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Year 5

Welcome to the Turquoise and Maroon Class page!



History - w/b 23.01.23


In history, we have been extending our learning of Baghdad. We specifically looked at how Baghdad was formed as a perfect round city. We learnt that when the Abbasids conquered, the Caliph (Al Mansur) wanted to build the perfect capital city for the Islamic Empire he had now inherited. In class, we sketched our designs of the perfect round city for Baghdad and then we built our designs (as architects) using biscuits and icing sugar. 


Reading - w/b 16.01.23


This week we have been reading more of the fictional text, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. We began our week reading through the text and highlighting key vocabulary. Here we learnt new words and used dictionaries to define them. After reading, we summarised the elements of the text and deepened our understanding by completing comprehension questions.

English - w/b 09.01.23


In Year 5, we started to read our new book, ‘Skellig’ by David Almond. So far we have met Micheal, the main character, who moves with his family into a new house. Micheal discovers a strange creature, who calls himself Arthur Itis, in the dilapidated garage at the end of the family’s garden. Who is this creature? 


In today’s lesson, we had to use explicit and implicit descriptions in the book to draw what Arthur might look like. Have a look at our marvellous sketches!


Guided Reading - w/b 05.12.22

In Year 5, we are very good at summarising a text. For this, we follow the next procedure: first we read the text aloud to ourselves. Next, we use our timer-fingers to verbally summarise what we have read, ensuring we use key vocabulary as well as the main points in the text. Finally, we pen this down in our Reading Journals. This week, we summarised a Viking Saga about a boy called Bjorn, who went on a quest to find the biggest reindeer in the world!


Computing - w/b 28.11.22


This term we have been curating our own websites, based on the topics we are studying in school, such as The Vikings, Forces, North America and Christmas. We carefully planned the layout of our site, conducted research and then used Google sites to curate this. This week, we put the finishing touches on our work, and then helped each other by appraising our peers’ websites. Next, we will give verbal feedback to each other, backed up by our completed appraisal sheets, take this on board by tweaking our work and then present it to one another. During the feedback stage, we will focus on displaying strands from the Oracy framework. 

Geography - w/b 21.11.22


This week we are approaching the end of our Geography unit; 'North America'. Over the last few weeks, we have acquired the following knowledge;

  • The names of the 23 countries that make up North America
  • Finding out about different climate zones across the continent
  • Knowing how to use the different time zones across the world
  • Conducting research about our local area as well as a region in North America 

Our final piece of work will be a brochure comparing our local area to a region in North America.

We enjoyed learning about this fascinating continent, whom we share a hemisphere with!


Oracy - w/b 14.11.22


This week, we combined our computing skills and learning during RE day to present what we have found out about Christmas celebrations in countries around the world. We focussed on strands from the Oracy framework such as: ‘Varying pace and tone’, ‘Voice projection’, 'Gesture and eye contact’ as well as ‘Listening for extended periods of time’.

Science - w/b 07.11.22


In science, children have delved deeper into the topic of forces. This week we focused on Sir Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravitational forces and tested the laws of gravity. We carried out an enquiry using a specific tool called a Newton meter. This was used to test the amount of gravitational ‘pull’ force on a given object. We tested a range of objects and found that forces acting on an object that is still is balanced. As Newton theorised, every object has at least two forces acting on it at any given time. For an object attached to the Newton meter, there is tension (T) force and the weight (g) which has a downwards pull!


PHSCE - w/b 31.10.22


We started our PHSCE lesson by looking at key vocabulary for the new topic ‘Keeping Me Safe’.  This was followed by completing our KWL grid in our books and write about what we already know about keeping safe. We then moved onto deciding what appropriate touching is and added this to a body map with an explanation.

Black History Month - w/b 17.10.22


As part of celebrating Black History Month, the year 5 classes created a canvas each in the style of American artist Kara Walker. In preparation for the canvas in Maroon class, we cut out a range of monochrome images of influential people of colour, before using these to create a collage depicting the subject’s clothing. We also stuck down strips of card, depicting her hair. The result is truly something we are proud of; have a look at the process and final product in the pictures below!

RE - w/b 10.10.22


During RE day, our focus question was: ‘What inner forces affect the way we think and behave?’ We started by looking at a range of religious stories, such as Jonah and the whale, the story of Bilal and the Miracle Maker. We compared the similarities and differences between the religions and found links between each of the stories. As we gained a deeper understanding, we then created a mood graph. This provided cross-curricular links to mathematics. We even created poems, some of which were acrostic. 


Science - w/b 03.10.22


This week in science, we have been looking at sundials. A sundial is an instrument showing the time by the shadow of a pointer cast by the sun onto a plate marked with the hours of the day. Traditionally, sundials are etched with Roman numerals. In science, we are going to investigate whether the length of the shadow changes based on the time indicated on the sundial. We started with our prediction and we have many interesting ideas. 

Reading - w/b 26.09.22


There have been lots of reading opportunities this week. We started a new text in English having spent a few weeks previously on poetry. The book is titled Floodland and it is a children’s fantasy novel. We made inferences and predictions about the book, including the key characters. We ensured oracy was embedded in the sequence of lessons so that children could explain their points of view clearly to the cohort. We also spent time unravelling some of the key vocabulary used in the text. For example, we learnt the words derelict and inhabitants!

Mathematics - w/b 19.09.22


In mathematics this week, we have been developing our learning of place value. We began exploring larger numbers up to the hundred thousand columns. Before answering questions, we strengthened our understanding of this concept through the use of manipulatives. We found using place value counters and charts helpful for this. After this, we ordered and compared numbers to hundred thousand and even applied rounding to these!

English - w/b 12.09.22


This week in English we have been creating poems. We considered existing poems, annotated the literary devices associated with them and began brainstorming ideas. Our focus was creating poems based on colours. Therefore we used word associations for colours and used poetic devices such as metaphors and personification to bring our poetry to life.

Welcome Back! - w/b 05.09.22


In Year 5, we have been working hard to put our stamp in our classrooms. We started by decorating our school motto, which is ‘Together we learn, together we achieve’. We then created self-portraits of our faces and we used a special technique in which we shaded a printed picture of ourselves using a sharp pencil which then traced our photo on the back of a blank piece of paper.


Year 4

2021 - 2022

Design and Technology - w/b 11.07.22


This week in DT Year 4 have been writing a recipe for scones. The children considered what the features of  a recipe are. We discussed what makes a good recipe. Children also made a mixture of vegan scones. They learnt new skills and ensured that they followed the step by step guide of making scones.  


French - w/b 04.07.22


This week in French, we have been learning key phrases/words all linked to sport. We learnt how to pronounce what sports we like and what we play. Can you guess what ‘Je Joue au tennis’ might mean? We also looked at foods and were able to state whether they are unhealthy or healthy (a handy link to our science learning too!).


Science - w/b 27.06.22


In Science, children continued with their enquiry looking at how they could make their rafts float. They worked in pairs to consider the best way to make their models robust and strong. They had to consider how to join their rafts, the dimensions of their model and accurately scaling the materials based on their designs. To test the effectiveness of their raft, the children had to pass tests such as being able to keep their raft afloat for at least one minute, withstanding movements/waves in the water and adding weight to their rafts.  


Reading - w/b 20.06.22


This week Year 4 have enjoyed visiting the library and reading garden. Children have loved sharing the books that they are reading with their classmates. Children enjoyed doing book recommendations with their class. Year 4 have also been enjoying their book of choice and are able to provide an explanation as to why they would recommend these books to their classmates. Children are able to talk about their plot, characters and setting.


Mathematics - w/b 13.06.22


This week in Year 4 the children have been consolidating their understanding about fractions of an amount and quantity. Children have become more confident in using the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach. They are also becoming confident in their reasoning skills.  The children have also been practising and chanting their times tables. The children have been using TTRS soundcheck and times tables booklets to practise their times tables. 


English - w/b 06.06.22


This week Year 4 explored their new Power of reading book called Varjak Paw. Over the
course of the week Year 4 have written predictions about the front cover and blurb. They also
discussed whether the book is fiction or non-fiction. This week the children participated in a
class debate and used 'Conscience Alley' which has contributed to developing their oracy. They
used the discussion guidelines and benchmarks for oracy.

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations - w/b 23.05.22


This week Year 4 have been learning about the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Year 4 have researched the importance of the Platinum Jubilee. Children have created decorations for the tea party. They also spent Tuesday preparing food and treats for the tea party. During the week children took part in History and Art projects which were linked to the Platinum Jubilee.

Science - w/b 16.05.22

This term in science, we have been exploring animals including humans. In today’s lesson we conducted an enquiry into teeth. Here we looked at placing a boiled egg into a bowl containing a range of different liquids. We tested what happens to the egg if we place these into the liquids. The total duration of the enquiry was for 5 days. The results confirmed our suspicions that the coke not only coloured the outer shell of the egg, but it weakened and cracked this too. Therefore, sugar is damaging to teeth!

History - w/b 09.05.22 


This week in Topic Year 4 have been learning about the Mayan civilisation. The children have created a timeline to show how the Mayans civilisation developed over time. The children did map work to label different cities. Year 4 learnt about what Maya people eat and wear. The children had a discussion about the artefacts used during the Mayans civilisation. 


The children learnt about the religious beliefs of the Mayan people. The children learnt about the different gods and created a fact file about one of the gods.


Art - w/b 02.05.22


This week in Art we have completed our final pieces of artwork using two main techniques known as etching and monoprinting. We developed new skills within this area and were pleased with the outcomes produced. Following this, we completed evaluations of our own work. Here we considered what we liked, disliked and would improve for the future. 


French - w/b 25.04.22


This week in French Year 4 explored a new topic titled ‘The Carnival of Animals’. Here they learnt about time and applied their learning from the previous term about numbers. Working in pairs, they asked each other what time it was and responded in full sentences.

Mathematics - w/b 18.03.22


This week in Maths Year 4 have been looking at fractions. Year 4 have been counting in tenths as well as this they have been looking at equivalent fractions. 


Using concrete resources such as cuisenaire rods the children were able to identify the equivalent fractions. The children were able to use their reasoning skills to explain which fractions are equivalent to each other. Children were also able to define equivalent fractions with an example. 


Science - w/b 28.03.22


Last week the children did a Science investigation where they identified materials that are conductors and insulators. 


This week the children wrote their Science investigation into their Science books. They have demonstrated our school value of being a reflection ninja as they recapped their learning and were able to discuss their findings. Year 4 have ensured that they use scientific vocabulary in their writing


English - w/b 21.03.22


This week the children have been working hard to complete their publishing piece. They identified the main features of a leaflet. The children used subheadings, images and did you know facts to make their leaflets interesting and eye-catching. 


Reading - w/b 14.03.22


During DEAR time the children have been sharing book reviews with the class. The children really enjoyed the book recommendations made by their classmates. Children also asked questions about the book. We discussed the main events of the story. 


RE - w/b 07.03.22


In RE Year 4 have been learning about Easter. Year 4 have explored religious symbols and evaluated how the symbols are associated with Easter.  


Year 4 have also compared how different Christians (Catholics, Orthodox, Anglicans, Baptists) celebrate the Last Supper. We discussed the importance of the key vocabulary and had a discussion about why Christians celebrate Easter. The children also did a Now Press Play experience based on the Easter story to reflect on what they have learnt in RE this term. 


Art - w/b 28.02.22


Year 4 have been looking at the work of George Seurat. Children learnt about one of George Seurat’s work called ‘Sunday in the park.’ The children replicated this drawing by focussing on aspects of the drawing. 


The children did mark making first using a cotton bud to practice pointillism. Then the children focussed on one step at a time to create the tree in the drawing of ‘Sunday in the park.’ The children were able to use key vocabulary to explain pointillism as well as the key skills that the artist used. 


Geography - w/b 21.02.22


This week in Geography Year 4 we explored our new topic ‘Where does food come from?’ The children looked at where milk, orange juice and rice comes from. We discussed the journey of these foods and how it is produced. The children enjoyed identifying how the foods are made. 

Design and Technology - w/b 07.02.22


This term in DT the children have been exploring battery operated light. We discussed the functions of a night light as well as the purpose and target audience. Year4 have been exploring how to make a circuit and use their design brief to create their night light. The children learnt about the circuit symbols.

Computing - w/b 31.01.22


This week in Computing we identified the features of what makes a good website. We looked at Sir John Heron’s school website to identify some of the features used. We also began to use HTML 5 to create our own healthy eating website. We practised coding and tried adding in some tags. 


Mathematics - w/b 24.01.22


In mathematics this week, we have been working hard to recall our times tables. Fluency is an important skill we need to master since it ties in with other concepts/areas of maths. In order to help us with this, we used concrete and pictorial models to help with recall.

History - w/b 17.01.22


In History, Year 4 have been looking at the time before the Vikings reigned. We have been finding out more about what Britain was like before the Viking invasion. Children have carried out various different activities this week which involved creating a timeline, using map skills and ‘Now Press Play’. The children have really enjoyed learning more about the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons.

English - w/b 10.01.22


In English, this week Year 4 have been writing their predictions and inferences about our new book called ‘Iron Man.’ The children have also created their own illustrations for the book based on the opening of the story. 


The children have been analysing and identifying the features of newspaper articles. In addition to this, the children have also discussed the main purposes of these features.


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! - w/b 13.12.21


This week the children watched the Aladdin pantomime. The children enjoyed watching the pantomime. This also ties in very well with what the children have been learning in English. The children have been writing playscripts and discussing the conventions of a playscript. The children have applied their learning from English and ensured that they were looking out for the conventions of a playscript whilst watching the pantomime. The children also had a discussion about what they liked about the pantomime. The children have also been singing along to festive Christmas songs both in class and their music lessons.

Computing - w/b 06.12.21


In computing this week the children looked at different scenarios and decided whether they were trustworthy or untrustworthy. The children used their reasoning skills and created a diamond shape of all the trustworthy and untrustworthy scenarios. We had a discussion about e-safety and ways in which we can stay safe online.


Year 3 and 4 Sport Tapscott Handball Competition w/b- 29.11.21

On Friday 3rd of December we welcomed North Beckton Primary and Kensington Primary School to our school to take part in another Sports Tapscott inter-school sports competition.  A great afternoon of handball saw lots of goals and plenty of determination from all the children involved. After the all the matches had been played we were declared the winners of the competition. Well done to all the children involved and look out for the next inter-school competition which will be taking place soon. 

Eco Day - w/b 29.11.21


On Thursday, we had a special focus day called ‘Eco Day’. We kickstarted our day with a debate about whether children can make a big difference to the environment. We outlined the pros and cons of this and deepened our understanding of current environmental issues. Following this, we created posters based on how the moon affects Earth. We discovered interesting facts about the moon and how important it is for planet Earth. Finally, we created lovely art pieces reflecting the moon and earth. We used black sugar paper, oil pastels and chalk to create our galaxy.

RE - w/b 22.11.21


In Year 4 the children have been learning about the story of Joseph. The children have also created a mood graph to show Joseph's feelings. The children used the bible and identified where the story of Joseph can be found. This week the children have looked at proverbs, 10 commandments and the story of the miracle of Jesus. They have explored what the proverbs and 10 commandments mean and why they are important. The children have looked at the story of Mary Jones and Joseph and we had a discussion about the morale of the story.


Mathematics - w/b 15.11.21


In Year 4 we started our new topic of length and perimeter. This week we have been focussing on converting different measurements. In particular we looked at lengths such as converting from cm to m as well as mm into cm. We tackled a range of questions which explored this concept such as using number lines as well as using objects around the classroom.

Reading - w/b 08.11.21


In English, we have been reading our new book called ‘Happy Here.’ Children have explored new vocabulary. In Year 4 the children have been writing diary entries as one of the characters in the story. They have thought about the features of a diary entry as well as the character’s thoughts and feelings. 


During DEAR time children have been doing book reviews to their classmates. The children have provided a recommendation and used their reasoning skills to encour