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Sir John Heron Primary School

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Take a look at some of our latest learning!

Balloon painting!


We have been exploring new ideas for artwork in the puffin room.  We often try to use a range of different tools for our artwork - from paintbrushes, to scrapers and dabbers.  This week, we have been using balloons to paint.  We dipped them into a mixture of colours and bounced the balloon off the large sheet of paper.  Our children are all fascinated with balloons and enjoyed this activity immensely.

Enjoying the balloon painting

Painting autumn colours

Getting messy during painting
Exploring the colours of Autumn

A whole new term!


We have been very busy settling back into our school routine.  The children have settled in very well, and are making fantastic use of the extra inside space.  This term, we have been using Autumn as our topic and using the colours as a starting point for a wide range of art.  We have been exploring rhythm and drumming in music and learning to cook.  In the butterfly room, we have started a new topic - Witches and Wizards - and we are using this to help us explore different textures and develop our sensory awareness.


Sensory Exploration!


We have done a lot of work this week exploring a range of different textures.  We have set up sensory trays in the afternoon where the children can explore a range of textures from jelly to foam and dry foods such as rice.  We have also made good use of our water tray.  Our children have been learning to grasp and reach, so have been putting this skill to use by fishing!

Exploring the water tray

Happy New Term!


This new term we have started warming up.  The children have been learning to use a range of utensils when cooking.  They've used spoons, whisks, rolling pins and dough cutters to help make their food.  They all enjoyed the wide range of textures and smells.

Exploring with a spoon
Exploring the dough mixture

Sensory Afternoons!


This week in the Butterfly Room we have been exploring a range of sensory arts.  These have included potato stamping and using our PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) to request motivating items like Jelly!  We also finished off our family trees topic.  This meant that some of siblings came to visit us to help us complete our work.  It was a really nice opportunity for our brothers and sisters to come and see what we do with our day.

Completing a family tree together



This week, we have been continuing to work on making choices.  For some of us in the Butterfly Room, this can mean using our switch to request more of an activity, or using one of switches to request out preferred item.  In the mornings, the children often engage in messy play.  This allows them the opportunity to explore a range of textures and to make choices between things they like and they don't like.  We try to embed choice making into everything we do, from arts, to craft and messy play.

Choosing in music
Choosing during messy play
This week we have been focused on working more independently.  The children had a wide range of arts and crafts activities to attempt in the afternoon, and they tried hard to work on their own.  These included making a Chinese lantern to celebrate Chinese New Year, creating a paper plate butterfly and experimenting with straws to blow paint around.
Using PECS to ask for some rice
Drumming away on the samba drum.

Family Trees!


This week, as part of our All About Me topic, the children made family trees.  We used scrunched up coloured pieces of crepe paper to stick down and make a tree.  Then we stuck pictures of our family members.  As part of this topic, siblings from around the school joined our children in helping to work on their projects.

Helping with artwork

It's Spring!


To celebrate the new term, we created some spring themed artwork.  The children used a range of tools from paintbrushes to rollers and stampers.  We selected some colours that best conjoured up that spring feeling (the warm bit, not the cold one!) and set about creating our abstract artwork.  The children used a range of techniques the adults had modelled to them.  These included rolling, stamping and using the paintbrush to flick paint.  Once the work had dried, we put them up on display!



Using the roller
Using a stamper

All about us!


This term we are exploring what it means to be ourselves.  This week, the children took photos using the iPads and helped each other to take photos.  They explored what it meant to be them by dressing up in a range of different outfits.  We tried on princess costumes, pirate hats and superhero capes.  We took lots of pictures.  Some of our children really enjoyed twirling in the mirror!

Trying on her princess outfit.
Enjoying being a pirate

Wishing You A Merry Christmas!


It's nearly the end of the year.  The children were visited by Santa Claus who gave them all a special present. We have been working hard on arts and craft to make decorations for our tree.  We are looking forward to an exciting 2020 and lots of new opportunities in the new year.

Receiving his present from Santa

Tis the season!


This week, we have bee continuing our festive crafts - the children made a nativity scene out of lollypop sticks and a special Christmas wreath.  We also found time in our busy schedule to put our Christmas tree up.  The children helped to decorate it and wrap tinsel around it.  They were all very excited when the lights came on!

By the Christmas tree

Christmas Time!


It's Christmas time and we've been preparing by making our decorations for the Christmas hoop.  The children made snowmen by sticking down cotton buds onto their snowman outline.  Other children made Christmas trees out of lollypop sticks they had stuck into the shape of a tree.

Decorating his Christmas tree
Decorating his snowman



This week, the children were visited by Falconry UK who came to show us a range of British and exotic birds.  The children were really excited to see the birds up close.  Some of our children also got to hold the birds.  We saw owls and Kookaburra's.  It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to experience the wonders of wildlife.

Getting up close to an owl
Inspecting the owl
The owl spreads its wings

We are artists!


This week we all worked together to create a display for the walls of the school.  We cut up triangles of different colours and stuck them down onto our large artwork.  Once this had dried, we used a range of different tools - paintbrushes, sponges and rollers - to cover the canvass with paint.  We explored how the colours mixed and we tried to find new ways to apply paint onto the canvas.  Some of us even tried drip painting in a Jackson Pollock style.

Sticking down his coloured shapes
Painting over the shapes

Free Flow afternoons!


We have been adopting a more free flow approach to our afternoons this term, providing children with a range of opportunities to make requests, explore art with paint and texture, some physical exercise and some sensory exploration.

Switchwork Skills!


This week in the Butterfly room we have been exploring a range of switchwork skills software.  Our new games allow us to practice our switch skills whilst playing a range of sporting games, navigating the pages of stories and to control electronic toys.  The children were very excited to explore the new possibilities!

Exploring the switches
Spending some time practicing his switchwork
In another exciting week in the Butterfly room, we have been exploring sensory stories, our water tank and sand pit.  The children have benefitted from our new sensory circuit.
Enjoying a sensory story

Autumn in the Butterfly Room!

This week we worked hard to make a series of Autumn-inspired artworks for the walls of our rooms.  Using large sheets of paper, we chose between red, yellow and orange to create our autumnal scene.  Some of the children experimented with a range of different tools, whilst others preferred to explore the range of textures we have on offer.  The end result was some fabulous pieces of artwork that would rival any Jackson Pollock!

Concentrating hard on her Autumn picture
Exploring the mixture of colours
It's been another exciting week in the Butterfly Room.  We have been creating our own monsters in response to the story Ten Little Monsters.  The children used their pictures to choose a range of materials - sequins, ribbons, fabric and glitter - to design a their own character for the story.
This week, we have been learning a few different songs to help us into the new year.  The children spent the music lesson exploring a range of instruments - strings, bows, brass and percussion.  After we selected our instruments, we played along to the song "I am the music man."

Another exciting week in the Butterfly Room!


We've been very busy getting back into the swing of things in the Butterfly Room.  Here's a few pictures of us enjoying our music and story lessons.

Welcome Back from the Butterfly Room!


We have been working very hard this week, getting settled back into a school routine.  We have had some time to explore new areas in Nursery and practice our PE skills.  We are looking forward to a very exciting year!


Sports Day in the Butterfly Room

Today, Monday 15th of July, Mr Mason joined us in the Butterfly room for our Sports Day.  We had a circuit of events and parents arrived to join in and support their children.  At the end of the session, the children were handed their medals!

Our Trip To Barleylands!

This July, the children in the Butterfly room joined Year 1 and 2 to take a trip to Barleylands in Essex.  We boarded the bus in the morning and headed out to meet a wide variety of hungry animals.  Some of us were more scared than others to touch the animals at first, but we were all brave enough to feed them in the end.  We saw goats, pigs, llamas, horses, hens, ducks and many more!  We explored the outside playgrounds, enjoying ourselves on the bouncy castle and the big slides.  Before lunch, we took a tractor ride around the farm.   We enjoyed the bumps and the sights as we went round.  In the afternoon, we wandered around the reptile enclosure, looking at Boa Constrictors, locusts and Mr Davies' pet hate - cockroaches.  

Welcome to the Butterfly classroom!


We have been working hard all year on a wide range of topics, from cooking to PE and art and design.  We will be updating the class page in greater depth very soon but, for now, here are some photos to give you a brief glimpse into what we've been up to.