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Sir John Heron Primary School

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Summer Term


We hope you all had a good spring break. We are looking forward to a very busy term where we will be learning lots about plants, flowers and mini beasts.


As the weather is now changing, please ensure that you label all of your child’s clothes clearly, this is particularly important with jumpers and coats to ensure we can return them to the correct owners.


Our topic this term is ‘Superheroes.’


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be thinking about how to be a good friend to others and are learning to negotiate and solve problems that arise in our play by making sure we share equipment fairly and speak to others nicely.  We have now gained more confidence to use talk in our interaction with others; we will use talk to explain our own ideas, and our ears to listen to the ideas of others, which will ensure everyone has a good time in nursery.


We will be thinking about moving on to Reception. We will be visiting areas around the school and exploring the Reception classes. At home, you can help us to prepare by ensuring that we can dress independently, take care of our own toileting, feed ourselves using cutlery, drink from a glass and develop good routines for eating breakfast and for going to bed between 7:00-8:30pm.


Communication and Language

Our first special book is ‘Superworm’. We will be finding out what happens when Superworm comes to the rescue in this exciting rhyming book by Julia Donaldson.  Superworm is a hero with a difference. Super-long and super-strong, he's always on hand to help out all the other animals and insects


We will sequence the stories in the correct order and will discuss with our friends what is happening, listen to their thoughts to see if they have the same ideas. We will listen to some stories without pictures or props, we will have to concentrate carefully and use our own imaginations to think about what the characters might look like. 


At home, it is vital that you read to your child daily. Encourage them to talk about the details in the pictures and discuss their thoughts about why things happen. Encourage them to think about the characters and how they are feeling. When your child is very familiar with a story, let them tell you what is going to happen next or tell the story in their own words.


Physical Development

Now the good weather is here we will be spending even more time in the garden. We will be exploring our large equipment and will continue to develop confidence in using it to climb, crawl, swing and jump, just like Superworm when he turned himself into a rope. Please take your children to the park where they have space to kick footballs, use bats and balls, climb, jump, run and skip. This will help to keep all the family active.


We continue to develop control over pens, pencils, paintbrushes and other mark making equipment. We are beginning to use anticlockwise movements, trace vertical lines and form recognisable letters.  At home, provide a range of writing and colouring tools, spend some time drawing pictures and different sorts of lines (wavy, straight and zig-zag), and support your child to hold pencils comfortably in a tripod grip towards the tip of the pencil.




Our special book ‘Superworm’ will stimulate us to give meaning to our marks when we write for a range of different purposes within our learning. 


To support early writing skills at home, parents/carers can continue with activities such as play dough, threading beads, and using scissors, these can be turned into activities such as cutting around leaves to make a giant beanstalk, or rolling out a long piece of dough to see who can make the longest beanstalk. Draw pictures with your child, adding details such as the angry giant or spotty ladybird, remember to model what writing looks like by labelling their work for them. Encourage them to write their name on their work by themselves.



We will be matching groups to numerals to 10, counting out the right number from a larger group and finding out how many there are when we add two groups together.


At home you can support your child’s number awareness and skills throughout the day; let your child measure all the people in your family to see who is shortest and who is tallest. Look at shapes you see in the world around you, how many different circles can you spot on the way to school? How many different shapes can they spot in familiar objects such as their toy car or a doll?


Understanding the World

We will be exploring space and technology. As part of this we will be looking at light and dark and using torches to explore our surroundings.


Expressive Arts and Design

We will use paints, pastels, pencils and collage materials to recreate our own beautiful pictures. We will be making space ships as part of our space project. Our block play area will have a space theme and we will be exploring light and dark through our play.