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Year 5

Welcome to the Darwin and Nightingale Class page!



2020 - 2021

This Week's Photo Moments - w/b 12.10.2020

PHSCE - w/b 12.10.2020


In our PHSCE lessons in Year 5, we have been focusing on our dreams and our long-term goals. As a class we discussed what our own dreams and goals are, these include our career goals and how they might be influenced by salaries. We also compared the salaries within different professions and discussed if this was fair based on how hard the job was and the level of education required. We also discussed the dreams and goals of children in different countries and within different cultures. We discussed how fair trade produce / products may support these children and help them to attain their goals.

This Week's Photo Moments - w/b 05.10.2020

Science - w/b 05.10.2020


In our science lessons, we are exploring forces. This week we have conducted an experiment to find out how the length of the blades on a paper spinner affects its rate of descent. We used paper spinners which we had made, a metre stick and a timer to see whether the spinner with shorter blades fell more quickly or slowly than a spinner with longer blades. After recording our results, we talked about our conclusion, making sure we used the words force, gravity, air resistance and surface area.

This Week's Photo Moments - w/b 28.09.2020

English 'Varmints' - w/b 28.09.2020

In our English lessons in Year 5, we have been reading a book called ‘Varmints’. It focuses upon the environment and how urbanisation could have a physical and personal impact. We focussed on debating this week; we considered the different emotions Varmints may have experienced due to urbanisation. We challenged ourselves by choosing an opposing argument and pushing ourselves to really consider the other perspective.

This Week's Photo Moments - w/b 21.09.2020

Mathematics - w/b 21.09.2020


In our mathematics lessons in Year 5, we have been learning about finding 1000 more or 1000 less than a given number. We looked at how digits in the thousands place change, while the hundreds, tens and ones stay the same. After we practised, we used challenge cards with our partner, who had to give the number 1000 more or 1000 less than the number on the card. 

This Week's Photo Moments - w/b 14.09.2020

Geography - w/b 14.09.2020


This week in Year Five, we have been learning about our local high street. This has promoted our moral development because we discussed how the local high street affects our surroundings. We also focused on social development when we discussed how communities thrive through local businesses.

We used Google Earth to identify what a high street is and how our local amenities cater to the community’s needs.



Later in the week we researched the advantages and disadvantages of having a high street and how this can impact our everyday lives. We drafted a letter to the Mayor of Newham to persuade her to change our high street. We favoured an environmentally friendly approach, where traffic should be minimised.

First Day Back at School - 4th September 2020


Year 5 returned to school today, after being taught via Zoom yesterday. The pupils were very excited to meet their new teacher and lessons started straight away focusing on how to keep themselves and others safe, becoming familiar with their new classroom environment, mental health and much more. They are ready for the year ahead!



Visit to the Bank of England Museum - 9th March 


Year 5 went on a visit to the Bank of England Museum and learnt about London’s history in the area. The children sketched and discovered information about the local financial district, including the London Stock Exchange, memorials for WWI and WWII as well as the statue of James Henry Greathead, an engineer known for his work for the underground system in
London. When they entered the Bank of England Museum, they discovered information regarding inflation and how the Bank of England regulates this through either raising or lowering interest rates and the results of this. Whilst inside, the children were able to find out how money is made and the security features behind the notes we use in our daily lives. Many found just how heavy a bar of gold is when they tried to lift it up!

Art in Year 5 - 28th February 


This term, we are learning about the artist Peter Doig. Our end goal will be to create an image in the style of his painting named 'Milky way'. This week, we started off by: 

  • Describing the style of Peter Doig's work.

  • Mixing water with paint to create a dark wash.

  • Mixing primary colours to create secondary colours.

  • Mixing colours with white to create different shades of a colour


We have used vocabulary such as: 

Hues, tint, shades, stroke, dark, background, primary, secondary.


Watch this space, as we will report again on our paintings at the end of this topic block. 

Reading Cafe - 13th February 

This week, KS2 parents/carers were invited to Sir John Heron's first ever 'Reading Cafe', where they had the chance to participate in reading related activities in class, whilst enjoying fruit, cheese and crackers. To start off, parents/carers met staff in the hall, who gave them information on and a taste of what the skill of 'inference' looks like in a typical reading lesson. They then had a go at discussing the characteristics of Hannah in the book 'Gorilla' by Anthony Browne. After this, parents/carers joined their children in class, and put some of these skills into practice. 


Robotics Workshop - 3rd February


On Monday, Year 5 had a session led by professional coders for a Robotics workshop. The workshop began with the children defining the meaning of a robot as well as robots that they may have seen or where they may be used in day to day life. A robot is a programmable machine which represents a human form. 


The children were then instructed how to code the robots using a simple program, similar to scratch and then they tried to ensure the robot followed their intentions. After using a lot of resilience and trial and error they were able to move a robot around a particular pathway with corners and straight lines.  Each robot was named after either a great robot or a pioneer in engineering and computing and the children were enthusiastic about finding out the achievements of each of the names of their robots.

Visit to the V&A Museum - 27th January


Year 5 visited the V&A Museum to enrich our understanding of our current DT topic: 'Fashion and Textiles'. We looked at how fashion has changed over time. During the visit, we demonstrated our artistic skills by sketching intricate garments. We also went on a tour around the Islamic Art exhibition. Our guide informed us of how patterns were used in Islamic Art hundreds of year ago. We are keen to replicate some ideas when making our drawstring bags this term.     ​

Theraputty in Year 5 - 23rd January


We are starting something exciting in Year 5 - using Theraputty to strengthen the muscles in our hands, which will improve our fine motor skills and handwriting. Today, our teachers introduced it to us during class assembly, as part of National Handwriting Day. We each have our own pot and will use it during 'Soft start' in the mornings. 

Topic Parent/carer Workshop - 22nd January


On Wednesday parents/carers joined us in a session where we combined our P.S.H.C.E. and D and T skills and knowledge. Our focus was on being mentally healthy and coping with feelings of worry or anxiety. We started our session off with a short meditation- we know that this helps to relieve our minds off negative thoughts and give a moment to be mindful.


After having meditated, we listened to an extract from Jacqueline Wilson’s ‘The Worry Website’ and discussed whether we had anything in common with the character’s who we met and the benefit of sharing worries with someone you trust. Then it was time to put our creativity into action by designing and making our very own worry monsters! Have a look at the pictures below to see how they have started off:

Fire Safety Talk - 13th January


Year 5 were visited by the London Fire Brigade and discussed the importance of fire safety. The children learnt about common fire hazards, especially those in the homes and how they can spread quickly and devour a room in minutes. They were educated in a fun and interactive manner, where they spoke about their knowledge of smoke and how it can be as dangerous as fire and how to minimise their risk of smoke inhalation. Smoke alarms and how to test them was recapped, although many children already knew many of these points from previous sessions, particularly after having a session with LFB at Tate and Lyle Sugar factory in October. Possibly the most important point the children revised, was their own fire escape plans at homes and what to do if there is an emergency, particularly one involving fire. Those in Year 5 are now equipped with the knowledge to minimise fire risks around their homes and are prepared in an event of an emergency.

PSHCE - 10th January 2020


In PSHCE, we started off the term with an anti-bullying lesson. Children reminded each other that bullying is an incident that takes place lots of times and on purpose, and that our school has a zero tolerance approach. We looked at the role of the upstander, and where we should go for help. Next, we investigated discrimination, and the impact it can have on people’s lives. We know that discrimination is wrong, and how to look out for it in our school and local community.

Joyeux Noël  - 18 décembre


In Year 5, we used our French knowledge of number, vocabulary and sentence construction to create French Christmas cards. First, we started off by learning new vocabulary such as père Noël, renne, Sapin de Noël, cadeau, to name but a few. We wish everyone a very merry Christmas!


STEM Challenge

This week the children in Year 5 started their designs for the STEM competition. The children thought of ideas such as heated hats, new wearable technology for football and technology that will help to improve the lives of children who are PMLD.


Over the next couple of weeks, the children will finish off drafting their designs and write a 200-word brief explaining how their design will help to improve people’s lives.


Here are some photos of children in Year 5 designing their wearable technology.

Modern Slavery Awareness Workshop - 11th December


In UKS2 we learnt about slavery, which is unfortunately still an issue within modern day Britain, despite it being illegal. We found out that William Wilberforce was the driving force behind abolishing slavery in the UK many years ago. The presenter used drama to help us understand how people are tricked into slavery today and the kind of jobs slaves may be made to do. We identified some characters in fictional stories who are slaves. 


Some unfortunate facts that we learnt are that there are an estimated 40 - 45 million slaves world, with slavery a part of some industries. An estimated £150 billion is made through slavery each year, more than most multinational companies around the globe! The most shocking fact is that 1 in 4 victims of modern slavery are children. 


Through the session we were taught how to identify potential signs of modern day slavery and what we could if we had any worries and concerns about individuals who may be a part of this illegal activity. 


Amira commented, “After this workshop, I know one person can make a change, I can look out for others who may be involved in slavery and I know what I can do to make this world a better and safer place for others.”

Year 5 and 6 STEM competition


Year 5 and 6 are taking part in the Ultimate STEM Challenge! They will be competing against other primary schools in England. 


For this competition the children have to design their own wearable technology for the future. They will be thinking about:

  • How will their ideas and design help improve someone's life?
  • What will make their design's different from other competing schools? 

Three winning schools will win £750 and a surprise trip!

Visit to the Science Museum - 5th December


On Thursday, Year 5 travelled to the Science Museum in South Kensington. First, they explored galleries in the museum such as Flight, Information Age, Atmosphere, Exploring Space, Energy Hall and Making the Modern World. After lunch they explore the Wonderlab, taking part in a range of scientific enquiries; investigating friction, movement, sound, energy, to name but a few. It was a very enjoyable, informative day! 

Making Tibetan Prayer Flags - 29.11.19


As part of our PHSCE Themed Term, children and parents/carers used their artistic skills this week to create flags inspired by the Tibetan prayer flag. During the session, they thought carefully about the different feelings we experience, what these are caused by and how we can cope with them. Whilst creating these flags, children used in particular one of our school's Learning Values: Responsibility; thinking about making the correct choices and being responsible for the way in which we behave.

City Safe Haven Guest Speaker - 18th November


On Monday, Upper Key Stage Two was visited by Alistair, who spoke to us about an initiative called 'City Safe Haven'. Pupils learnt that this scheme was set up in 2008, after 16-year-old Jimmy Mizen was murdered outside a bakery close to his home in south-east London. The scheme was rolled out to Newham, with a focus on Stratford after students from schools such as Sarah Bonnell, St Bonaventure's, New Vic College and School 21 came together raising the issue of young people feeling unsafe in certain public areas. There are currently more than 20 shops and businesses in Stratford which are City Safe Havens, including O2, ZapSpace, Argos, Footlocker, to name but a few. Staff at these shops and businesses has been trained to deal with emergency situations which may arise, and can help to young people who are in immediate danger. Pupils know what to do and where to go if they ever find themselves in an unsafe situation. 

Junior Citizens at Tate & Lyle Sugar Factory - 13th November


On Wednesday, Darwin and Nightingale Classes attended a Junior Citizens event at the Tate & Lyle Sugar Factory in Silvertown. The workshop was organised by the Metropolitan Police, aiming to teach pupils how to be responsible citizens in society and how to stay safe. Services such as the RNLI, London Fire Brigade, Newham Council Recycling, Wildlife Crime Unit and The British Transport Police worked with small groups, providing information and giving different scenarios to discuss as a group. Pupils learned valuable lessons which will help them throughout life!

Mathematics Parent/Carer Workshops - 7th November 


On Thursday, year 5 parents/carers visited our school to watch and participate in mathematics lessons. The focus was on using different strategies when subtracting with larger numbers. Teachers and children demonstrated how they use the CPA approach in lessons (Concrete Pictorial Abstract). They used stem sentences to verbalise their reasoning throughout. Parents/carers can now use these strategies at home. 

Worry Wizard workshop: PHSCE  31st October 


On Thursday, Year 5 attended a workshop about mental health and wellbeing. They were able to understand the importance of wellbeing as a child and the necessity of telling someone how they feel. They took part in various activities including partnered work where they had to act out opposite emotions and group activities where they acted out a set emotion as a freeze frame. The groups had to come up with different tools that can help to calm them such as drawing, meditation, listening to music, etc and display these using a freeze frame. The session was concluded by a demonstration of a scale showing how wellbeing can be affected when we worry about something. 

Nutrition Workshop - 9th October


On Wednesday 9th October, parents/carers and children from Darwin and Nightingale classes took part in a Topic afternoon based on ‘Nutrition’. Throughout the workshop they explored what it means to be healthy and how to achieve a healthy lifestyle. They were able to understand the importance of reducing sugar intake and what the maximum sugar intake per day for a child is. They carried out a range of activities that included making an estimation of the amount of sugar in different food and drink items and using actual sugar to show this. When they were told about the actual amount of sugar found in each food/drink item, it took them by surprise! At the end of the session, they enjoyed making their own watermelon pizzas where they used different fruits as toppings. 

Science - Friction - 4th October


During today’s lesson the children learnt about the effects of friction and as a result, generated an experiment to test their theories. They used a shoe, some string, a metre stick, a timer and a variety of different surfaces. The majority of the children stated that the rougher the surface, the longer it would take for the shoe to be moved across each particular surface. After completing the experiment, it was found that the test wasn’t entirely fair as it was difficult to use the same amount of force to move the shoe across each surface and as a result realised if we were to carry out the experiment again, we would need a way to measure the pulling action, which resulted in a discussion of Newton meters.

 MET Police assembly - 3rd October


Members of the MET Police delivered a talk about gangs and knife crime to Year 5 and 6 pupils on Thursday morning. Pupils were informed of the dangers of getting involved in gangs, grooming and knife crime amongst young people, especially in London. There were opportunities to ask questions, leading to interesting discussions.




Visit to Karamsar Gurdwara - 24th September 


Year 5 visited a gurdwara to help them understand Sikhism as part of RE. They were given a tour around the gurdwara and observed people praying and meditating. The tour guide  explained the history of Sikhism and how the religion is currently followed. He explained the importance of eating 'langar' (a special meal where food is served to anyone without charge) together on the floor to signify equality and outlined the importance of the Guru Grant Sahib (the holy book in the religion of Sikhism). The children also learnt about the 10 Gurus and some historical aspects on the 9th Guru. Overall, they had a very insightful visit and were able to acknowledge the fundamental steps of visiting a gurdwara.  ​

French - 20th September


During this week we had our first French lesson of the year where we recapped the French alphabet, identifying letters which sound the same and different, as well as playing games to help remember how to pronounce each word. With our partners, we spelt common words using the French alphabet and then we tried to define each word in English. 

Poetry week - Francesca Beard visit - 20th September


We were lucky enough to have a session with a fantastic poet Francesca Beard. During this time she shared stories about the inspiration for her poetry and performed some of her poems, whilst giving hints for how to improve our own performances. This passionate poet then gave direction for our poems called ‘I speak the language of…’, where we wrote about our own passions and then performed our poems to the class using the techniques we had learnt earlier. 

Forces - Gravity Experiment - 13th September 


After the children were introduced to their science topic for this half term, we immediately discussed how to conduct a fair experiment and put this into action. The children identified the variables and generated the question of ‘How does the surface area affect how fast a piece of paper falls to the ground?’, after discussing gravity and its effect on feathers, parachutes and other objects. They conducted the experiment before discussing their results and potential conclusions from the data recorded.

Poetry - 13th September 


Children in Year 5 have been analysing a range of poetry and accompanying illustrations from the anthology ‘The Rainmaker Danced’ written by John Agard and illustrated by Satoshi Kitamura. During this session the children created poetry journals where they recorded ideas about their thoughts and feelings when reading and hearing the poetry as well as the connections with the illustrations.

New to Year 5 - 6th September 

While starting in a new year group and class the children were excited to find out the importance of their classroom names in Year 5. First of all they carried out research and answered a quick fact file about their respective class name: Charles Darwin and Florence Nightingale. Notes were taken and additional information researched before arranging the facts into a clearer order, ready for a biography to be written. The children started on the first drafts of their biography after looking at example versions. Children easily got back into their writing rhythm after the summer holidays!  ​​​​​



Ship of Tolerance - 10th July


Darwin class took part in a unique opportunity which allowed us to stretch our creative thinking and develop our artistic skills. A professional artist came in and worked with our class on a set theme of ‘tolerance.’ We worked in small groups to consider what we could convey artistically about this given theme and painted an image reflecting this on a silk flag. The flag will be attached to a ship which will sail the Thames so we had to ensure our work was bold, vibrant and impactful. This was a great workshop and we learnt many new skills!

Planetarium  - 8th July

We have been writing all about life on board the ISS and have been fortunate enough to be treated to an experience of a mobile planetarium visiting our school. We stepped into what seemed like a large inflated black ball. As soon as we stepped inside we knew this was going to be a vastly different experience to anything we had before, since the screen seemed to stretch on forever, but in reality it was just over heads. We learnt about the underwater training astronauts need to take part in, to prepare them for the weightlessness in space as well as being spun around in a machine to replicate G force. This information has meant we now have more knowledge to use when continuing our writing as astronauts on board the ISS. 

Year 5 Planetarium

Still image for this video
Check out the video of our planetarium experience!

Visit to Manor Park Library - 5th July

On Friday 5th July, Year 5 had a lovely walk down to Manor Park Library, whilst we discussed some of our favourite books we read over the past year. The visit was in preparation for the ‘Space Race Summer Reading Challenge’, where we were given information on how to take part, as well as about other exciting events occurring at the library over the holidays. This meant we had ample time to choose a range of books we would like to read over the summer holidays and help Sir John Heron win the reading challenge. Whilst in the library, we were told about the upcoming reading party in the Autumn Term, with many of us excited and anticipating the fun to be had. 

Since the challenge is to read a book a week, which is something most of us manage to complete during school time, we decided to set the same challenge to the teachers to read 6 books over the course of the holidays which they duly accepted. We hope you'll join the summer reading challenge and blast us towards victory!

PHSCE Topic Parent/Carer Afternoon - 26th June


While taking part in the Year 5 topic afternoon, we were reminded of what bullying was, the key words associated and the role of a bystander. Initially we had to generate any words which described bullying which would then help us in our task to come. Within our groups we had to plan out a short video demonstrating bullying and the role of a bystander.

“This was quite tricky since we didn’t have a lot of time and we had to script, rehearse and record our role-plays. I enjoyed it as it was quite fun yet we learnt about bullying and its effects. I hope the video can be seen by others so they know what a bystander is and why they shouldn’t bully others,” Maisha Year 5.

Virtual Reality Experience - 25th June

During our Year 5 Space themed term, one of the workshops we attended was a virtual reality experience where we blasted off into space to explore the universe outside of our own home planet. During our limited time, we learnt about all of the planets within the solar system and some truly interesting facts which we added to our knowledge and work within class. We discovered that Jupiter has thick black clouds over it and there is a humongous red dot which is three times larger than Earth. Scientists say that the red dot will decrease in size over time as storms, which are raging on the surface of the planet, will dissipate the power from the giant hurricane.

Hamza - “It was interesting to learn about the planets as it has helped us with our writing as well as was revision of what we had learnt about the planets in Science earlier on in the year”


Shakila - “It seemed like a real experience as it took you to the planets and explained what they were and the features of them.”


Umair - “I think this was a great experience as not everyone has had this opportunity and it helped me with my learning as now I know much more about the planets”


Sahreen - “I had a lovely time as we had an experience which we haven’t previously had and now this has helped me create an image in my mind when I think about the planets”


Azan - “The experience was exhilarating as proved by the children’s screams to begin with. It was fun and information. It helps people learn in a different way than usual.”


Aneeba - “Exploring through the virtual reality of space we saw what may occur in the future as they mentioned there may be life on Europa (one of Jupiter’s moons) since there could be water under the icy surface. We may know why the red spot, which is the size of 3 Earths, could disappear as well since storms are predicted to rush through this spot within the next 50 years.”

Eid Assembly - 7th June

This term Year 5 had the opportunity to deliver an exciting assembly based on Eid. This was presented to the whole school firstly and then to parents in the afternoon. Our assembly focused on specific questions such as: What is Eid? How is Eid celebrated? Why is it important for Muslims? We also considered how Muslims pray during this time and how fasting plays an important role during this time. To engage our audience, we recited a celebration song titled ‘Eid Mubarrak’ by Harris J, along with writing our own facts about Eid itself.

Football festival - 22nd May


Taking part in the football festival was really exciting, since it was a change from our usual sports day and focused on the Women’s World Cup. We had to work together and manage our team properly in order to play to the best of our ability, making smart choices for substitutions especially since it was a rare British summer’s day. In some of the matches, the games went down to the wire and there were even dreaded penalty shoot outs!

One of the victors from the boy’s team exclaimed, “This gave me the opportunity to grab the spectator’s attention, since I scored some fantastic goals and felt exhilarated throughout the matches.”

A member of the girl’s medal winning team mentioned, “At first I felt quite nervous and wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to win, however we preserved and worked as a team to win.”

Musical Instruments 


In DT, we explored and created musical instruments according to our plans. Some of us needed to change our plans as a result of limited objects being available, some needed to amend the instruments due to the audience they were creating their instrument for. All of us were able to create instruments and explore different sounds which can be created. We had to use a range of skills throughout, in particular continually editing and improving our work to make sure it fitted our audience as well as ensuring the items were robust enough and versatile.

Shadow Clocks


During a series of lessons we learnt how shadows are formed and how they can prove the Earth rotates around the sun. In order to test this theory, we created our own sun dials and used them to measure the movement of the Earth as well as the time of day. We marked them and measured the shadows as the Earth rotated through the course of the day.

Visiting Wembley


Year 5 had the opportunity to visit Wembley Stadium to enrich their learning of PE/sports. Both classes were given a tour of the stadium and got to see the England changing rooms and Royal! They walked through the exhibition and took part in some interesting trivia.

Music in Year 5


Year 5 took part in some exciting music lessons which was linked to their learning of history and World War 2. They recited songs from the war and used instruments to capture the essence of the songs. Instruments such as drums and the keyboard were used for these sessions.

Still image for this video

Art meets History


In art, year 5 looked at art illusions linked to their history topic of WW2. Here they created models of war objects such as the aeroplanes, ships and soldiers using clay. Using these models, they created a backdrop/scene which was sketched by hand. The models provided a 3D illusion and perspective to their artwork. Different mediums such as oil pastels were applied.


In mathematics, we have been investigating angles. We have developed our skills of finding missing angles, as well as being able to use a protractor accurately. We have developed our key vocabulary of different angles including an acute, obtuse, reflex and right angle.

Topic Afternoon


On Wednesday 27th March, parents/carers and pupils from Nightingale and Darwin Classes participated in a creative Geography workshop, based on our Geography themed term - Changes in our local area. They worked in small groups and were given a map of Stratford; the area they focused on. Prior to the session, children looked at a non-fiction text, describing what the area was like before it was developed into, what is now, the Olympic Park. They therefore could use this knowledge to describe changes, to both man-made and natural features. During the workshop, the participants had to create Plasticine models of landmarks such as; The London Stadium, Velodrome, Aquatics Centre, Copperbox, to name but a few. Once the model was complete, they had to place it onto the map.



The children created their own mini submarines, using plasticine or blu tac. They explored how different shapes affected how these travel through the water. Children worked in groups, exploring which shapes they would like to test out.

The enquiry took place in a fair and measurable way. The non-variables had the same amount of plasticine being used so the weight did not change, cylinders contained the same amount of water and the shapes were dropped from the same height.



The children took part in role plays to show different reactions in a variety of situations, especially how to be calm and level headed in emergency situations.

They then watched a video demonstrating the recovery position and how it may save lives, before creating a set of simple steps to follow. Next, they instructed each other whilst practising the recovery position.




During today’s lesson the children worked in groups to identify the links between percentages, decimals and fractions in order to create a square doughnut. This was made trickier since some of the cards had the same links between them and as such the children had to decide whether the entire doughnut fit together appropriately.

Making Biscuits

In Design and Technology, we had a look at different types of biscuits which were available on the market, before creating a questionnaire in order to ascertain which biscuits our class preferred.

From this we then decided to design biscuits for a particular audience of our own choosing, some decided to create designs based on Red Nose Day, others for upcoming Mother’s Day and lastly for children deserving of a treat.

We then created and decorated our biscuits according to our own set purpose. We used a variety of toppings including vanilla frosting, different coloured icing, sprinkles, chocolate chip cookies. jam and skittles.



During STEM week, children formulated an array of different ideas to aid those affected by natural disasters. Children planned their shelters, by discussing ideas, gathering resources, designing, sketching and labeling a model. They then moved onto creating a scaled model and identified improvements needed. The next day, they created their dens and tested these. 


The children have been learning all about Leonardo Di Vinci and who he was, as well as delving into his artistic background and how his myriad of other interests aided his skills as an artist. We have looked closely at perspective, different types of shading as well as colour blending which can be seen within art sketchbooks.



The children were learning about Benin, identifying where on the map it is, as well as creating a timeline. During this activity, each group had a different section of Benin to explore and identify key points in time, such as the Oba in charge,  whether the country was in the ascendency or declining and the reasons for this.


The children played a tug of war game using dice and a number line, one was positive and the other negative. They took it in turns to roll the dice, adding the scores and moving the counter towards either positive or negative. First one to either reach +13 or -13 won. The children discussed how to partition numbers and how this would aid their swift mental addition or subtraction through spotting.



A travel company is proposing that for short journeys, people could actually be blown by air into the air, before gently gliding down to their destinations.

The children created their own rockets using card and straw.

They explored different ways of making the rocket travel different distances. They needed to conduct an enquiry in a fair and measurable way.



November 2018 - Kindness Week

As part of our PSHCE focus term, on Monday 12th - Friday 16th November 2018, the whole school participated in a charity called “Children in Need”. This article will tell you about what exactly happened in kindness week.


The whole school wore yellow clothes to represent the meaning of kindness,respect and friendship. We managed to raise a mega £400- thanks to everyone who took part.


Also on Tuesday 23rd November 2018,for PSHCE every single year got to create a banner to do with kindness. Luckily, parents/carers were able to join in and help their children. Each year made the following,

  • Elmer the Elephant (reception)

  • Tree decoration (year 1)

  • Put hands & arms in paint and put it on paper (year 2)

  • Fishes (year 3)

  • Puzzle making (year 4)

  • Friendship bracelets (year 5)

  • Birds (year 6)


Additionally,the peer mediators read books about friends, kindness and respect. Thank you to everybody who took part such as parents/carers, teachers, students, peer mediators, prefects and school councillors.

By Abdulrahman and Haadi




September 2018 - Literacy Lesson 

During our last few literacy lessons we have been preparing for our poetry performance for a poem of our choice. We looked through and annotated the poems in our books and used these skills during our performance. We then evaluated each others performances looking at our tone, actions, facial expressions, pauses used. 

Paul Lyalls Visit

In Year 5 we had the pleasure of working with esteemed poet Paul Lyalls who has worked and performed with Michael Rosen, Arsenal FC, Benjamin Zepphaniah, Kate Tempest, George Best, Miranda Hart, Will Self, John Hegley, Andrea Leavy and Rastamouse to name but a few. Whilst working with us Paul performed a few of his poems and even gave us some of his secrets for writing amazing poems. Most notably that normally our first, second and sometimes third ideas aren't the best but by refining and editing our work we will improve upon them. 


We used a few of his techniques and created our own poems, have a look at one below


Do you like Donuts?


I love donuts with sprinkles

They stare at me wanting and waiting

For me to eat them but...


It's more fun to hoop them around

my finger until they get dizzy

and then swallow them whole!


By Iqra