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Sir John Heron Primary School

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At Sir John Heron Primary School, we follow the National Curriculum for music with lessons being delivered through the Charanga scheme. 


Click here to view the programme of study from the National Curriculum for music for KS1 and KS2:


Music in Year 4 - w/b 10.06.24


In Year 4 we have been continuing our work on the Beatles song Blackbird. We have been and will continue to learn to play the main verse of the song on the Glockenspiels and Xylophones. It is quite a challenging song to learn to play as the tempo is very fast at points. We have done more work on our musical instruments knowledge as well by doing ‘Listen Out’ activities - where we hear samples of different instruments then try to identify them from an extract of a song. Finally, we began learning to sing a new song for our end of the year assembly - the early 2000s song Reach by S Club 7. It’s a great song to end the year on - encouraging not just the year 6 children who are leaving, but everyone that they can achieve anything in life that they want to.

Music in Year 6 - w/b 03.06.24


This half term in music Year 6 are continuing to work on their educational song projects. We have learned about musical notation and how many beats crotchets, minims, semibreves and quavers are worth. We also are learning about writing music accurately on staves. It’s a project that will take us a few weeks to complete.

Music in Year 6 - w/b 20.05.24


This term in Year 6, we have been working on a song writing project. We are working in groups to write our own educational songs about a wide range of school subjects including decimals, fractions, basketball and even King Charles II! We have learned about the structure of song verses and we have written the lyrics to our songs already. Eventually we will be writing the music for the songs we have written so in order to prepare for that we have begun learning and practising writing musical notation. We have been introduced to crotchets, minims, semibreves and more.

Music in Year 1 - w/b 13.05.24


Our song that we are learning in Year 1 this term is called ‘Your Imagination’. It’s all about how our imaginations can be as wild and creative as we like - we sing in the song about ladybirds drinking tea, octopi being stuck up a tree and rainbows smiling at us! It’s a very funny song to sing. We have been using the skills we have begun to learn on the xylophone to play along with the music - we have to play very carefully to stay in time with each other!

Music in Year 4 - w/b 06.05.24


In Year 4 this term, the song we are learning to sing is ‘Blackbird’ by a classic British band called the Beatles. It’s a very different song to something like ‘Mamma Mia’ which has a regular structure - verse, chorus, verse, chorus. ‘Blackbird’ is a bit unusual - verse, verse, chorus, instrumental break, chorus, extended verse. It is challenging to learn but we are doing very well. We’ve enjoyed listening to other Beatles songs such as ‘Hey Jude’ and we particularly enjoyed ‘Yellow Submarine’. As well as our Beatles work, we have been continuing to sharpen and develop our skills on the xylophones and glockenspiels using songs through the charanga website.

Music in Year 3 - w/b 29.04.24


In Year 3, we are looking at Disco music this term - our song that we are focusing on learning is a song especially written for Charanga. It’s called Bringing Us Together and it is written in the Disco style. Each week we’ll be learning to sing it and for the first few weeks at least we’ll be learning to play the chorus on the Xylophones and Glockenspiels.

Music in Year 2 - w/b 22.04.24


In Year 2, we started learning a brand new song from Charanga called the Friendship Song. It’s all about what we can do for our friends. We listened to it and talked about what instruments we heard, the hooks we heard as well as our opinion of the song compared to the song we did before Easter which was Zootime. We did our warm up activities where some of the children had fun pretending to be a crocodile while finding the pulse of the music. We also started to learn to sing the Friendship Song and we continued developing our skills on the Xylophones by beginning to learn to play Zootime on the instruments.

Music in Year 5 - w/b 15.04.24


We started off Summer Term in Year 5 with a song all about dancing and celebrating that Summer is here. Dancing in the Street, the Motown classic, is our focus song this term and we began to learn how to sing the song. Before that though, we had to appraise the song where we listen out for what instruments we can hear as well as talking about the dynamics, texture and tempo of the song.

Music in Reception - w/b 25.03.24


We had fun in Reception during our music lesson this week. We listened to the song ‘Ain't No Mountain High Enough’ and enjoyed finding the beat and dancing to it as well. We also sang along to the classic song ‘Hokey Cokey’ and did the dance as well!

Music in Year 1 - w/b 18.03.24


In Year 1, we have been learning a song called Round and Round. It’s all about how we can experience the different aspects of music and it has a Latin Bossa Nova feel to it. This week we finished learning the lyrics and began practising singing the whole song. We also did some more work playing as a group on our Xylophones, focusing this week on the notes B, A and G.

Music in Year5 - w/b 11.03.24


We listened to a song called Rapper’s Delight at the start of this week’s music lesson in Year 5 and had quite an interesting discussion about it. The song is a rap in which the singer is speaking very quickly - so quickly that some of the children found it hard to understand what he was saying. Afterwards we had a discussion about whether being able to understand the words to a song affects how much you enjoy it. Some believed that they would enjoy a song less because if you can’t understand a song, then you can’t understand its meaning. Other’s believed that even if you couldn’t understand the words, you could still enjoy the beat and the music behind the words. Afterwards, we had some more practice at playing Livin’ on a Prayer on our instruments - we are getting better and better at staying in time with the music on the computer. We also continued learning to sing our focus song for this term which is the 90’s classic hip-hop/rap The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Music in Year 2 - w/b 04.03.24


In Year 2 this week, we have continued our learning with our new song which is called Zootime. We listened to clapping patterns on the computer and copied them back and we used lots of different ways of finding the pulse of the song such as marching, tapping our heads and being a tiger! After that we began practising and learning a new song on our xylophones and glockenspiels - eventually we will be able to play along to our song on the computer. We were also songwriters in Year 2 this week. As a class, we began writing our own lyrics to Zootime - using funny lyrics just like in the original song.

Music in Year 4 - w/b 26.02.24


In Year 4 this half term, our focus song is Lean on Me - a 1972 soul song by Bill Withers. Each week though we listen to a different song to sharpen our musical analysis skills - today we listened to He Still Loves Me by Walter Williams and Beyonce. We listened carefully for changes in tempo and dynamics, as well as the instruments used, then made notes on our Listen and Appraise sheets. We also continued working on learning how to play the chorus of Mamma Mia by ABBA on our instruments. It’s a quick song so it is quite challenging!

Music in Year 6 - w/b 19.02.24


We had a great start to music this half term in Year 6. We have begun to learn a new song called ‘You’ve got a Friend’ - a song by Carole King from 1971. We also have started to revisit the song Happy by Pharell Williams - we are learning to play the chorus to this song on our instruments!

Music in Year 2 - w/b 05.02.24


In Year 2 this week our focus was on improvisation. We made up our own patterns of claps to respond to the music track on the computer. We then began practising improvising using the instruments for the first time using the notes F and G on the xylophones and glockenspiels. We also sung and recorded our song that we have been learning this term which is called ‘I Wanna Play in a Band’.


Music in Year 1 - w/b 29.01.24


We had lots of fun during music in Year 1 this week. We enjoyed listening to the song ‘Jai Ho’; we liked that the lyrics of the song were in languages other than English, such as Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. We also had fun beginning to improvise and making up our own clapping patterns as well as playing music together on the xylophones and glockenspiels.

Music in Reception - w/b 22.01.24


In Reception this week, we had fun listening to a song called ‘ABC’ by the Jackson 5. We enjoyed ourselves finding the beat by doing lots of different actions like marching and clapping. We also sang a new song called ‘5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed’.

Music in Year 5 - w/b 15.01.24


In Year 5 this week, we continued our work on our focus song for this half term, ‘Make You Feel My Love’ by Adele. We first listened to the original version of the song by Bob Dylan and compared the two different versions - we were quite evenly split between those who preferred the original Bob Dylan version to the cover version by Adele! We also did some more work on playing our instruments in time with each other as well as continuing to learn the words to the song.

Music in Year 4 - w/b 08.01.24


In Year 4 this week, we began learning a new song called ‘Stop!’ which is all about preventing bullying. We got back into doing our warm-up activities which involved listening and copying back different beats as well as warming up our singing voices. We also did some work on the instruments as well with a song called ‘Drive’.

Music in Years 4 and 5 - w/b 11.12.23


During music lessons in Year 4 and 5 this week we had our final practises of the Christmas songs we have been learning on the piano. In Year 4 we learned to play ‘The First Noel’ and in Year 5 we learned to play ‘Little Drummer Boy’. We played as whole classes as well as some solo performances.

Music in Year 3 - w/b 04.12.23


In Year 3 this week we continued developing our skills with the Glockenspiel and Xylophones. Some of us played solos to the class of the music we’ve been learning. We also have been learning to sing a Christmas song ‘When a Child is Born’.

Music in Year 2 - w/b 27.11.23


In Year 2 we have been hard at work learning the songs for our Nativity performance on the 18th December. There are songs with lots of energy and some quieter songs as well. We are also learning actions to go with the songs. Two helpers from each class stood at the front and helped their classmates with the actions.

Music in Year 1 - w/b 20.11.23


In Music this week, Year 1 continued to practise using the note B on our Glockenspiels and Xylophones. We played with a faster piece of music this time which was a challenge! We also had some more practice at singing our song ‘Rhythm in the Way We Walk’.

Music in Year 6 - w/b 13.11.23


In Year 6 this week it was our first music lesson back after half term! We looked at the song Happy by Pharrel Williams last term and had a refresher on it this week. We practised playing our instruments along to the music. We also watched the video of our performances from before half term and critiqued our singing. We suggested things that we could do to improve our performance the second time around and put those suggestions into practice.


Music in Year 4 - w/b 06.11.23


In Year 4 this week, we played as a duet with our partners - taking turns to play different parts of the same song on the Xylophones and Glockenspiels. We started learning a new song called Good, Better, Best which combines singing with playing on the instruments. We also worked on Mamma Mia as well - trying to improve things in our singing from when we sang it before half term.

Music in Year 5 - w/b 30.10.23


In Year 5 this week, we were introduced to a song called the Three Note Bossa - a piece of music from the jazz genre. We played along with the notes on the board - G, A and B. Improvisation is a big part of jazz and we also began to improvise our own patterns of notes to play along to the music during the improvisation section of the song.

Music in Year 4 - w/b 16.10.23


In Year 4 this week, we continued our look at the songs of the 70s/80s band ABBA. Our focus song has been Mamma Mia and we have also listened to ABBA songs such as Waterloo, Dancing Queen, The Winner Takes It All, Super Trouper and Thank You for the Music. When we listened to the songs we kept an ear out for several things including riffs, hooks and how the tempo and texture of each song changed. We have been learning to sing Mamma Mia as well as learning to play it on the xylophones and glockenspiels. Last week was our first practice at reading the notes and having a go at playing them. This week we tried playing in time altogether as a class.

Music in Year 3 - w/b 09.10.23


In Year 3 this week we continued our work on our focus song for this term ‘Let Your Spirit Fly’. We started to learn about music notation; how to read the notes and recognise what letters they correspond to on the glockenspiels and xylophones. We labelled the notes on our worksheets with the right letter and then we started to practise playing the music along with a backing track.

Music in Year 2 - w/b 02.10.23


In Year 2 this week, we had some more practice at using the xylophones and glockenspiels. Our challenge was to stay in time with the music playing on the computer and we did very well with this! We also began practising a new way to sing our song Hands, Feet, Heart. The girls and boys have separate parts to sing in the song, so we were working on coming into the song at the right time and singing quickly enough - it is a very fast song!

Music in Year 1 - w/b 25.09.23


In Year 1 this week, we continued learning to sing our song ‘Hey You!’ - a song which combines rap and singing! We started learning how to improvise (make up) our own clapping patterns in response to what we heard from the computer. After that we started to learn how to use xylophones and glockenspiels to play the note C - we even began to play along in time with the music from the computer.

Music in Reception - w/b 18.09.23


This week in Reception we listened to Happy, a song by Pharell Wiliams. We had a lot of fun dancing along to the music and finding the beat of the song by moving our bodies, arms and legs in different ways. We also used the claves for the first time and played along in time to a song called ‘Tap Your Sticks in the Air’.


Music in Year 5 - w/b 11.09.23


In Year 5 this week, we started learning about our focus song for this term - 'Livin’ on a Prayer'- a rock song from 1986 by the band Bon Jovi. We listened to the song and discussed it’s tempo (the speed of the song), the texture (how many elements the song has) and the dynamics (how loud and quiet). We played some rhythm games by clapping back patterns and warmed up our voices before we started to learn to sing the song. We also used glockenspiels and xylophones to practise a few riffs from the song.


Week beginning 13/03/2023

This term year 1 has been enjoying exploring traditional tales through drama, music and art. Each week we watch a snippet of Little Red Riding Hood, discuss the story and then learn a new song relating to the story. Last week we learnt “I love red!” and this week, we learnt “Wolfie blues”. This is a great way to softly introduce a variety of music genres as well as tying in with multiple subjects. Here you can see some examples of their accompanying artwork of the big, bad wolf!

Week beginning 06/03/2023

Wow, what an exciting day to have music and PE on! For world book day we all put on our best character costumes and enjoyed an active morning full of sharing our favourite books, dancing and singing.

Week beginning 20/02/2023

Reception love to sing songs together! This week we are looking at how we communicate with others using our bodies and our voices. In these pictures you can see how they are expressing being cold in the snow and how they represent travelling in a plane!

Week beginning 13/02/2023

Year 4 are becoming masters of the Ukulele! Children receive an hour of full class ukulele each week with Miss Slocombe. They’ve now learnt multiple ways of playing the same note and a variety of chords which enables them to play and sing along to some of their favourite songs as well as discovering new songs and the good old classics!

Week beginning 06.02.2023

This term in Year 6 Music Technology, we are exploring even more free and easily accessible ways to create music online. Today we used the Roland50 Studio TR 808 interface to create our own drum beats based on the House and Garage styles.

Week beginning 30.01.2023

In Music Technology this week, the children used Chrome Music Lab to compose pieces of music based on the C major pentatonic scale. We discussed the origins of the word “penta” and how it linked to other subjects such as history and maths before creating our own pieces of music.

Week beginning 23.01.2023

This week year two enjoyed using their imaginations in music! The children listened to four different pieces of instrumental music that were composed in order to make the listener imagine a type of transport. They used their listening skills to identify what each piece was about and then drew what they imagined.

Week beginning 16.01.2023

This week upper key stage 2 has enjoyed being introduced to the wonders of Chance Music. We talked about how anything you see visually can be turned into music if written out a certain way, or how any sound made can be classed as music. We then looked at how Chance Music can be a risk-free and fun method of composing, with a link to maths!

Week beginning 9.01.2023

Last term year 5 and 6 explored how to use music technology to create music of their own, whilst thinking about different features of music and how to incorporate them into their pieces. Their composition brief was to compose snippets of music for a video game designed by one of their peers. 


Here are some examples of their work, we hope you enjoy them!


Example one


Example two


Week beginning 14.11.2022

This week year 3 have combined their fantastic ukulele skills with their compositional skills to create their own short pieces. They enjoyed working in small band groups to compose and then perform to their peers.

Week beginning 31/10/2022:


Our Reception children are very excited to be learning their Christmas songs to prepare for their upcoming Christmas Carol concert in December! They enjoyed working as a team to create actions to help them remember the words for each song. They cannot wait to show you how well they sing Jingle Bells!

Week beginning 10.10.2022:

This term our Year 5 classes have been working on their composition skills using music technology as their way to capture their ideas. The final outcome will be to create music to ‘evoke a specific atmosphere, mood or environment’ (Model Music Curriculum 2021). To do this, each child has studied a range of age-appropriate video games and explored the careers of video game composers such as Ninichi. They have then spent some time creating a storyboard for their own original videogame which they will then be creating a soundtrack for. We have really enjoyed discussing our ideas and even the PE teacher came in to see what all the excitement was about!

Week beginning 03.10.2022:

This week, Year 2 has been focusing on a short song called 'Kye Kye Kule' which has supported them when thinking about small pitch steps, matching a pulse and responding to a leader. We also started to look ahead at our Christmas Nativity, but we’re not quite ready to give you a sneaky peak just yet!


Still image for this video

Week beginning 26.09.2022

We are so excited to have the KS2 choir back and running in full force! We are currently putting together a programme of a range of songs chosen by the children. This week we have been focusing on the pop song ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry and learning how to safely “belt” our voices with support from our diaphragms to sing louder and higher. We can’t wait to show you what else we have planned!


Still image for this video

Week beginning 19/09/2022


Year 2 had so much fun learning a new rap with a range of actions and funny sounds! We then practised our listening skills whilst choosing our songs for the Autumn season, including some spooky season songs. As you can see, there were some very mixed reactions to one particular song about eating worms and other creepy crawlies! Eww!

Week beginning 12/09/2022:


What a fantastic couple of weeks to our new school year we have had! Year 3 children have been practising singing and dancing the song ‘Power in Me’ with huge amounts of energy and enthusiasm. This was a whole school favourite from last year that we love to share at any opportunity we get! We’re looking forward to seeing what the rest of the future holds for music at Sir John Heron.


Week beginning 18th July 2022:


This term both year 3 and 4 have focussed on a song writing topic, based on the theme of plastic pollution. Both classes researched facts about plastic pollution and practised their rap skills before writing their own verses. The children were really pleased with the end results!


Plastic Pollution by Year 3

First, there were millions,

Now it’s turning into billions.

Many years of plastic pollution,

We need to find a solution.


We desperately need a health potion,

For the dying ocean.

Let’s have a battle with this plastic,

This will be so fantastic!


Lots of plastic in the ocean,

It’s starting to look like a venomous potion.

Please can you all reuse it,

if you don’t want to lose it.


Everyone should watch the news,

So you don’t just go ahead and snooze.

Year 3 are not being sarcastic,

When we talk about the issue of plastic.



Plastic Pollution by Dali Class

Plastics are on the beach and shoreline,

It’s taking over the world, it’s only a matter of time.

Dali class have beautiful intentions,

We can make some new inventions.


All of the plastic in the sea is floating,

You have to watch out if you go out boating.

Out there you see lots of strangers,

Starting to cause many, many dangers!


Millions of bottles in our oceans,

Making it into a toxic potion.

You think it’s just an illusion,

We’re here to help find a solution.



Plastic Pollution by Monet Class

Why is pollution everywhere on the ground?

Put it in the bin so it can be safe and sound.

It enters the environment,

Never wants to go on retirement!


We need to be part of the solution,

To stop this horrific plastic pollution.

We must act now and fast,

To make our environment last.


Give me all of your attention,

Help us make a new invention.

We need to be in this together,

To make our world last forever.


Week beginning 13/06/2022

This week year 4 has been focused on songwriting. They are currently working towards writing rap fillers for a song about plastic pollution. They have really enjoyed the cross over between literacy and music.

Week beginning 06/06/2022

This week our Year 1 classes worked on creating their own percussive responses and playing simple rhythm patterns on tuned instruments. They have been learning a song called ‘Come dance with me’ and adding in their own dance moves to match the words.


Still image for this video

Week beginning 28.03.2022

Every week, both our key stage one and two children have singing assemblies. During this time they draw upon their classroom learning experiences to learn an exciting range of songs. This video clip shows our key stage two children singing a snippet of the song ‘One and a million’ by Emily Barden. We love this song because it celebrates the power of working together, and it shows off how well the children have been working together to sing in harmony.

Singing Assembly

Still image for this video

Week beginning 21.03.2022

Year 3 enjoyed making lots of loud sounds today! We watched some professional samba drumming and created our own samba bands. First, we learnt some rhythms based on foods (for example: mango ice-cream, mango ice-cream) before creating our own using the favourite foods of the class! We found this to be an easy way to memorise all sorts of complicated rhythms. We then added a drum and vocal ‘break’ in the middle where we all played the same rhythm and called out “samba music!” in unison.

Week beginning 14th March 2022

Year 1 has been exploring the different ways they can create sounds from their glockenspiels. They played a game where they had to create a “fish sound”. We talked about what we thought fish would sound like if they were represented by instruments, and the children chose to make small-step jumps whilst playing lightly using their percussion sticks. If their partner made a big jump on the instrument, their fish would be caught!


Week beginning 07.03.2022

Year 6 has been exploring the exciting world of film and video game music composition. They were keen to learn all about the career of composer Ninichi, who specialises in film and game soundtracks. 


They designed their own video games using a storyboard and will be moving on to creating a short soundtrack using instruments, garageband and all sorts of sound effects!


This week year 4 explored the exciting ways that traditional nursery rhymes can be used in more modern styles. They started by listening to and analysing a jazz cover of ‘Frère Jacques’ before learning to sing the song. They progressed to singing in two groups in a round with different children stepping up to lead their peers. After this, they then transferred those skills to playing the melody on the xylophones.


Still image for this video

Week beginning 28.02.22 


This week, Year 4 re-visited the song ‘Arcade’ by Duncan Laurence. The children enjoyed singing it so much that we decided to use it as our choice of music for theory practise. The children were provided with a two-part written notation of the song and xylophones. In partners, they first learnt the main melody and then the harmony part. They then challenged themselves by either having each partner play a different part, both at the same time, or they had a go at playing the melody in the right hand and the harmony in the left hand.

Week beginning 21.02.2022

This week, Year 4 were inspired by the BBC Ten Pieces body percussion piece Connect It by Anna Meredith. They explored lots of different ways that they could make sounds and movements with their bodies to create their own musical story about a vehicle on a journey, ending with it breaking down. 



Our Year 5 Nightingale class really enjoyed learning a song all about space travel, and were keen to share their confident singing with the rest of the school in not just one, but two performances! Here they are holding up their space props in their performance to the key stage one children. We love to see all our children immersing themselves in music and most of all, having fun with it!


Year 3 - We are song writers!


This week the year 3 children collaborated to write their own version of the song “Jingle bells”. They considered how many beats and syllables to add into each sentence, how to make the song interesting and in keeping with the theme. The lyrics are:


Sprinting through the snow in a winter wonderland,
Bells are ringing with joy and Santa comes to you,
Laughing in the snow, snowballs flying high,
Gazing at the ornaments and children laugh with glee!

Jingle bells, jingle bells, Santa on the sleigh.
Oh what fun we can have on this icy winter day, hey!
Jingle bells, jingle bells, Santa on the sleigh.
Oh what fun we can have on this icy winter day, hey!

Skating through the ice, mountains sharp and tall,
Building a snowman, Olaf’s twin is here!
Santa’s flying high in the winter sky,
Reindeers bringing santa to the noisy town below.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, Santa on the sleigh.
Oh what fun we can have on this icy winter day, hey!
Jingle bells, jingle bells, Santa on the sleigh.
Oh what fun we can have on this icy winter day, hey!

Oh what fun we can have on this icy winter day.


Christmas is coming! Year 2 has been hard at work learning the songs and dances for their Christmas Nativity… Since October! They are very excited to share their performance with family and friends very soon. Here’s a sneak peak of them learning some groovy moves!


Still image for this video


This week, Year 1 re-visited a familiar nursery rhyme, but in a different style. They enjoyed using their listening skills to identify the instruments that they could hear before creating some actions to help teach the song to others.


Still image for this video


This week year 3 have been discussing the importance of warming up their bodies before singing, especially during these colder months! They worked together to create some warm ups for their faces and here you can see them engaging all their facial muscles, including the tongue!


This week, the Year 4 children have been music journalists. They were asked to write a review about the song “Sunflower” from the popular film 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse'. They drew on their key vocabulary and music analysis skills that they have been practising in order to write an independent piece of work telling others about the song.

This week in Year 1, we have been thinking about how to move our bodies around to music. We listened to a new song about dinosaurs wearing trousers - how silly! We talked about our favourite dinosaurs and pretended to be one as we moved around the room. We thought about what our faces looked like as well as how we would move our arms and legs. We had lots of fun!


The children of Sir John Heron are so excited to be making music together again! Our year 3 and 4 ukulele club practises every week to learn new, challenging chords. With these chords, they can now play a range of classic favourites from “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” all the way to modern chart hits.


Still image for this video



Year 4 Music Posters


This week the Year Four classes pulled together their prior knowledge, new knowledge and personal interests to create music posters for the classroom. We discussed everything we thought of when hearing the word “music” from styles of music, instruments and singers through to the Composers of the Week that we have learnt about. Here are a few examples of their work.

Music Education Expo 2020


This week’s website update comes to you from the annual Music and Drama Education Expo! Every year this event brings together hundreds of musicians to share their knowledge and experience of the latest resources and teaching methods. Miss Slocombe attended a variety of talks and workshops from how to manage performance anxiety to building a primary orchestra from scratch. She was also very excited to meet and discuss all things music with Gareth Malone OBE (well known choral animateur, singer, composer and workshop leader) after purchasing his new song book “Bright Star.” She looks forward to sharing her new music resources and knowledge with the school!

Anti-Bullying Raps


Our Year 4 children created their own raps on the theme of anti-bullying. Working in small friendship groups, the children started by sharing their knowledge of what bullying is ("Lots of times and on purpose"), how it can make someone feel and how to prevent it. They then studied a variety of anti-bullying raps and over the course of 6 weeks, added their own unique verses to an existing song. These clips show one group’s performance to their peers. We really liked how they have added their own dance moves and considered how the rhythms of their words should fit in with a backing track.

Anti-bullying rap - video 1

Still image for this video

Anti-bullying rap - video 2

Still image for this video

Performance skills in Year 2


In music lessons, we are working on our performance skills by sharing what we have learnt that day with the rest of the class. Year Two always take pride in their music making, and it was delightful to be asked by them if they could record a performance of their study song for the website. Here is a video of them performing “I Wanna Play In A Band” by Joanna Mangona.

Year 2 performing!

Still image for this video

Listening Time!


In our music lessons, we learn a range of skills through different activities. One activity we always include is listening time. In the video clip below, you can see Year One swaying in time to a modern rap song they have been learning. For this particular week, the background music was completely new to the children as many had not heard the Baroque style before. After listening to the music, we then spent some time discussing what we heard using our key music vocabulary.

Year 1 listening work

Still image for this video

Folk Music in Year 6

This term, Year 6 are exploring traditional/folk music from England and analysing how current music has formed from many different roots. We discovered that a very old folk song (“When I’m gone”) is sung in the film “Pitch Perfect” which was modernised and altered to include new percussive actions using just a cup. This is one of many examples we discovered along our journey. Here's another example: did you know that the song “Counting Stars” by One Republic was inspired by a little known folk song? Neither did we! We decided to challenge ourselves to learn the song “When I’m Gone” (the cup song) and have a go at the actions! Here are some pictures to show our progress.

Instrumental Lessons


This term we are offering instrumental lessons to our Year Four classes, thanks to the wonderful support of our local music hub. We already have flute and clarinet lessons well underway and this week we started violin! It was fantastic to see all our keen and enthusiastic instrumentalists in their first lesson and we cannot wait to showcase their learning in our next concert.

Here's Harry from Year 4 in his first violin lesson!

Jazz meets PSHCE!


Last term the children in Year Five and Six focused on jazz music with a PSHCE twist. They were inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me” and wrote their own versions of the poem focusing on their own fears and how they could overcome them. They then turned these into performances in the style of Beatnik jazz by reading or rapping over jazz background music.

Christmas Concert

We have just had our final whole school assembly of 2019, and went out with a bang with our Christmas concert! All the children joined in enthusiastically to sing some well-known Christmas carols. 

Reception Christmas Concert


Over the past month, the children in Reeception have worked extremely hard to learn and memorise six songs for their Christmas concert, complete with actions! They all performed with lots of energy and we could hear every word. Well done to all the children who were involved, your adults and teachers are very proud of your hard work!


Still image for this video

Christmas is coming!

In the Reception classes, we have been very busy learning lots of Christmas songs for our Christmas concert! We often take movement breaks, thinking about how to listen to the music and move our bodies to the beat. We really enjoy working as a team and having fun singing together.



Drop-in Sessions


On Fridays, the children have an opportunity to come along to music drop-in sessions. During these times, it is free choice! So far, we have had mini piano lessons and explorations, bass guitar playing, solo singing and even bands! Having these taster sessions available is a fantastic opportunity, encouraging children to have a go at something new or benefit from one to one time with the music teacher.

SEND Music 


At Sir John Heron, we are committed to providing engaging and enjoyable learning experiences for all our children, including those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD). All children participate in a weekly music lesson with Miss Slocombe.This week, our children have been using songs to identify parts of the body alongside focusing on turn taking and choosing.