a special mission: to design and build an assistive device for someone who finds reaching and picking up things difficult. After finding out about different types of assistive devices, we worked in pairs to design our own grabber. We had to think about how to make something that would actually hold on to an object securely, and we used what we had learnt about levers and fulcrums.

Making the grabbers was lots of fun, and it was great when we got to test them out.

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Topic Afternoon

Parents/carers came in to work with the Year 6 classes on a topic afternoon about 'Rivers of the World'. During the session, the children and parents/carers worked in small groups, researched a specific river and used chrome books and atlases to find interesting facts about it. They then transferred the information to a poster, accompanied by a drawing, representing the river. It was a very enjoyable afternoon! 


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SATs Workshop

On Thursday 7th March, Year 6 parents/carers joined the pupils for a workshop in preparation for the Standard Assessment Tests, which will take place in May. During the session, pupils and parents/carers looked at past papers, discussed revision tips and well-being. The PowerPoint used during the workshop is saved below. 


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Review of 'Clockwork' by Philip Pullman.

Written by Ahmad


The story of Clockwork is about a depressed man called Karl who needs to make a clock figure for the German town of Glockenheim. However, he doesn’t have one and it has to be done by the next day. Dr Kalmenius helps him, but with an unpleasant, surprising twist. Fritz tells a story with no ending, but will make a fatal mistake. 
The story includes Gretl, Prince Otto, Princess Mariposa and many more characters.
Karl, Herr Ringelmann’s apprentice, always says things that he doesn’t really mean, 
like ‘put poison in and I’ll drink it then.’ Also, he is very depressed and acts as though he wants to commit suicide. His friend Fritz is the opposite as he is very positive thinking, but later in the story he acts like Karl and becomes drunk. Prince Florian originally passed away as a baby, so his father Prince Otto takes him to the mysterious Dr Kalmenius. Prince Otto later gives gives his heart to his beloved son. Prince Florian then grows older and comes to Glockenheim.

Here he meets Gretl who is a caring, loving person and becomes friends with him. The story ends with a strange, but incredibly happy ending for some of the characters.


My opinion of the book is that it was a spectacular story with a surprising ending 
which changed my sympathy for the characters. It is a fantasy story with some elements of horror.

I would recommend this story to people in secondary school, as it might be less confusing, and they might understand it better.

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Book Review of Philip Pullman's 'Clockwork'.

Written by Najirah


In our English lessons we have been reading a book called “Clockwork” by Philip Pullman. This book is very interesting, as it has a very unexpected plot twist towards
the ending, which changes the entire story. After reading the whole book, (which took
about 2 weeks) I definitely recommend this book to children in years 4 and above, since children in year 3 and below might not understand the meaning of this amazing story.


Some scenes left me puzzled. For example, the fact that it was Fritz’s story, and the
characters in the story changed the ending completely, was very surprising.
If I had to choose a favourite scene in the book, I would have to pick the scene where Gretl thoughtfully gave away her heart by loving Prince Florian, because it was a very touching part of the whole book, and it shows that Gretel cared about him very much. If I had to pick a favourite character in the story, I’d pick Fritz since he cared about Karl, when Karl thought bad things about himself, and he attempted to cheer him up even though it didn't work. It shows that he is a very bubbly type of person, although towards the end he was quite grumpy.


To conclude, in my own opinion, some parts of the story were quite confusing but the main story was very good. I will rate it 4/5.

Visit to Leeds Castle

Year 6 visited Leeds Castle in Kent to learn more about what Victorian school life was like. We had a Victorian school lesson (in costume!), went for a tour around the beautifully decorated castle, and finally listened to some Christmas stories told by the Lord and Lady of the Castle. What a lovely way to link with out book 'Street child' and conclude the term! 

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November 2018

Year 6 went on a magical exploration of all things poetry at the National Poetry Library at the Southbank Centre. Activities that we took part in were a word scavenger hunt- finding vocabulary in books that inspired us, looking at poetry on paving slabs (the words of William Wordsworth are carved into the promenade next to the Thames) and creating our own description of the view from inside the building looking at the London skyline as well as outside the building as we stood next to the Golden Jubilee Bridge. We used all of the language that we collected to create our own poems which we then had the chance to perform to one another. Not only did we get the chance to write, we also got the chance to explore the books of poetry housed by the library and listen to recordings of poems being performed. All in all it was a truly inspiring day.

September 2018 - Year 6 Team Building

Year 6 took part in a very exciting Team Building afternoon on 13.09.18. They were put into teams and started on 7 different activities. When the time was up for the first activity they moved onto the next activity until they had completed all 7 of them. They had to discuss, plan and complete each activity with their team, and then they evaluated what they could have done better and what went well. They all had a very enjoyable, fun afternoon together.

The aim was to build better communication and to develop planning and problem solving with their peers. Through activities like these the children have a better understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which will help them to work even better together in the future and support each other. It is important for them to continue building and developing these skills as they continue their journey into becoming young adults.