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Year 3

Welcome to the Violet and Indigo Class page! 


Computing - w/b 27.11.23


This week, the pupils in Year 3 have been learning about network engineering as part of Computing. They learnt how to look up IP addresses and create their own algorithm. The children discussed what the internet is used for and why the internet is necessary for their learning. They explored the internet and conducted research about something new. We also taught them how to be more specific on what to type into the search engine when researching their chosen topic. The children used chrome books to carry out this activity. Well done Year 3, you have all successfully proven that you can carry out your own research!

Geography - w/b 20.11.23


This week, the pupils in Year 3 have been doing geography as part of their topic work. They learned about the different countries in Europe. They explored the capital cities as well as physical and human features of some of these countries. We also taught them how to use compasses and to use the coordinate points on a map to find a place. The children also chose 2 countries to compare and wrote a report to document the similarities and differences. Well done Year 3, you worked hard during geography this week!

Oracy - w/b 13.11.23


This week, the pupils in Year 3 have been working on their social and emotional skills as part of Oracy. During our literacy lesson we explored illustrations created by illustrator and author Lucy Farfort. The children had to practise sharing their thoughts with a partner using their Oracy skills. The children were great at implementing skills such as looking at the person talking, taking turns when sharing ideas and they were also encouraged to project their voices. Well done Year 3, you have shown that you are mastering those skills very well!

PHSCE - w/b 06.11.23


This week, the pupils in Year 3 have been learning about healthy eating. They have the opportunity to share their thoughts on what kind of food we as humans need to eat in order to be healthy. We also explored what kind of food would be classed as unhealthy and the reasons for it.  During the PHSCE lesson children had the opportunity to take part in a range of activities to develop their understanding of healthy eating. Well done Year 3, you are now ready to make healthy food choices!

RE - w/b 30.10.23


In RE, the pupils in Year 3 have been Learning about Jesus and Buddha. They had the opportunity to share their own religious experiences as well as learning about other people’s religions. They were very excited to look at the similarities and the differences between their own religion, Christianity and Buddhism. During the lessons children had the opportunity to take part in a range of activities to develop their understanding. Well done Year 3; you were very respectful towards other people’s religious views!

PHSCE - w/b 16.10.23


This week, the pupils in Year 3 have been thinking about their dreams and goals for the future during their PHSCE lesson. As part of our Black History Month celebrations, we explored the dreams and goals of significant black people who made a change to the world's outlook on different culture groups. The children found it very inspiring to have seen how people have worked on their dreams and how they succeeded. Well done year 3, you all have learned how to respect each other and other cultures around you.

Art - w/b 09.10.23


This week, the pupils in Year 3 have been learning about Aboriginal Art. They have been exploring different pieces of art and discussed their observations with members in a group. They used their reasoning skills (Reasoning Robots) to explain their thoughts about the different marks that they have seen. After looking at the art work they were inspired to create their own marks. Well done Year 3 for being excellent artists!

Science - w/b 02.10.23


This week, the pupils in Year 3 have been learning about forces and magnets as part of Science. This week they explored magnet poles and found out how it works. They carried out an experiment and used the magnets and paper clips to find out how strong the magnetic force could be. They used their risk taking skills ( Risk taking Hero) to break up the experiment in smaller parts. Well done Year 3, you worked hard during your experiment this week!

Reading - w/b 25.09.23


This week, the pupils in Year 3 have been exploring a range of books. We usually have the opportunity to read in the book corner during Soft Start of DEAR time. We are very passionate about reading and sharing books with our friends. DEAR time is the highlight of our day when we will often read books to our classmates. At the moment we are reading ‘Ratburger’ by David Walliams.

Mathematics - w/b 18.09.23


This week, the pupils in Year 3 have been making numbers up to 1,000 using manipulatives. They have been identifying the correct place value of 3-digit numbers and they have also been learning about how to partition numbers in many different ways. They have been Reflection Ninjas by ensuring that they focus on one thing at a time. Well done Year 3 for being great Mathematicians!

English - w/b 11.09.23


We had a great week of learning new things! This week the pupils in Year 3 have been exploring the features of a poem. We explored a few different poems and looked at the different features in each poem. Together with their partners they created phrases and put it together in stanzas to create a new poem. Then they wrote their own poems as part of their literacy learning this week. Well done Year 3, great writing this week!

Welcome Back! w/b 04.09.23


Welcome back to Year 3! This week Year 3 have been working together to settle into their new class and key stage. They have participated in team activities and created some fantastic pieces of work together. They have started the school year with a positive learning attitude. Well done Year 3!

Welcome to the Violet and Indigo Class page! 



PHSCE - w/b 10.07.23


This week in Year3 we looked at some of our worries and questions about Year4. We discussed strategies to help us deal with the change. The children discussed their emotions and feelings about going to Year4, getting a new teacher and a new classroom.

Computing - w/b 03.07.23


This week, Year 3  have enjoyed learning more about Scratch. We discussed key vocabulary and discussed what is meant by the term algorithm. We were all resilient warriors when trying to make the sprite move and follow the algorithm that we have given the sprite.

Art - w/b 26.06.23


Year3 have been working really hard in class. Year3 have been looking at Georgia O’Keeffe and her artwork. We analysed Georgia O’Keeffe’s artwork and have worked hard to create a collaborative art piece for display. We used the oracy framework focussing on social and emotional. We worked in groups to create a zoomed in flower inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe. Year3 have really enjoyed art week and art lessons this term!

Mathematics - w/b 19.06.23


This week, Year3 have  been learning about time. We looked at quarter to and quarter past, months in a year and hours in a day. We have been using clocks to help us tell the time. We have learnt a rhyme to help us remember how many days there are in a month. We also have been practising how to read the time in flashback4 during Maths time.

RE - w/b 12.06.23


Year 3 have enjoyed RE this week! Our topic is ‘What do Sikhi sayings tell us about Sikhi beliefs?’ During the week we explored Sikh artefacts and learnt about the 5 K’s. We found out about the Sikh holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib and what it teaches Sikh people. We discussed the meanings of different sayings such as ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’, ‘the early bird catches the worm’ and ‘when the going gets tough, the tough gets going’. We created our own scenarios for these sayings and drew a picture of them in cartoon form.

Reading - w/b 05.06.23

During Guided Reading this week year 3 have been reading a text on ‘Animals in Danger’. We learnt key vocabulary such as species, endangered, extinct, vertebrates, invertebrates, expedition and zoologist. We played an unscrambled game to review the definitions of the key words. We answered looking, clue and thinking questions to deepen our understanding and wrote a summary of the text. To extend our knowledge some of us enjoyed doing our own research at home on endangered animals.

French - w/b 22.05.23


Our topic in French is Ca Pousse which means growing things . We have been learning about the names of fruit and vegetables. We played a game with our partner where we matched the name of the vegetable to the correct picture. We reviewed our learning from this term to complete this activity.

Oracy - w/b 15.05.23


During this week Year 3 have been working hard to improve their Oracy skills. We started off the week by researching the pros and cons of using plastic. We wrote down facts to help us when debating this topic. We came to a class consensus that it would be incredibly difficult to completely avoid plastic as it has many benefits, but we should work together to minimise our use of it in order to protect our environment. We also used our Oracy skills in Guided Reading when discussing our text of the week on fossils. We answered looking, clue and thinking questions in partners before sharing our responses to the class. We also enjoyed unscrambling key vocabulary which allowed us to discuss the meanings of new and exciting words.

Coronation Celebrations - w/b 08.05.23


Y3 enjoyed celebrating the King’s Coronation. We decorated our classrooms by creating buntings for our tea party. We spoke about the Coronation and why it is a significant time in History. We also did mindful colouring and wordsearches. We created a crown using a collage of photos related to this Historic period. We really enjoyed our tea party in the afternoon. We ate sandwiches, cake and fruits. It was such a memorable day!!

Climate Week - w/b 01.05.23


Year 3 topic for Climate Week was ‘Save our bees.’ In Science we carried out a Science investigation to show how bees collect nectar and pollen from wildflowers. We discussed why bees are so important for our environment. We also discussed the environmental factors of pollination. In English we also discussed why there is a decline in bees and what we can do to save the bees.

RE Day - w/b 24.04.23


We had a great day working in teams of 3 to create our own books all about the way in which marriage is valued and celebrated in different religions.  We looked at the clothing, ceremonies and traditions associated with different faiths and their wedding ceremonies and even came up with some of our own symbols to depict the stages of a HIndu wedding celebration and designed a wedding day based on our own beliefs.

English - w/b 17.04.23


During English this week Year 3 began reading their new Power of Reading text One Plastic Bag. This is about the importance of caring for the planet as a woman named Isatou from Gambia sets out to improve the environment through recycling. We started off making predictions about the story. We researched facts about Gambia and created posters explaining the importance of recycling.

Art - w/b 27.03.23


Our Art topic in Year 3 is Vincent van Gogh. We have been exploring the techniques he used in his art work and practised thick/ thin marks, cross hatching using complementary colours and using thick layers of paint to create texture. This week we produced a fact file about his life and created our final pieces inspired by his style of art.

Mathematics - w/b 20.03.23


We have been using manipulatives to do our statistics lessons. We have been learning how to read tables and present data using tables and bar charts. We have learnt how to read tables and bar charts.

English - w/b 13.03.23


In Year 3 we have been reading our Power of Reading book Krindlekrax. This is an exciting story about  a mysterious lizard who lurks in the sewers and only comes out at night. We read up to chapter 12 and made predictions about what will happen next to write our own version of chapter 13. Using our illustrated story map, we wrote our first draft of our own chapter. Then we began editing and redrafting our writing. We focussed on using exciting adjectives, fronted adverbials, different conjunctions and subordinate clauses in our writing.

French - w/b 06.03.23


In French we recapped our prior learning about celebrations and sports. We practised counting 1-10. We began to recall the different colours and translated them into English.

RE Day - W/B 27.02.23


During RE day, Year 3 learnt about the festival of Holi. We enjoyed learning about the story of Prahlad and finding out the key message that good always wins over evil. We wrote about what the story means to us. Also, we found out about the story of Krishna in coloured water. In groups, we acted out a freeze frame of each of the key parts of the story. We had Mr Kundu come to our class as a special Hindu visitor. We had the opportunity to ask him questions about Holi allowing us to gain a deeper insight about this celebration.

Oracy - w/b 20.02.23


During our oracy lesson in English this week we analysed the front cover and blurb of our new Power of Reading text Krindlekrax. We started off with reading our class discussion guidelines to remind ourselves of what makes a good discussion. We used the physical skill of giving eye contact and speaking with clarity to discuss our ideas. We used clues from the illustrations and blurb as evidence for our prediction. This allowed us to think carefully about what we will say using cognitive skills.

PHSCE - w/b 06.02.23


This week Year 3 learnt about bullying and the witnesses/bystanders. We discussed the different types of bullying and why it is important to stand up against bullies. As a class we also looked at why some people may not stand up against bullies and we discussed counterpoints, explaining why they are not strong points. We then participated in a group role play. Each group had two dif learnt about bullying and the witnesses/bystanders. We discussed the different types of bullying and why it is important to stand up against bullies. As a class we also looked at why some people may not stand up against bullies and we discussed counterpoints, explaining why they are not strong points. We then participated in a group role play. Each group had two different scenarios that they had to act out, then we came together as a whole class to see our performances come to life. This allowed us to visualise the consequences of standing up to bullies and the consequences of not doing anything.


Mathematics - w/b 30.01.23


In Year 3 we have been multiplying and dividing two digits by one digits. Year 3 have been using place value charts and manipulatives to show their working out. We also explored why sometimes we need to make exchanges. We recapped our place value knowledge and used our times tables to work out the question.

History - w/b 23.01.23


In History, Year 3 have been learning about Ancient Egypt. We created necklaces that used to be worn by the Egyptians. We also wrote a diary entry as a child in the Egyptian times. We thought about what life would be like. We used time connectives and also considered what Egyptians used to eat as well. We also discussed the timings of when school starts, finishes and what children learn at school.

Reading - w/b 16.01.23


During Guided Reading this week, Year 3 have been reading a text on Wangari Maathai from the book Little Leaders Visionary Women Around The World. We have made links with our Power of Reading book Mama Miti- named after Wangari’s nickname meaning ‘Mother of Trees’. We have enjoyed finding our fascinating facts about this woman’s inspirational life where she changed the lives of many in Africa through her guidance on planting trees to change the world. This week we have participated in different activities including creating a vocabulary tree, playing a game called unscrambled to review key words, wrote a main-point summary of the text, wrote a fact file about her and answered comprehension questions about the text. As well as this we have used our oracy skills to discuss the text in detail using the skills of inference and retrieval. 


English - w/b 09.01.23


This week in Year 3 we have been looking at our new topic book ‘Mama Miti.’ We identified the main key events in the story and did role play. We used the oracy framework focussing specifically on physical and linguistic skill. We went over the drama contract and did a performance carousel. We also did a summary of the story Mama Miti and discussed how Kenya became stronger because of Wise Wangari.

Science - w/b 05.12.22


This week in Science we created our magnetic game. We considered the materials and the  purpose of the game. We used cardboard, cards and glue to create our games. We tried each other's magnetic game as well. We then evaluated our magnetic games by considering what we found easy, tricky and the improvements that we could make to our game to make it better.

Computing - w/b 28.11.22


Our topic in Computing is ‘We are Network Engineers’. We learnt how to find an IP address on a device and were able to find this independently. We wrote algorithms on how to find an IP address. We made connections with our Guided Reading learning by researching facts about Marie Curie. We learnt that you must use key, specific words when searching on the internet.

Geography - w/b 21.11.22


This term we have been looking at European countries. We used the Atlases and Google Earth to identify the human and physical features of Italy and France. We carried out research about these European countries. This week Year3 have been focussing on writing and publishing their comparative report about two famous and popular European countries:Italy and France. We discussed what comparative conjunctions are and we also discussed the similarities and differences between the countries. We created a leaflet as our final piece which is written in a report format.

Oracy - w/b 14.11.22

During English this week, Year 3 participated in group debates on the topic ‘Is happiness and success the same thing?’ We focussed on the physical, cognitive and linguistic skills of the oracy framework. We used sentence stems to help us instigate the debate, link ideas, build on each other’s responses, summarise and clarify. We were able to give reasons for our ideas using our Reasoning Robot powers. At the end we came to a shared conclusion that happiness and success are not the same thing.

French - w/b 07.11.22


Year 3 has been learning about the months of the year in French. The children practised the pronunciation of the months of the year. The children created a poster to explain what happens in each month. The children were chanting and reciting the names of the months.

PHSCE - w/b 31.10.22


We started our PHSCE lesson by practising some mindfulness breathing techniques from our book DF Find Our Calm. We then looked at our key vocabulary for the new topic ‘Keeping Me Safe’. We discussed how we can keep ourselves healthy and safe by having a balanced diet, doing exercise and being hygienic. This allowed us to complete our KWL grid in our books and write about what we already know about keeping safe. We then found out some facts about Mary Seacole. We are looking forward to a class debate on healthy eating next week!


Art - w/b 17.10.22


During Art this week, we have been creating our final pieces, reflecting the topic ‘Journeys’. We have been inspired by Kandinsky’s abstract art. We used a variety of abstract symbols to paint our journey and considered the mood/feelings which can be portrayed by different colours. Finally, we used a thin brush and cotton buds to add intricate details such as waves and dots. Following on from this, we wrote an evaluation of our learning in Art this term. We discussed and wrote about the art skills we have learnt this term, the skills we found challenging, what we enjoyed the most, what we would change next time, and finally we reflected on how different artists have inspired our own pieces.

RE - w/b 10.10.22


During RE this week Year 3 explored the topic ‘How do Jesus and Buddha make you stop and think?’ We enjoyed a whole day RE experience where we listened to parables told by Jesus and thought carefully about the message behind it. We discovered that the parables gave a message of being kind and humble as opposed to arrogant and boastful. We created a comic strip of our own story showing a similar message. Another interesting activity was looking at different sayings by Jesus. We worked in groups to discuss what the meaning of these sayings are. Then we ranked them in order of importance on a dartboard. As this was opinion based it was interesting to see how our rankings differed to our peers. We also found out about the story of Buddha and the stories he told about showing kindness. We compared how the messages from Jesus and Buddha were similar and different.

Science - w/b 03.10.22


Our Science topic is Forces and Magnets. During Science this week, we conducted an investigation to see which magnet is the strongest and is able to attract the most paper clips. We made a prediction ensuring that we give reasons for our answers using our Reasoning Robot superpowers. We found out that the wand magnet was the strongest as it attracted the most paper clips. We then presented our findings on a bar graph. It was tricky to apply our mathematical skills to create an accurate graph but we tried our best!


Reading - w/b 26.09.22


This week in Year 3 the children have been writing book reviews to their peers. The children have enjoyed sharing their book recommendations. During DEAR time children enjoyed reading their book of choice. Children have begun to describe the setting and characters in the story. Year 3 have started to describe the characters feelings and appearance. 


Mathematics - w/b 19.09.22


During Mathematics this week Year 3 have been learning to order numbers on a number line. We explored numbers up to 1000 and used our knowledge of place value to sequence numbers. Also, we explored adding 10 more or 10 less to numbers and used our skills as a Reasoning Robot to explain how this changed the place value of numbers. We demonstrated our understanding of 10 more and 10 less using manipulatives.

English - w/b 12.09.22


This week Year 3 have been editing their first draft of their hurricane narrative. The children learnt how to use purple pens for the first time to add new ideas. We discussed and included poetic techniques into our narrative. The children enjoyed listening to their peers' stories. In Year 3 the children began to write their second draft of their narrative.

Welcome Back! - w/b 05.09.22


We have had a fantastic first week back at school in Year 3! We enjoyed designing newspaper outfits for a fashion show as part of a team building activity. Our current topic in English is poetry so we enjoyed acting out a poem about hurricanes.


Year 2

2021 - 2022

20/07/2022- Keeping Cool in the Heatwave!

This week we have been trying to make the most of the sunshine. We have been keeping cool by taking part in water activities in the playground and we have been well hydrated by drinking lots of water. It has been so much fun!


For DT this term, we discussed what pizzas are and the different toppings that you might find on a pizza. We also spoke about our favourite toppings on a pizza too! We then looked at a healthy and balanced plate and where a pizza might be on that plate. We learned that having a pizza once in a while is a better option because our diets should be varied with lots of food groups. We then began to look at the different fruit and vegetables that we might add on our pizza, we smelled, tasted and discussed what they look like. We then designed and made our own healthy pizza. We used our pizza design to add healthy ingredients to our pizza. Our pizzas were tasty as well as healthy!

01/07/2022- PE

This week some of the children from year 2 scooting club took their scooting skills outside of school to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Starting and finishing at the Velodrome the children rode alongside the rivers and canals of the park, and visited many of  main venues from the 2012 Games;  the London Stadium; the London Aquatics Centre, the ArcelorMittal Orbit viewpoint. They also found some time to fit a little bit of play at the many playgrounds in the park! 

29/06/2022- Science

For Science week, we carried out an investigation on how far rockets can travel. We started off by creating our own investigation questions. Next, we predicted what we thought would happen, we tested our hypothesis by designing, making and testing our rockets using recyclable materials. We concluded that the rocket travels further if you use large fins which helps the rocket to travel longer in the air and it also travels further if you leave the lid off the bottle due to air resistance.

22/06/2022- Reading

In Year 2 we have really been practising our reading skills through not only RWI, but also reading to an adult and to ourselves during DEAR time. We really enjoy reading books, particularly books by Julia Donaldson or Roald Dahl! We are inspired by the beautiful illustrations of the wonderful books in our reading corner.



This week we have been exploring 2D shapes. We discussed the link between vertices and sides. 2D shapes have sides and angles (sometimes referred to as vertices). Sides are the individual lines that make up a 2D shape, while the angles (vertices) are the corners where the edges meet.

2D shapes contain only 2 dimensions and are flat e.g. square, rectangle, triangle, circle, hexagon, quadrilateral, trapezium, heptagon, octagon, nonagon and decagon.


9/06/2022- The Magic Finger

This week in our English lessons, we began looking at a new book called ‘The Magic Finger’ written by Roald Dahl. We began by looking at the front cover of the book and using our inference skills to think about what the story might be about. Then, we discussed how the character's body language and facial expressions help us to understand what type of character she might be. Next, we then worked in groups and took turns to write down the clues we found on the front cover that might help us make a prediction about the story.


12/05/2022- English

This week in English we designed and created our own toy using recyclable materials. First, we decided what we were going to make. Next, we drew a sketch of it and labelled it using interesting adjectives. Then, we described what material we were going to use to make it. We used materials we got from home to make the toy. We had to be very creative and supported each other to secure some parts together.  As a class, we created some amazing toys. Making our own toys is one of the greatest ways to help the environment!


This term in Art we have been learning about Anselm Kiefer and his sculpture of ‘Teetering Towers’. We used his art work as inspiration to recreate burning buildings to represent the Great Fire of London which we have previously learned about. We used corrugated cardboard to represent the concrete towers and we plan to stack them on a smoky background to create our masterpiece.

28/04/2022- Religious Education

This week for Religious Education, we explored a range of holy books. We discussed why they are important and special. We then listened and read different versions of the creation story and talked about what this tells a Muslim, Christian and a Jewish person. We sequenced the creation stories to identify the similarities and differences between them.