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Year 5

Welcome to the Turquoise and Maroon Class page!



Science - w/b 04.12.23


This term in Year 5, we have been learning about the different types of forces and their effect on us and the things around us. We began our learning by looking at Sir Isaac Newton as he discovered gravity. He is famously known for having an apple fall down onto his head when he was sitting under an apple tree. This sparked his curiosity and led him to continue working on the theory of gravity. We enjoyed conducting experiments which focused on how the mass of an object affects its weight. 


Computing - w/b 27.11.23


This term we have been learning about how to use the internet safely and the importance of using various websites. We have also learnt how to refine our search so that we can look for specific information. During our lessons, we have had an opportunity to research information about our Geography topic and make cross-curricular links. 

Geography - w/b 20.11.23


This term we have been learning about North America and the countries within it. We know that North America is a large area which is a part of the Northern Hemisphere, just like our country! However, there are very few similarities between England and countries such as Mexico or even Guatemala. We have been particularly focused on different cities within the various countries in North America.

Oracy - w/b 13.11.23


As part of our Oracy Curriculum, we were able to provide our viewpoint about various topics e.g. ‘Manchester United is the best team in the world’. We were able to explain that this is an opinion; it is an individual's thought. As a class, we discussed different facts and opinions and articulated ourselves in full sentences. We listened attentively to our learning partners.

PHSCE - w/b 06.11.23


This term in PHSCE, our topic is ‘Keeping me safe’. We have been sharing our opinions about what safety means and how we can determine who our trusted adults are. We have also been discussing how our opinions are our own and we should not be influenced by others.

RE - w/b 30.10.23


In Year 5, we celebrated RE day by learning about different stories from two religions, Christianity and Islam. We learned about ‘The story of temptations’ in which Jesus’s faith was tested through trials such as breaking his fast by eating, bowing down to someone other than God and also testing God’s love for him by jumping from a tall cliff. We learned that Jesus remained steadfast in his faith and it taught us to be patient and understand that we should not be influenced so quickly by others. We also learned about the story of Bilal. Did you know that he was the first Muslim man to say the Adhan (the call to prayer)?

PHSCE - w/b 16.10.23


In PSHCE, we have been learning about an inspirational figure called Martin Luther King.  We discussed how he played a role in the lives of individuals by standing up what he believed was right.  In addition to this, we read parts of his speech and discussed the main messages from there.   

Art - w/b 09.10.23


In Art, we have had the opportunity to compare the work of three different artists with the names of Cy Gavin, Vincent Van Gogh and Francis Bacon.  We discussed the different techniques they have used within their art work.  In addition to this, we have created a one perspective picture in the style of Vincent Van Gogh.  

Science - w/b 02.10.23


In Science, we have been exploring space and the planets that create our solar system. We learned which planets there are in space and their order from the Sun - we use the acronym ‘My Very Enormous Monkey Just Stole Uncooked Nuggets’ to help us remember. Do you know the order using this acronym? We then looked at the theories that have developed over time as technology has advanced. We looked at the Geocentric and Heliocentric theories which focus on whether the Earth or the Sun is in the centre of the universe.

Reading - w/b 25.09.23


In Year 5, we have been reading a range of texts as part of our curriculum, so that we can become fluent readers.  Over the week, we have practised various reading strategies which include: choral reading, echo reading, reading with pace and taking account of punctuation.  In addition to this, we have identified the meaning of unknown vocabulary by reading around the sentences. 

Mathematics - w/b 18.09.23


In Year 5, we have been learning about numbers to 1,000,000! We have been particularly learning how to partition large numbers into smaller values and how to manipulate numbers to create different variations in the parts that we can create. In this lesson, we used manipulatives to create numbers and then we used them as a visual guide to help us break down numbers.

English - w/b 11.09.23


This week we have had the opportunity to explore various poems and identify some of the features which include: personification, similes and metaphors.  In particular, we focused on the poem called On the run from colours by John Agard.  We explored his theme and wrote our own example.  

Welcome Back! w/b 04.09.23


This week we have enjoyed getting to know the exciting things that our friends did over the summer holidays! We discussed our goals and dreams for Year 5 and we collaborated together to artistically recreate our school motto “Together we learn, Together we achieve”. We also enjoyed using our new reading corner and exploring who our focus authors are for the year!

Welcome to the Turquoise and Maroon Class page!



Sports Morning - w/b 10.07.23


We had a fabulous sports morning in Year 5! We started off the day by playing a series of handball matches and collected points for our teams. Following this, we participated in team relay races showing off our speed and tenacity. Our final activity of the morning was individual sprints. To wrap the morning up, we had a medal ceremony and celebrated our marvelous wins!

Art - w/b 03.07.23


This week in art, we explored patterns in the style of the author and illustrator, Shoo Rayner. As we will be delving deeper into our topic 'Tornadoes' in the coming week, we will use these patterns to create our final collages.

Art - w/b 26.06.23


During Art week, we learnt about Alma Thomas, the first African American woman to have a show at the Whitney Museum of American Art.  We started the week off by finding out about her life and carefully planning a biography on her. During the course of the week, we redrafted this and published our biographies on this inspiring artist. Alongside this, we looked at examples of her work and planned our own pieces, making use of a range of media such as charcoal, oil pastels and paint. We also experimented with tools such as cotton buds, paint brushes and sponges. Following on from this, we produced our final piece, using paper plates and our chosen media and tools. Our final step was to create another piece, again inspired by Thomas, but this time using clay. We manipulated this into plates and used a range of clay tools to create our relief. After allowing it to dry, we painted our reliefs. 

During the week we were Reasoning Robots who looked carefully for connections between art, history and mathematics. It was a memorable week indeed!


Mathematics - w/b 19.06.23


In mathematics we are currently exploring converting between percentages, decimals and fractions. We know that 10 tenths are equal to 1 whole. We also know that 10 hundredths are equal to 1 tenth and so on. We start off every mathematics lesson with 'Flashback 4', where we recall a range of skills and knowledge across the mathematics curriculum. 

RE - w/b 12.06.23


We had a fabulous RE day last week! The theme we looked at was 'Thankfulness'. We first delved into what being thankful mean to us, before exploring what different religions say about this topic. The religions we focussed on were; Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism and Hinduism. We finally created posters dipicting our new knowledge. 

Reading - w/b 05.06.23


In Guided Reading, we are looking at Greek mythology this term. We read a text about Theseus and the minotaur and had the opportunity to summarise on the key events.

French - w/b 22.05.23


Our current topic in French is 'Je suis le musicien' (I am the music man).

In today's lesson, we recapped our knowledge of the French names for musical instruments, and whether they are feminine or masculine. We did this by playing a game based on 'Snakes and Ladders' with our peers. Following on from this, we participated in a role play activity; practising using French phrases with our peers. 

Oracy - w/b 15.05.23


We have been focussing on our Oracy skills in English this week by generating and answering questions in the role, as one of the main characters Ted, in our book ‘The London Eye Mystery’. During the Q&A session, we ensured we followed the ‘Drama Contract’ and kept an eye on the strands of the Oracy Framework. As a follow-up task, we wrote in character as Ted, building on our conversations in role.

Coronation Celebrations - w/b 08.05.23


We had a wonderful day commemorating the coronation of King Charles III! We started the day off by decorating placemats, and making party hats. We then put our artistic and collaborative skills together to create a collage of King Charles III. In the afternoon we enjoyed scrumptious sandwiches, cake and fruit. We also played musical statues and charades. It was a day we will remember forever!

Climate Week - w/b 01.05.23

During Climate week our focus was: 'Save our forests.' As the week progressed we learnt was deforestation is, why it happens and how it affects our planet and all living things. We used this knowledge to write a non-chronological report about deforestation. With our science hats on, we carried out an enquiry, finding out if we could mimic soil erosion. We were successful! 

Finally, we used waste from home, such as empty plastic bottles and boxed to create one piece of art per group, depicting the effects of climate change on our environment. We wrapped up the week by curating our very own art galleries, displaying these marvellous pieces. 

RE Day - w/b 24.04.23


Last week we had our termly RE day, focussing on the question: Should all creatures be treated equally? We asked questions about the meaning and purpose of life, and suggested a range of answers which might be given by ourselves, as well as members of different religious groups or individuals. We then considered a range of diverse views and opinions, and gave our own thoughts backed with rational reasons. Following on from this, we wrote poems, telling other people what we want to say to the world and how we should treat animals. For this, we carefully chose phrases in our poems that are vivid to bring our ideas to life.

English - w/b 17.04.23


In Year 5 we have started reading our new book; ‘The London Eye Mystery’. In today’s activity, we read the first two chapters to get to know the characters. We then created a family tree, explaining each character’s role in the hierarchy.

Art - w/b 27.03.23


This term, we studied the techniques used by artist Peter Doig. In particular, we looked at how he used tints, reflection and pointillism in one of his paintings called ‘Milky Way’. Our learning journey consisted of experimenting with colour mixing to create tints, using prussian blue. We then practised our skills in creating the night sky as seen in ‘Milky Way’ and produced replicas of this beautiful piece of art. Next, we looked at a photograph of Wanstead Flats and planned how we would recreate this in the style of Mr Doig. Finally, we used all of the techniques learnt to create our final piece. 

Mathematics - w/b 20.03.23


We are learning how to use the written method in multiplication. We started off by showing how we multiply with two digit numbers, by using diennes and place value charts. Since then, we have moved onto the abtract method (written) as we have consolidated our place value knowledge.


Computing - w/b 13.03.23


We are currently looking at coding in Computing and using the program ‘Scratch’. In this week’s lesson, we had to design, write and debug a program that accomplished a specific goal, such as a balloon image (sprite) moving across the screen. For this, we had to use sequence, selection and repetition in the program and work with variables and various forms of input and output.

French - w/b 06.03.23


This week in French we have extended our learning of the topic, bon appetit (healthy eating). We began by revisiting key words and phrases including certain foods and whether these are good or bad for your health. For example, we translated words such as cake or cheese and had to categorise these as healthy vs. unhealthy. This was particularly useful since it consolidated our knowledge of science and our keeping a healthy diet unit. After this, we looked at plural words related to different foods and wrote out the ingredients required to make a baguette! 


RE Day - w/b 27.02.23


During RE day, we looked the question: 'How do Christian people try and follow Jesus’ example?'

We looked at different stories in the Bible and explored how these relate to the Christian charities, such as Christian Aid, Samaritans, etc. We then explored what Christians could give or what they could do to help others less fortunate than them. Following on from this, we linked it to our previuos RE unit, which looked at Zakat (Islam). 

Oracy - w/b 20.02.23


In English, we have been using a Venn diagram to compare and contrast two short films by Marc Craste; Jojo in the Stars and Varmints. After we complete these, we use strands from the Oracy framework to discuss it with our talk partner. 

PHSCE - w/b 06.02.23


This week in PHSCE we have been learning more about the impact of bullying. In particular, we focused on rumour-spreading and the effects of name calling can have on someone’s mental well-being. During the lesson, we distinguished between the role of a bystander and an upstander. As an upstander, it is important that if we see any forms of bullying we make some noise. Further to this, we recapped the different types of bullying one can experience. For example, a person may experience physical bullying which could involve hitting or biting versus cyber bullying which is indirect and typically behind a device (mobile or computer). The effects can be damaging to someone’s self-esteem and it is important to be kind to one another.


Mathematics - w/b 30.01.23


In mathematics, we have consolidated our learning of dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000. We know that we need to use our knowledge of place value when dividing and multiplying by 10, 100 and 1,000. We will use this skill in DT next week when we have to convert between millilitres and litres when baking sconces.

History - w/b 23.01.23


In history, we have been extending our learning of Baghdad. We specifically looked at how Baghdad was formed as a perfect round city. We learnt that when the Abbasids conquered, the Caliph (Al Mansur) wanted to build the perfect capital city for the Islamic Empire he had now inherited. In class, we sketched our designs of the perfect round city for Baghdad and then we built our designs (as architects) using biscuits and icing sugar.