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Spring Term


Our topic for the first half of the term is ‘Fairy Tales’ and then ‘Journeys’ for the second half of the term.

We will be using lots of fairy tales and familiar books to stimulate our exploration and learning. We will be having home tasks to help your children develop their skills in different areas of learning and independence.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be developing our confidence in talking with others during our play. Our teachers will support us to use daily activities such as playdough, the home corner and construction to talk about ourselves, our families and home lives, as well as other important things we might have been doing.


We will be thinking about our feelings, exploring which things might make us happy, angry, sad or scared. We will consider our own actions and think about things which might make our friends happy or sad. We have a special puppet called Sia who helps us talk about our feelings.


We will continue to develop our skills in independence and self-care, making sure we can take of our own toilet routines, wash our hands, wipe our noses and put our hand over our mouth when we cough and sneeze.


We will be playing parachute and ring games where we will learn to follow simple rules and take turns fairly with our friends.


Communication and Language

Our first book will be ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We will be finding out what happened in the three bear’s house when the mischievous Goldilocks visited. We will help our teachers by listening carefully and joining in with our favorite parts, especially when the bears say “Someone has been eating my porridge…. “


We will be also read ‘We are going on a Bear Hunt’ and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We will be focusing on listening carefully to others and answering and asking questions. This will be especially important when talking about which activities we are going to complete through the session and who we would like to play with. We will also be extending our vocabulary using words to describe the changing weather, including ice, fog, chilly and snow.


Physical Development

We will practice moving in different ways such as jumping, hopping on one foot and skipping. We will continue to develop our confidence on the climbing and balancing equipment.


We will be using scissors to cut and makes snips in paper, we will practice cutting straight and zig-zag lines.


We will be using a range of pencils, pens, paintbrushes and other tools to draw pictures and write the letters from our names.


We will be practicing our self-care skills, making sure we put our aprons on when we play in the water, washing our hands and putting our dirty tissues in the bin.



We will be using pictures and props to sequence and retell our familiar books and fairy tales, will also be using recordable equipment to act out our favourite parts of the stories, such as the horrible troll and fierce wolf.


We will using our name cards to trace and copy our names, we will also begin to recognise the names of our friends and other people who are familiar to us. We will tell adults about our work and watch as they record our ideas in writing, we may beginning to imitate writing with our own marks.



We will be using numicon to help us count and understand numbers to ten. We will be using familiar fairy tales, such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs and The Three Billy Goats Gruff to help us explore number, size, positional language and sequencing. We will be making simple patterns with the peg boards and threading beads.


We will use games and physical activities to help us recognise shapes and numerals. These will include splat the shape, where we will use bean bags to splat shapes and name them. We will also use bean bags and targets to begin to record and count our own scores.


Understanding the World

We will be thinking about people who help us such as police officers, firefighters, doctors and nurses. In our role-play area we will have a hospital, we will act out the roles of doctor and patients and find ways to make each other better.


We will be exploring healthy eating, outside we have a healthy eating café, where we will be discussing healthy food choices. We will also use the outside area for keeping our bodies healthy with keep fit exercises.


We will be introducing our ICT with a range of rechargeable toys and equipment, and will find out how to move the remote control cars and use our special telephones to speak to each other.


Expressive Arts and Design

We are already really excited about our new ‘mini me’ people. These are little puppets of us and our friends, and we will use these to support our small world play. We also have lots of masks to match our favourite stories, helping us to act out stories in our own words.


We will be working on our painting skills, finding out how to mix colours and to use a range of different equipment such as paintbrushes, sponges and stamps to make lovely pictures. We have already started to explore the shapes of different fruit and vegetables in our artwork, using them for printing and making pictures.