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Year 3

Welcome to the Bach and Mozart Class page!



2020 - 2021

Mathematics - w/b 19.04.21


Finding a quarter

In Year 3 we have been learning about Fractions. This week we have started looking at unit fractions. During this lesson, we used counters to help us find a quarter of different values. In our discussions, we used key mathematical language such as (fraction, unit fraction, numerator, denominator, vinculum, quarter)

Easter Holiday Homework Projects - w/b 19.04.21

During the Easter holiday, pupils were asked by their teachers to design and make an ancient stone circle or a replica of Stonehenge, using recyclable materials that they had at home. Some pupils even used play dough to create their model. Have a look at some of the wonderful models created by our artistic year 3 pupils!

English - w/b 29.03.21


In Year 3 we have been researching facts about reptiles. We found out about the Komodo dragon, Iguana, Chameleon and crocodiles. We used chrome books to find out interesting information and created brainstorms showing our findings. We have then used our research to write non-chronological reports. We ensured we had all the features of a report including, facts, subheadings, labelled pictures and captions. We are looking forward to publishing our reports.

Now Press Play! w/b 29.03.21

On Tuesday, Year 3 travelled back in time to meet Mary Anning, a famous English fossil collector and amateur palaeontologist, using a program called 'Now Press Play'. They started their journey in the school hall, where they received a set of earphones each. They became a character who travelled back to a time to meet Mary and help her collect dinosaur teeth and scales. During their visit, they met scientist, learnt about different dinosaurs and even escaped a meteor that killed off the dinosaurs! It was very enjoyable and pupils were also able to use the knowledge they already had of prehistoric Britain, as they studied this back in the Autumn term.

Have a look at some of the pictures taken during the session!


Computing - w/b 22.03.21

In Year 3 we have been exploring Scratch. We have looked at the different features and purpose of Scratch. We made an attempt at creating our own animation on scratch. We made sure that we included a background and also changed our sprites. Then we moved onto adding sounds and discovering ways in which we could make our sprite move and speak. We used the ‘control, looks, motions and sound’ features on Scratch to do this. When our animation wasn’t going accordingly, we searched for potential issues that may have been caused and debugged these in order to make our animations work. In order to do this, we had to follow an algorithm.

Science: Rocks and Soils - w/b 15.03.21

In Year 3 we have been exploring rocks and soils. We have looked at real rocks and sorted them into groups based on their characteristics. We then went on a fact hunt around the classroom to find out about types of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rock. This helped us to explore the properties of rocks and their uses. We then created rock fact files to explain what we have learnt.

Back to School! w/b 08.03.21


We are very excited to be back at school, and made a great start! This morning, the year 3 pupils became fashion designers, when they used newspaper, masking tape, clothes pegs and scissors to design and create an outfit. After all the groups completed their designs, each class held a fashion show, showcasing their creations. The children did a great job working together in teams. 

Keep watching this space for more exciting learning!

This Week's Photo Moments - w/b 30.11.2020

DT - w/b 30.11.2020

In DT this term we have been designing and creating our own photo frames. We started off the design process by creating a detailed sketch of our photo frame and writing instructions on how to make them. Then we used our plans to construct our photo frames using wooden lolly sticks. Next, we evaluated our design and discussed what we would do differently next time. We are now going to implement changes to our frames to make them even better. Some of our changes include, making a stand to make our structure stable and creating multiple compartments to add more than one photo in our frames.

English - w/b 23.11.2020


In English this week we have researched facts about dinosaurs. We created posters in partners giving information about the dinosaur’s diet, weight, appearance and other interesting facts. We presented our work to the class which allowed us to develop our speaking and listening skills. Then we used our research to write non-fiction reports on dinosaurs. We wrote our introductions and information on the terrifying tyrannosaurus rex as a guided write on whiteboards. Then we began writing our non-fiction texts in our books. We look forward to publishing our work into books next week.

This Week's Photo Moments - w/b 02.11.2020

Guided Reading - w/b 02.11.2020



In Guided Reading this term, we are exploring a non-fiction text called Science Shocks. We have been delving into this factual and informative text and have learnt some fascinating facts about some of the most famous and inspiring scientists to ever exist. This week, we looked at a scientist called, ‘Antoine Lavoisier’. Lavoisier was a pioneer in Chemistry. Did you know that he helped establish the metric system of measurements?!


We made a word bank of all the interesting and unfamiliar words we found in the text. Some of these words include; legacy, tax, theory, guillotined and French Revolution. We used a website called ‘Wordsmyth’ to find out the definition of each word and used each one in a sentence of our own. We then moved onto answering comprehension questions and inferring what we learnt from the text.

Computing - w/b 19.10.2020

In Computing we have been focusing on Online Safety. We designed posters informing people about how they can stay safe online. We discussed the importance of protecting your personal information, how we should not talk to strangers online, which games are appropriate for our age group and what to do if we see a pop up on our screens. We also discussed what cyber bullying is and what somebody can do if they are experiencing this.


We also used role play to show our understanding of online safety. We discussed what is happening in various scenarios where you must be safe online and discussed what the solutions to the problems are. We created freeze frames in groups to show different scenarios where somebody must be safe online. We are looking forward to creating a digital vocabulary mat about Online Safety.

This Week's Photo Moments - w/b 12.10.2020

PHSCE - w/b 12.10.2020


This week in Year 3 we have been creating our dream school. We discussed the rules and routines we’d have in place at our ideal school, we also mentioned how we’d make people feel welcome and valued at our dream school. We used key vocabulary such as, community, rules, routines, consequences, reward and praise to explain our ideas.

This Week's Photo Moments - w/b 05.10.2020

Science 'Forces' - w/b 05.10.2020


In Science our topic is ‘Forces and Magnets’. We found out which objects are magnetic and which are non-magnetic. We made predictions about how we will sort them and explained our ideas by describing the properties of the objects. We sorted the objects and explained our findings using key vocabulary such as, magnetic, non-magnetic, attract and repel. We have also conducted experiments to test how the speed of a toy car will be affected when pushed along different surfaces. We enjoy presenting our results in different ways such as drawing, writing or on a bar graph.

This Week's Photo Moments - w/b 28.09.2020

English 'Gorilla' - w/b 28.09.2020


This week in Year 3 we have been focusing on writing, editing and redrafting our very own non-fiction factfile about Chimpanzees and Orangutans. This links to the book we have been focusing on this term called, ‘Gorilla’. We enjoyed finding some amazing facts about these wonderful creatures. We displayed resilience when structuring our writing, ensuring that we had included all the features of a factfile.


We have been summarising key events from the story ‘Gorilla’ and have plotted these on a graph. This created a cross-curricular link between English and Mathematics where we were able to practice plotting data on a graph according to whether each key event from the story was negative, neutral or positive.

This Week's Photo Moments - w/b 21.09.2020

Mathematics - w/b 21.09.2020


This week we focused on place value of numbers and addition using the column method. We enjoyed going to the playground and creating a human number line by ordering ourselves in ascending and descending order. This involved team work and using our place value knowledge.

We used dienes to help us when adding, using the column method. We also focused on our presentation and lining up the hundreds, tens and ones neatly in our books.


We have applied our mathematics knowledge in Art as we have been looking at famous buildings. We were inspired by the role of an architect and how they need to use their mathematics skills when designing buildings. We applied the skills of measuring, accuracy and problem solving when creating our own 3D buildings using spaghetti and play dough.

Geography: Our European Neighbours - w/b 14.09.2020


During Geography this week we explored the countries in Europe. We looked for the different countries in Europe using an atlas. We also used an atlas to find the capital cities of each country and labelled these on our own maps. We played a game where we identified the capital cities of each of the countries in Europe. We look forward to learning lots more about our European neighbours in Geography.



11/03/2020- Science Day Workshop

On Wednesday 11th March we celebrated Science Day by taking part in a science workshop which demonstrated how science can be used in a fun and interactive way. In addition to this, we looked at the properties of materials and conducted an investigation to determine which materials would be best suited for an umbrella and why.

4/03/2020- PSHCE/DT: Mental Health 

This week Mozart class had their topic afternoon where they were joined by parents to find out more about how they can look after their own mental health. We discussed the story of the animals and the monster and thought about how the monster felt after being neglected and taunted by the other animals. We created our own sock puppets based on the animals in the story and thought about how these puppets can help us to manage our worries.

27/02/2020- The National Gallery

On Thursday 27th February Mozart class had the pleasure of travelling into central London to visit the National Gallery. This educational visit was specifically linked to our topic of art, which includes learning about the artist Vincent Van Gogh. We were amazed by the pieces of art we saw at the gallery as they were the original art work of Van Gogh. We were fortunate enough to have a guided tour by a member of the National Gallery. The guide gave us a detailed workshop about Vincent Van Gogh's art work and we expressed how each painting made us feel.

 14/2/2020-Computing: Safer Internet Day

This week we looked at E-safety and identified different issues that we may come across online. We worked in pairs using a website called Comic Strip Maker to create our own comic strips about online safety. We also linked our comic strips to some of the school values such as being resilient online, being vigilant and taking the necessary steps to avoid any safety issues online.

14/2/2020-Science: Rocks and Soils

This week in science we explored the three main types of rocks; Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. We then came up with some of our own enquiry questions about these rocks. We hope to investigate and hopefully find the answers to our questions.

7/02/2020- Computing: E-safety


In computing we looked at E-safety and identified different issues that we may come across online. We suggested solutions to each of the problems and created posters including all the information we had learnt in the lesson. We worked in groups and came up with some interesting facts and ideas about E-safety. We also linked these to some of the school values such as being resilient online as well as being vigilant and taking the necessary steps to avoid any safety issues online.

7/02/2020- Role play in literacy

In literacy we were preparing ourselves to write a narrative as the main character from the story. We discussed the picture book in detail, thinking about the themes and patterns that we found throughout the book. We then got into role as Tracy and acted out her character from various scenes in the story. We were able to use hand gestures and facial expressions to enhance our emotions and feelings as Tracy.

31/1/2020- Art: Exploring symbols

During art this week we explored different symbols on maps and around the school and discussed what each symbol might represent. We went on a journey around school to find symbols which we took pictures of and will use to create a map of our journey around school.

29/1/2020- Computing: Scratch Workshop

This week we had a special Scratch workshop. We learned more about the programme, ‘Scratch’ and understood the different types of features that can be found on it. We then had our own turns at using the chrome books to explore Scratch and created our very own animations.

21/1/2020- Art: Aboriginal Journeys

During art this week we explored Aboriginal art. We identified symbols used by the Aborigines in their paintings and discussed what they might represent. We also learnt that the art was usually created on rocks, in caves and on their bodies and almost always had a story behind them. Some Aborigines even thought that they could connect with the spirit world through their paintings. We created our own Aboriginal inspired paintings using dots as this was a recurring pattern in Aboriginal artwork that we saw. We used inspiration from Aboriginal symbols and explained the journey of our painting to our peers.

20/1/2020- PSHCE: Identifying Conflict

In PSHCE this week we discussed the different types of conflict that may occur in different families. We also discussed how we would resolve these conflicts. We then created freeze frames of different conflicts happening and used our reasoning skills to explain why this was occurring and how it could be prevented.

13/01/2020- Ideal city

In literacy this week we have been looking at our local area and how it can be further improved for the local residents, both old and young. In class we made our ideal cities using a range of resources. We thought about what features we would like to include in our idea cities, for example, an active park, a local library, access to shops and banks etc.

8/1/2020-Science: Investigating Friction

During this lesson, we tested the distance that a toy car travels on different surfaces as a way of investigating friction. The three surfaces we tested the speed of the toy car on included, sand, tissue paper and carpet. We conducted the experiment twice for each surface to make it a fair test. We also used a stopwatch to time the length of time it took for the toy car to travel across the surface.

9/1/2020-Geography: Countries of the World


In this topic lesson we used atlases to explore the countries that exist in the different continents of the world. We worked in pairs and solved various riddles and matched them to the countries they belonged to. This really upskilled our atlas using skills.

9/12/2019- Literacy: Pebble in my Pocket

In this particular lesson we created a timeline of the text ‘Pebble in my Pocket’. We ordered the story in chronological order. We also summarised the text using the book to help us.

4/12/2019- DT: Strengthening Paper


This week in Year 3 we explored different ways of strengthening paper. We rolled, twisted and folded our pieces of paper to see which method was the most effective in strengthening the paper. We wanted a more stable photograph frame and were looking at ways to make a strong structure for a more sturdy and stable photograph frame.

3/12/19- PSHCE: Cosmic Kids Yoga


This week in Year 3 we had a go at doing some yoga in our classroom. We really enjoyed this experience as it helped us feel calm and re-energised. We discussed what mindfulness is and how to take care of our mental health.

25/11/2019- Mood Tracker  in Mathematics

This week in Year 3 we have been tracking our mood each day using a mood tracker. We had to draw a table to record our mood on each day and we also created a key which tells us what mood we’re in and what colour we can shade our mood tracker in for each day. We will continue to monitor our mood using the mood tracker and compare how our mood changes over the coming weeks and what action we can take to look after ourselves as a result of this.


18/11/2019- PSHCE- Keeping Safe

In PSHCE we’ve been finding out about the people that keep us safe and help us in hospitals. We know that in a hospital there are many different types of people that can help us; doctors, nurses, paramedics, health support workers etc. With this knowledge, we created freeze frames showing different scenes in a hospital/ambulance.


11/11/2019- Computing in Year 3

In computing we have been looking at the issues surrounding online safety. We have been learning about how to stay safe when online. On Monday, we recreated some scenarios regarding an online safety issue and represented this issue in the form of a freeze frame. We then had discussions on how each particular issue could be resolved.

6/11/2019- SJH Healthy Eating Workshop


On Wednesday, Bach class took part in a healthy eating workshop in which they learnt about healthy and unhealthy foods and the impact unhealthy foods can have on your body. They discovered how much sugar was present in some fizzy drinks and were shocked to find that a can of Pepsi has eight teaspoons of sugar! They were joined by their parents and carers and towards the end of the session they got to make their own fruit pizzas, a much healthier option of food which they were happy to enjoy!

8/11/2019- Prehistoric Britain: Stonehenge


For the last two weeks, Year 3 have been learning about Prehistoric Britain in their history lessons. They have been focusing on the Stone Age and have explored a particular monument that was built and used during the Stone Age. This monument is called Stonehenge. On Friday afternoon, they made their very own silhouettes of Stonehenge using watercolour paints and black sugar paper.      

30/10/2019- Wellbeing Workshop


On Wednesday Mozart Class took part in a wellbeing workshop. During the workshop, the children discussed different feelings and emotions that they go through regularly. They created freeze frames to show how they can deal with their emotions when feeling worried. The children were given the opportunity to discuss, as a class, issues that may cause stress and worry and who they can talk to when these feelings occur. The workshop was very helpful and the children left the workshop knowing that ‘It's OK to have worries. You just need to find the right tools to help you overcome them’.

18/10/2019-Re-designing St. Basil’s Cathedral

In topic this week we have been exploring St. Basil’s Cathedral as one of our famous buildings. St. Basil’s Cathedral is a famous building located in Russia and has a very distinct and vibrant design on it. We traced around a picture of the cathedral and started to design our own version of the cathedral using different types of lines, colours and patterns.

16/10/2019-Creating 3D shapes.

This week in mathematics, we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. During this particular lesson, we created a range of different 3D shapes using spaghetti and marshmallows. We also identified the features of each shape such as, the number of faces, edges and vertices each 3D shape had.

9/10/2019-Art: Famous Buildings


This week in Year 3, we have been looking at famous buildings around the world. We have explored what buildings are and what they are used for. We have sketched our own buildings and have re-created our sketches using straws and plasticine to create our own buildings. We annotated our sketches and named our buildings.

8/10/19- Biography on Sir Isaac Newton


This week in science we have been learning about the famous scientist and philosopher, Sir Isaac Newton. We discovered that Isaac Newton is well known for discovering the law of gravity. We carried out a research project on Isaac Newton and wrote a biography based on his life.

04/10/2019- The Star of David


In Year 3, we have been exploring Judaism. This week we found out why the Star of David is important to Jewish people. We also got an opportunity to create our own Star of David using lolly sticks and other materials. We enjoyed this experience of being able to link our creations back to Jewish beliefs.

04/10/2019- Gorilla by Anthony Brown


In Year 3, we have started exploring the book, ‘Gorilla’. To begin with, we explored the character of Hannah in the text. We wrote down some questions that we would ask Hannah and eventually took to the hot seat. Hot seating is when a person takes on the role of a character whilst seated. We asked Hannah, who was on the hot seat, various  questions to delve deeper into the character. We ensured that our questions started with, who, what, when, where, why and how.

Let’s Learn Languages Together!

Year 3 have been learning French as part of their Modern Foreign Languages sessions. The topic we are focusing on this term is called ‘Moi’ which means me/all about myself. The children had an opportunity to practice their spoken language by listening to and having a go at pronouncing some French words and key vocabulary relating to the topic of ‘Moi’. The children had flashcards which they had to use in their activity to match up the images with actions whilst using the correct French terminology. The children have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions as did the teachers, we hope that our enthusiasm for learning and speaking different languages continues to grow.

Illustrations in the style of Henri Rousseau

In literacy Year 3 have been looking at a poem called, ‘For Forest’ by Grace Nichols. This week we tried to interpret what we think the forest looks like in our own way using oil pastels. We made sure that we included the types of animals, trees and climate we would find in a forest. We based our artwork on the designs of Henri Rousseau’s art. He was a famous painter who painted forests and other tropical areas of greenery in an abstract way. We took inspiration from this artist and displayed our artwork on our literacy working walls for all to see.

A visit to East London and Essex Liberal Synagogue

What a fantastic visit we’ve had today in year 3! Pupils in year 3 were fortunate enough to visit East London and Essex Liberal Synagogue as part of their enrichment linked to RE themed term. We took two buses to arrive at South Woodford, where the synagogue is located. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by Rabbi David, who enhanced our knowledge about one of the key religions in the world, Judaism. We were fascinated to learn that Judaism, Christianity and Islam have many similarities, for example, all three faiths have a special religious day during the week and have a religious book with key teachings. We learnt many interesting facts about Judaism, for example, hello in Hebrew is ‘Shalom’, the religious book for Jewish people is called the Torah and Shabbat is a day of prayer for Jews.

A Visit from the Poet: Francesca Beard


On Wednesday 11th September, a Malaysian poet called Francesca Beard visited us at Sir John Heron Primary School. We were fortunate enough to have a poetry workshop with Francesca, who gave us lots of tips and ideas to help create our own poems. We were given an introduction to the various features of poems and how these can be used effectively. We also had the opportunity to listen to Francesca perform some of her own poems. At the end of the lesson, some of us were able to take to the stage and perform our own poems.


A year 3 pupil reading her poem

Still image for this video

Ordering and comparing numbers in year 3

This week pupils in year 3 have been exploring numbers and the number system. We have been busy learning about the value of each digit in numbers up to 1000. We have compared numbers and ordered numbers in ascending and descending order. In addition to this, we have used manipulatives such as Dienes to create three digit numbers. This was a great resource in helping us to develop our understanding of place value. In our Active Maths session this week, we created a human number line and placed numbers in order. We worked in groups to compare, and order numbers on a number line.  

Ordering numbers on a number line



8th July 2019

Planetarium Experience


This term we have been celebrating the 50th anniversary of the famous Apollo 11 moon landing. We have been exploring the life of Neil Armstrong who was the first man on the moon. On Monday 8th July we took a trip to intergalactic space as we took part in an interactive Planetarium experience in the atrium. We discovered facts about the different planets and were fortunate enough to experience 3D visuals!     

4th July 2019

Year 3’s End of Year Visit to Stubbers!


On Thursday 4th July, Year 3 visited Stubbers adventure centre. We took part in orienteering, team building, rock climbing and raft building activities. The instructors at the facility were extremely helpful and briefed us on health and safety rules before starting each activity. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as the British sun shone brightly upon us. We were able to develop our team building skills further through taking part in these carefully planned out activities. It is a visit we won’t forget!        

1st July 2019

Space Workshop


This term we have been celebrating the 50th anniversary of the famous Apollo 11 moon landing. We have been exploring the life of Neil Armstrong who was the first man on the moon. On Monday 1st July we took a trip to intergalactic space as we took part in an interactive workshop in the atrium. We discovered facts that were out of this world and even had a go at some role play during the session. We can’t wait to delve deeper into space to see the adventures that are yet to be uncovered!                  

28th June 2019

Manor Park Library – Summer Reading Challenge


Year 3 visited Manor Park Library to find out more about the summer reading challenge, ‘Space chase’. Most of us collected our new library cards and also signed up to the summer reading challenge. We also got the opportunity to borrow some books of our choice. Our teachers then read to us and we explored some of the other books available at Manor Park Library.         

16th May 2019

Year 3 Football Festival 

This term we have been celebrating the Women’s World Cup. As part of this, we visited Little Ilford Park and took part in competitive tournaments in teams of girls and boys. Each team had a referee and two goal keepers. Everyone actively took part in the tournaments and there was a real team spirit.

Summer Term-Mathematics

During this mathematics lesson, pupils worked in groups to find out information and record the data that they found using a tally chart. Pupils came up with creative ideas such as, who is your favourite superhero? What is your favourite movie? What is your favourite season? Pupils had the freedom to choose the information that they wanted to explore in their groups.



Parents/carers and pupils from Year 3 participated in a creative PSHCE lesson, focusing on anti-bullying, on Wednesday 1st May. During the session, participants created a mirror image of how they would like to see themselves. They learnt about taking responsibility and speak out if they witness bullying of any kind, and developed skills in knowing what to do if they find themselves in the role of a bystander. The Hub was buzzing with excited pupils, as well as parents/carers!

When asked if parents/carers would recommend the session to other families, one parent said:

‘Yes, because it’s an important topic and everybody with a child will have knowledge on what bullying is.’

Geography Themed Term: Our Local Area

This term in geography, Year 3 have been looking at their local area (Manor Park) and comparing it to a different region of the UK (Cornwall). During this lesson, Year 3 re-created their local area using cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes and a range of different materials. These were used to create buildings and key features within Manor Park. We identified the different features of the local area and included these in our designs.

Spring Term Art Block-Famous Buildings

This term in topic, Year 3 have been exploring Famous buildings. As part of this, we have hosted a topic afternoon where we invited our friends and family to join and help us to construct our own buildings. We explored many different types of buildings from different parts of the world. We even had an opportunity to sketch and research the famous buildings into our books. Next, we designed and sketched our own building and constructed them with the support of our parents during our topic workshop. We used spaghetti and plasticine to construct our buildings. We thoroughly enjoyed this art block and look forward to the next one.

Constructing Buildings