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Year 4

Welcome to the Cyan and Magenta Class page!



PSHCE - w/b 08.07.24


In PSHCE, the children have been creating fact files about Malala Yousafzai. They gathered all their information first before deciding what they are going to add to their fact file about her. They looked at her achievements, her early life and what she is currently doing.

Computing - w/b 01.07.24


The children were using Scratch to create algorithms and codes for the sprite. They learnt how to make repeated loops. The children enjoyed exploring how to make the sprite move. They used their prior knowledge about Scratch to make the dinosaurs move.

Art- W/B 24.06.2024

This week in Topic, the children began to look at Art. Using their knowledge of their previous English work, Fly, Eagle Fly, the children created eagles using the printmaking methods. The children were introduced to printmaking and some of the artists who used it before making comparisons between them. 

Mathematics - w/b 17.06.24


This week in Mathematics Year 4 they started their new topic: Shapes. They have used their prior knowledge about angles and applied this knowledge to their new learning. They recapped their understanding on right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles. The children were able to differentiate between the different angles.

English - w/b 10.06.24


This week in year 4, the children began to write their first draft of their diary entry based on the novel ‘Varjak Paw’. The pupils are writing from the perspective of Varjak, when he tried to escape from the house and was unsuccessful. Before writing their first draft, they all worked collaboratively to do their plan.

RE - w/b 03.06.24


In RE Year 4 learnt about marriage in different religions. They created a poem about marriage. They looked at the different practices that take place in a marriage. They have now got a better understanding of what marriage looks like in different religions and how it is celebrated. They looked at the similarities and differences between them.

French - w/b 20.05.24


This week in French, the children have been consolidating their learning for the unit ‘The Carnival of Animals’ (Le Carnaval des Animaux). The children have created sentences using the animals they have learned in French alongside their habitat. To challenge themselves, some of the children were able to describe the characteristics of that animal. For example; ‘La tortue est faible’ (the turtle is weak) and ‘Le lion habite en Afrique’ (The lion's habitat is Africa).

Oracy - w/b 13.05.24


During our Oracy lesson, the children discussed an image and talked about what they could see; they saw either a duck or a rabbit. They had to justify what they saw first backed up with evidence and reasons. The children also discussed statements and used different sentence openers to show whether or not they agree or disagree with the statement. They were able to make a point and back it up with evidence and reasons.

PSHCE - w/b 06.05.24


This week in PSHCE, the children have been looking at what alcohol is and the effects it may have on your body, especially the liver. Children then explored reasons why some people may choose to drink alcohol before writing a poem about some of the things that a person may experience if they carry on drinking alcohol.

Geography - w/b 29.04.24


This week in Geography, the children have been looking at settlements. Using recycled materials such as cardboard and boxes, the children were able to design their own settlements. Some of the children even bought items from home to use in their creation of their settlements. 

Earth Day - w/b 22.04.24


For Earth day, the children in year 4 created posters about Earth Day and Greta Thunburg using recycled materials such as cereal boxes. The children used chromebooks to conduct research and find out who Greta Thunburg is and what she has done for the environment. By the end of the day, the children created their own pledges on what they would like to do moving forward to help protect the planet.  Finally, they created door hangers to celebrate Earth Day!


Computing - w/b 22.04.24


In Computing we looked at how digital images can be changed. We discussed how we can crop images. We also discussed how editing photos can be unethical. We discussed what the difference between ethical and unethical is. We learnt about photo editing and explored how some photos have been edited. We learnt about the photo editing technique. We explored how to improve images and make them look more presentable.

English - w/b 15.04.24


In English, this week the children have been exploring the front cover of their new text ‘Fly Eagle Fly’. The children have been using inferencing skills and making predictions of what they think the text might be about, based on the front cover. Also, the children had an opportunity to ask questions based on why certain features have been added on the front cover.

Art - w/b 25.03.24


This week the children in year 4 have been working really hard to create their iconic landmarks using pointillism. The children drew their landmarks and thought about the colours, tints and shades. Then they used blending and pointillism to complete their final piece. They also evaluated their final piece identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their work.

Mathematics - w/b 18.03.24


In mathematics this week, the children in year 4 explored subtracting fractions. They have been using their knowledge of improper fractions and mixed numbers in order to solve subtracting fractions problems and attempt two step word problems. By the end of the week, the children will attempt a fractions task which will prepare them for their end of block assessment next week.

Computing - w/b 11.03.24


This week in Computing, year 4 looked at data. We looked at data loggers and analysed the features of a data logger. After identifying the features of a data logger, we noticed that these data loggers have sensors measuring light, sound and temperature. We then identified the different units of measure used for the sensors, for example, sound is measured in decibels, light is measured in lux and temperature is measured in degrees Celsius.

French - w/b 04.03.24


In French, the children in year 4 have been looking at the unit ‘Les animaux’ (the animals). In this unit, the children have learned 10 animals in French and they are able to pronounce them and write them in French. The children have been using their knowledge of English phonics to compare how sounds differ in French.

Reading - w/b 26.02.24


This week in Guided Reading the children have been reading texts about WW2. The children defined the key vocabulary and summarised the text. During DEAR time, Year 4 swapped classes and we listened to the teacher read a book to the class. The children have also been doing different activities during soft start to celebrate book week.

RE - w/b 19.02.24


During RE Day, the children in Year 4 explored Humanism and different religions and worldviews. They had a local Humanist come and explain to the children how they view the world. The children then had a better understanding of Humanism and they were able to explain how it is similar and different from other religions and worldviews they had studied.

PHSCE - w/b 05.02.24


This week, the children have been celebrating Children’s Mental Health Week. In celebration of this, the children have been completing a sheet everyday telling their teachers what they wish we knew about them. They have been writing facts about things they like and they do not like in order for their teachers to get to know them better. 

Mathematics - w/b 29.01.24


This week in mathematics the children in year 4 have started a new unit, length and perimeter. The children have explored a variety of measuring units such as kilometres, metres and centimetres and they are looking at which measure is appropriate to measure certain objects.

Design Technology - w/b 22.01.24


In year 4, the children have been looking at ‘Turning on a light’ in Design Technology. They started creating their plan, thinking about what item they want to produce, who it is for and what the purpose might be. The pupils have been putting their imagination skills to the test by trying to figure out how they can make their objects light up in the dark.

Reading - w/b 15.01.24


The children in year4 have been consolidating their understanding of reciprocal reading. We have been working on our inference and comprehension skills to help them deepen our understanding of the text that we are looking at. We have also been creating story maps and summaries of the book ‘Iron Man’ and we used our reading skills to apply this skill.

English - w/b 08.01.24


This week in Year 4, the children have been looking at a new book called ‘Iron Man’. We began by reading the blurb and making predictions based on the blurb and the front cover of the book, before reading the first chapter. Later in the week, we will be attempting to create a 3D model of the Iron Man to put in our class.

Christmas - w/b 11.12.23


This week in Year 4, the children have been watching a pantomime performance as we are approaching Christmas. They enjoyed a wonderful performance of Peter Pan which the children were able to interact with.

Science - w/b 04.12.23


This week in Science, pupils in Year 4 have been creating presentations on classification. At the end of the week, they will be shared with the rest of the class. The children have been thinking about what classification is, why it is important and they have given some examples of how they would classify certain living things.

Computing - w/b 27.11.23


In Year 4, the children have been looking at PowerPoint and the features it has. We are going to be using PowerPoint to create a presentation on classification, which is our topic in Science and we are going to be sharing it with our class.

DT - w/b 20.11.23


In Year 4, the children have been looking at Moving Monsters in DT. They have decided who they are creating the moving monster for, what they want to create and what is the purpose for their moving monster. The children also looked at some images of pneumatic toys to support their learning.

Oracy - w/b 13.11.23


This week the pupils in Year 4 have been working hard in using the Oracy framework across all subjects. As part of Anti-bullying week, they discussed what is meant by bullying, being a bystander and an upstander. They also discussed why ‘Children in Need’ is a charity and events take place every year in November. The children watched a video about how Pudsey raised money for an event, which gave them a better understanding of what is meant by ‘Children in Need’.

PHSCE - w/b 06.11.23


This week, pupils in year 4 have been doing some yoga to help them regulate their emotions. They have enjoyed practising the different moves. The children felt calm after doing some yoga. As a follow-up, they discussed how yoga helps with mental health and well-being.

RE - w/b 30.10.23


In RE, the Year 4 children looked at what Puja is and how often it is carried out at home. They also looked at the different items which can be placed on a Puja tray and the children were able to discuss what they thought each item represented.

PHSCE - w/b 16.10.23


This term, the children in Year 4 have been thinking about their dreams and goals. They have discussed how they would achieve their goals. They set themselves SMART targets to ensure that they work hard to achieve their goals. They also discussed how to deal with disappointment and what you can do to help overcome it.

Art - w/b 09.10.23


This week Year 4 have been working really hard to make their reliefs based on Egyptian symbols. They worked in pairs to layer their relief to give it depth and dimension. Then they used 'modroc' to give it more depth. They also began to paint their reliefs.

Science - w/b 02.10.23


This week in science the children looked at sounds and how different sounds are created. We conducted an experiment where the children had to find out the pitch of certain instruments to see which one had a higher or lower pitch.

Reading - w/b 25.09.23


Children in year 4 have been enjoying reading their DEAR time books; Cyan class is currently reading ‘James and the Giant Peach’ whilst Magenta class is reading ‘THE BFG’. 

We are really enjoying reading Roald Dahl’s books. We have started making predictions about the characters in the story. We have also enjoyed sharing book reviews with each other.


Mathematics - w/b 18.09.23


In mathematics the children have been looking at place value. They have been using manipulatives such as base 10 and place value counters to help them represent and partition numbers up to 10,000.

English - w/b 11.09.23


This week in year 4, the children looked at a poet named John Lyons and the poetic features he uses. The children then performed their own versions of the poem. By doing this, the children were getting an understanding of why people write poems.

Welcome Back! w/b 04.09.23


Pupils in Year 4 had a very good start to the term. We participated in a range of exciting team building activities to help us settle in. This was an opportunity to show off our creativity and resilience!

Welcome to the Cyan and Magenta Class page!



PHSCE - w/b 10.07.23


We’ve had a thoughtful week this week, reflecting on the way in which changes can be both positive and negative and the changes that we have to cope with and look forward to in our school lives in the not too distant future!  What advice would you give us about coping with changes that we might find tricky?

Computing - w/b 03.07.23


This week in computing, we learned about the potential influence and negative impact that edited photos may have on individuals. The focus of this lesson is to ensure that we think critically about the images that we share and are shared with them. There is no right or wrong opinion here, but the importance comes from learners hearing that some views are different to our own and to consider that sometimes it may not be the ‘right’ thing to do to retouch an image. We had a debate discussing this matter. 


Art - w/b 26.06.23


We’ve had a wonderful art week inspired by the life and works of Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter who struggled terribly with physical ill-health during her life and who said “I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.” We’ve used photographs of ourselves to paint a self portrait which we then embellished with tissue paper crowns of flowers and you might even see some wildlife in our backgrounds, too!

Mathematics - w/b 19.06.23

In mathematics, we have been learning about decimals and have been using our place value charts to get a better understanding of the value of tenths and hundredths. We now know that 10 hundredths make 1 tenth and 10 tenths make 1 one. With our new knowledge that we have acquired, we can now compare decimal numbers using the following symbols: > (greater than), < (less than) and = (equal to).

RE - w/b 12.06.23


On RE Day, our unit was: What makes me the person I am? It was an invigorating day filled with exciting discussions, artefacts and religious stories. We listened to the story about the Prophet Muhammad and Guru Nanak and compared the moral behind the stories as well as compare the way in which both prophets were similar. Later in the day, we looked at a report published by the Newham Council that highlights the issues in our local community: Manor Park. As a cohort, we were concerned with the issues regarding; health, wellbeing, environment and climate and decided to write a plan to help resolve these matters. The plans that we wrote not only involved the actions of our school community, but also our local religious communities.

Reading - w/b 05.06.23


We love reading!  Here we are in our favourite place to read- our book corner.  This is us holding our free choice books- ones that we have chosen because something has piqued our interest.  Can you see any books that you’ve read in our hands?


French - w/b 22.08.23


In French, we have been introduced to the names of animals. We reviewed the phrases that we knew already (le poisson, le coucou) and the cognates (le lion, le kangourou, l’éléphant), insisting on correct pronunciation. We then learned new phrases and practised them with our partners.

Oracy - w/b 15.05.23


We’ve taken our oracy skills out and about onto the streets of London this week!  We had a fantastic trip into the City of London to do a sketching skyscrapers walking tour.  We used our oracy skills to talk about what we could see, how it linked to our art project from the last half term and our opinions about the  amazing architecture and history all around us.  We even wrote a poem inspired by the Lloyds of London building and gave an impromptu performance of it!  If you would like to do the tour like us, or another one especially for families, you can get the free map here:

Coronation Celebrations - w/b 08.05.23


We  had a wonderful day commemorating the historical event of King Charles III coronation.

We started the day off by making face masks of the royal family, then we created flags adorned with decorations linked to the monarchy and finally we worked in teams to fill a silhouette of the King with images and words which we thought were ‘royal’.  In the afternoon we had a lovely tea party and used our vocabulary skills to have a coronation themed session of Countdown! We had to find the longest word that we could and then explain how it linked to King Charles or the monarchy generally.


Climate Week - w/b 01.05.23


We have had a spectacular Climate Week! We have taken part in exciting experiments, learnt interesting facts about pollution and watched a phenomenal show about climate change inside a humongous dome! After learning some fascinating but also shocking facts about the lack of recycling that occurs in Newham, we wrote a persuasive letter to the Newham Council to help improve the way we recycle. In science, we learned some interesting facts about the impact of climate change and how we as homosapians contribute to this. One of our experiments was learning how to make recycled paper out of shredded paper. The process was memorable and we now have acquired some basic knowledge of how we can help our world. 


RE Day - w/b 24.04.23


We had a great day working in teams of 3 to create our own books all about the way in which marriage is valued and celebrated in different religions.  We looked at the clothing, ceremonies and traditions associated with different faiths and their wedding ceremonies and even came up with some of our own symbols to depict the stages of a Hindu wedding celebration and created a free verse shape poem that shows our understanding of marriage.

English - w/b 17.04.23


We’ve started delving into our new book for this term, ‘Fly, Eagle, Fly!’ It’s a traditional tale which originates from west Africa but the version we are reading has been translated into English.  We’ve been looking into the plot of the story on a surface level but then discussing the way in which it has a hidden meaning and the moral that the tale is trying to teach us, that we should spread our wings and soar!



Art - w/b 27.03.23


This week in Art we have moved on from sketching our iconic London landmark to painting it.  We have been inspired by the work of renowned French artist, George Seurat, who was a pioneer of the Pointillist movement- a style of painting which uses dots to create a sense of colour, light and shade.  We’re looking forward to seeing how our masterpieces turn out and then comparing them to the real landmarks which we will go and visit when the weather gets better and have a walking tour around the City of London.  Have you seen any of our landmarks before?


Mathematics - w/b 20.03.23


This term in mathematics, we have been focusing on multiplication and division. This week, we have learned various methods to help us solve complex multiplication problems. We have learned efficient methods that have taught us how to partition multiplicands into tens and ones, allowing us to multiply the numbers mentally.  We have also learned how to use counters to help us recognise that multiplication is repeated addition. 


Computing - w/b 13.03.23


In computing, we have been learning about HTML codes and how the HTML codes create web pages. We have learned how to form the correct tags (markup language) and use them on an index page. We are now very confident at inputting the HTML codes which can produce: titles, line breaks, images as well as underlining important or significant phrases.

French - w/b 06.03.23


This half term we’ve started to look at pocket money and what we can buy with it.  We’ve been focusing on our pronunciation and accent.  We’ve also had a flashback to recap our learning from last half term as we performed the song Sur Le Pont D’Avignon in our sharing assembly this week!  Do you remember learning this song when you were at school?

RE Day - w/b 27.02.23


This term in RE, we have learned about Easter and how Christians celebrate it around the world. We looked at verses within the Bible which show different versions of the last supper and Palm Sunday. We looked at special objects for this time of year and how they play a part in the celebration of Easter around the world. To summarise our learning, we wrote a poem about Easter and why it is still significant to Christians today.

Oracy - w/b 20.02.23


Every time we speak and listen we’re using our oracy skills.  However during this week the lessons where we have particularly focussed on certain styles of speaking have been in English where we debated whether the monarchy should be abolished, in PSHCE where we discussed people who were special to us and in this, our reading lessons, where we stood up and presented our answers using point, evidence and explanation.

PHSCE - w/b 06.02.23


This week in year four, we have been learning about the importance of looking after our wellbeing in order to improve our mental health. In PSHCE, we reviewed our learning about affirmations and why affirmations are a great tool to help us regulate our emotions as well as elevate our self confidence. Throughout the week, we have been writing affirmations and doing mindfulness activities in support of Children’s Mental Health Week.


Mathematics - w/b 30.01.23


In mathematics, we have moved onto our new topic: multiplication and division. Using place value charts, we have explored the meaning of multiplying by ten and now understand that the number becomes ten times bigger and moves one column to the left. We used place value charts and dice to help us with understanding this concept.

History - w/b 23.01.23


We have come to the end of our history topic of the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, finishing off with a bang by creating a poem in rhyming couplets about King Alfred the Great and debating whether the Vikings were history’s greatest invaders!  Which side of the argument would you have debated in favour of and why?

Reading - w/b 16.01.23


We’ve been making great use of our Butterfly Lion themed book corner, enjoying each other’s company, sharing our love of the books that we’re reading for  pleasure and discussing between us the book that we’re reading at the moment in English - Ted Hughes’, The Iron Man.  We’ve also been finding out more about animals and their quirky features in our guided reading sessions and this week have been looking at the way in which animals communicate with each other and with humans.  We summarised our learning through the writing of a haiku, a form of poetry which originates from Japan and has three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables.  Some of us even rose to the challenge of creating a shield designed with an illustration to depict our poem!

English - w/b 09.01.23


We have started to delve into Ted Hughes’ The Iron Man and looked at the variety of front covers different editions have, what happens in the first chapter and analysed the text to give us the description of the title character to make models of him!

See whether you can work out which materials we used to make our iron men and estimate how tall you think they are!