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Year 5

Summer Term


We are very much looking forward to working with you and your child this term and hope it will be an exciting and rewarding experience! This letter outlines the Year 5 curriculum for the Summer Term 2019.



This term the focus will be on an exciting new book titled Goodnight Mr Tom. We will be looking at a range of different forms of writing, including poetry. The children will be deepening their knowledge of World War II and the evacuation process, which will enrich their learning of British history. Later on the term, we will be looking at our final book of the year called London Eye Mysteries. This will unravel the mysterious circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Salim. We will make predictions about what may have happened and there will be an opportunity to visit the London Eye.



This term in Maths children will be exploring Calculating Space. This will involve converting between measures of length, mass and volume/capacity. Pupils will also convert between metric and imperial units when solving problems. Furthermore, we will calculate fractions, decimals and percentages. We will also look at approximating and estimating in a range of scenarios, as well as how to present data. Finally, we will explore mathematical movement and solve problems relating to this.



In Science, children will be looking at properties and changes of different materials. Children will ask questions and find possible answers for these by carrying out scientific investigations. During the latter part of the summer term, we will learn about all living things. This will involve examining different living organisms such as plants and how they have evolved. We will follow the scientific approach to carry out a range of scientific enquiries, based on questions we have about living things.


As part of our science themed term, children will also be studying Space in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary since the first moon landing. Children will look at the planets and stars, and how astronauts travel into space. There will be exciting enrichment opportunities, including a planetarium dome visit in school for the children to enjoy!



Computing this term will enable children to become architects of their own learning, linking wIth RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects). They will be developing their learning of a new programme called SketchUp and will use their knowledge of Maths to apply length, angles and measurements, as well as strengthening their design and artistic skills to create their very own buildings.



In Geography, children will be discovering whether the High Street should be closed for traffic. This will include debating on real life issues concerning traffic and the impact of this. Children will need to collate evidence supporting opinions and present these dilemmas to the class.



The history topic during the Summer term will be World War II. The key areas of learning will be on the Blitz, air raids, life of an evacuee, the impact of the war on the people and the areas affected. This will involve researching key dates and events, taking on the perspective of life during this period and writing in role.



Children will be looking at art illusions this term. They will be playing with perspective, line and colour to create clever and mind-bending illusions, including trompe l'oeil and optical art.



Children will have the opportunity to design and create their own musical instruments this term. They will be carrying out all aspects of making a product such as a musical instrument. For example, surveys of their favourite types will be taken and they will be exploring the types of instruments and how they are played.  



In PE, pupils will be taking part in swimming lessons and later in the term, children will work on athletics skills.



Children will be focusing on relationships this term. This will involve reflecting on their own selves and others. For example, children will be identifying what is self-esteem and the ways to develop this. They will look at key relationships in their lives such as friendships and how to manage these, as well as other personal relationships. Relationships and technology will also be covered which will highlight the importance of internet safety. Children will also look at changes within themselves and others as part of growing up. This will tie in with transitioning to Year 6 next year.



This term, children will be developing their thinking on which inner forces affect how we behave. They will think about when they might be tempted by something and link this to when Adam and Eve disobeyed God and why. They will consider why Jonah behaved in the way he did, as well as reflect on the beliefs they will deny. Children will demonstrate their understanding through role-play and relating key themes to their own lives. They will also reflect on how they show thankfulness and how people with different beliefs and religions show this.