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Sir John Heron Primary School

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Year 1

Welcome to the Green and Orange Class page!




Year 1 have been building on their mathematical knowledge and are becoming very fluent in subtraction. This week they have been using a wide variety of strategies to successfully solve subtraction problems. In these photos the children were learning how to subtract using a number line. Some children preferred this method and others said they preferred other strategies such as using numicon. At Sir john Heron we allow the children to use many methods to solve problems and each child is encouraged to find their individual preferred method.
During our PSHCE lessons the children have been learning to work together effectively. The children had the task of building a kite in a partnership and had to show a range of skills. They had to learn to share the resources and also ideas. They also had to learn to listen to each others ideas and also talk about their own ideas. This is an important skill for the children to learn and will help them as they go through life.

Number Calculations

Children in year 1 were learning how to create number calculations. They first used a practical lesson to count successfully and then they brought that method to the next lesson and were able to apply their learning by writing the calculations down on paper. Well done year 1!

Bug hunting

The children were exploring the school garden area for insects. They were able to talk about the features of insects and were clearly curious about where they live and why they live there.

Back to Basics

The year 1 children have come back incredibly eager to see all their friends and to continue with their learning in their new year. The children have been using practical mathematics lessons to embed their new learning. We want to thank the year 1 parents for continuing their learning at home in which must have been a very difficult time for all. It clearly shows in class that the children have learned a great deal while at home! We know that we will continue this partnership this year in order for your children to excel with their learning. It will be a great year!


Mary Heilman

The children have been studying the artist Mary Heilmann during their art topic. Mary Heilmann is famous for her abstract paintings and the children have been creating their own abstract work. They have been exploring art using new techniques and mediums using bright colours and learning about effective colour mixing.

Weighing Objects


This week Year 1 have been exploring the mathematical concept of Weighing and Mass. The children had to choose everyday objects and catergorise them into 'light' and 'heavy'. Then they had to go further and compare the objects with each other, using the terms 'lighter' or 'heavier'.

Design and Technology

This week Year 1 have been designing their own playground equipment and then building them. The children used their resilience while using woodwork equipment. The children had to use woodwork equipment such as a saw and hammer and nails. The children were taught about how to use the equipment safely and the teachers showed the children how to use them efficiently. The children showed great maturity and took their task very seriously. We were very proud teachers!


This week, Year 1 looked at different materials and their properties. They had to classify and group each material according to its properties. As a year group they explored what the type of properties each material could have. They then collaborated as a group very effectively and were able to successfully catergorise them.

Florence Nightingale

This week we went on an exciting trip to the Florence Nightingale museum. We got the chance to meet her and learn about all the ways she helped soldiers to get better. 

When we got there we got a chance to listen to her life story and how when she was a child her dad taught her Maths, Geography and other subjects at home with her sister. 

After we heard about her life we got to explore the museum and dress up as Florence Nightingale and Soldiers. 

I learnt how she trained others to become nurses and help soldiers to get better. Florence Nightingale felt most happy when she saw the soldiers get better and leave healthy and strong. 


This week Sir John Heron were visited by the Pantomime. They performed a version of ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ which the children thoroughly enjoyed. There was a great deal of audience participation which made the performance even more thrilling. 


Healthy Eating Workshop- 11.12.19

This week Orange class took part in a healthy eating workshop. We had a great deal of parents attend along with the children. As you can see from the pictures the children and parents thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and learned what is healthy and unhealthy to eat or drink. We want to thank all the parents who attended and if any parents want to attend in the future, you are more than welcome!

Healthy eating workshop-6.12.19

This week Green class took part in a healthy eating workshop. We had a great deal of parents attend along with the children. As you can see from the pictures the children and parents thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and learned what is healthy and unhealthy to eat or drink. We want to thank all the parents who attended and if any parents want to attend in the future, you are more than welcome!

Telling the time-20.11.19

This week children in year 1 are learning about the concept of time. They are learning about O'clock and half past. The children are using interactive clocks to ensure their learning is embedded. They are also being taught basic skills on time such as the days of the week, days of the months and the months of the year.

Falconry UK


This week Year 1 had a real treat! Falconry UK came to visit the EYFS and KS1 to show them a variety of birds. The children were able to see the birds flying and some children were able touch the birds under supervision. The children thoroughly enjoyed their experience and were talking about it long after the session. At Sir John Heron Primary we provide the children with a wide variety of enrichment opportunities and this was a welcome addition to the children's experience of the world.



This week Year 1 have been studying the human and physical features in Geography. Children looked at natural features and man made features in the real world. Children then divided these into the two groups. As you can see, the children knew which features fitted into the different categories. Year 1 will soon be going on a local walk to see what geographical features they can see and then analyse their findings. Keep looking at the page for that update.  

Worry Wizard

As part of our PHSCE term year 1 took part in a workshop called 'Worry Wizard'. The children learned about worrying and different things in life that can make us worry. They also more importantly looked at ways in which children can effectively deal with their worries and who they can talk to if they are worried. At Sir John Heron Primary we feel workshops such as these help with young people's mental health and well being.

Phonics Workshops


At Sir John Heron Primary we provide a wide variety of parent workshops to ensure we are working together to ensure the children get the best education they can. Here you can see one of our teachers showing parents how to teach our phonics program RWI. This will allow the children to make further progress when the school work in partnership with parents. We appreciate all the support we receive from our parents and want to thank them for attending.

Year 1 Assembly


This week Year 1 showcased their learning to their parents during the Year 1 assembly. During their Religious Education sessions, the children learned about Islam and this is what they wanted to share with the parents. The parents responded very well and gave excellent feedback to the teachers. We want to thank the parents for their continued support and positive feedback. It is always appreciated.

Practical Maths 9/10/19

This week Year 1 have been exploring the mathematical topic of shape. To allow children to become engrossed in their learning, the teachers took the learning outside. As you can see the children were able to create a variety of 2d shapes while having fun. 

The Scientific method 3/10/19

The Year one children have, over a period of weeks been learning the Scientific method. As you can see they are coming up with a prediction and then conducting the experiment. After this they then analyse the results and write what they have found. They will then build on this method as they move up through the school.


Year 1 have been working scientifically this week and exploring absorbing and mixing. The children find practical science lessons to be engaging and fun. At Sir John Heron we allow our children to explore and experiment in order for them to learn more effectively.


The Chicks have come to Sir John Heron. Over the next couple of weeks we will watch the chicks grow and learn how to take care of them to become healthy strong chickens. Stay tuned for further exciting updates on the chicks and how they are enjoying their stay at Sir John Heron Primary.

Prayer Mat

As part of the Religious Education topic, children in Year 1 are designing 'Prayer Mats' using  the media of paint. They have learnt the purpose of the mat and were excited to create their own. Year 1 are focusing on their maths skills to create patterns that are visually exciting.

Performing Poet

This week we have a performing poet who is visiting our school to help the children form a love of poetry as a key aspect of literacy. Here you can see him with Year 1 and the children seemed to thoroughly enjoy the session through their participation and engagement. The children will be creating their own poems which will be the end product of a three week focus on poetry as part of the English curriculum. We are looking forward to seeing these and will put some on the website for your enjoyment!

East London Mosque

On Monday Green class visited the East London Mosque to explore Islam and what it means to be a Muslim. The children were taken on a tour of the Mosque by a guide who educated us on the various areas in the Mosque. As you can see from the pictures, the children took an active part in their learning by performing the prayers and washing their hands. The children saw a child friendly presentation about the 5 Pillars of Islam which was very educational. The staff were very proud of Green class in regards to their behaviour and their willingness to learn.

An active life is a happy life

Year 1 had their first physical education lesson this week and they enjoyed it thoroughly. They played a variety of games and they worked up a sweat with their hard work. At Sir John Heron primary we pride ourselves on seeing physical exercise as an extremely important part of a healthy lifestyle. This is shown through our twice weekly P.E. sessions and our wide variety of sports and fitness clubs that we also offer weekly. Please check our dedicated P.E. section on our website for further updates on this exciting subject.

Practical Mathematics

This first week has been an exciting one Year 1. They have been learning through a practical approach and as you can see from the pictures, that includes Mathematics. At Sir John Heron we feel that that children learn best by including a wide variety of hands on activities during their lessons. We will using this approach throughout the year, so stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Back to school!

The children were excited to finally back in school after the long break. They were excited to see their friends and their new teachers. They all enjoyed their learning and showed great enthusiasm. We are looking forward to a great year together and taking our learning to the next level. 



KS1 visited Barleylands Farm park on Wednesday the 10th of July.  Children got the opportunity see different types of reptiles in the huge Reptile House and awesome birds of prey where children were able to see the birds in action through the flying displays. Children raced around the indoor play area, and enjoyed the outdoor play areas especially bouncing on the jumping pillow. Each class explored the Discovery Barn where there were a variety of animals and took a ride on the Tractor Trailer. The children thoroughly enjoyed their day and so did the adults. We want to thank the parents who gave up their time to attend. Your support is greatly appreciated.


As part of our space theme the Planetarium came to our school to immerse us in an amazing interactive show on our solar system and wider galaxy. The children were able to tell their teachers about the various aspects of our galaxy such as ‘Orion's belt’. This type of visit engages the children in ways that aid their learning. 

Discover Centre

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, both year 1 classes went to visit the exciting Discover centre! During our visit the children got to create their own oral story about space which has linked into our recent science topic. The children were very enthusiastic with their ideas and this was stimulated by being allowed to explore the space theme at the centre. It was a worthwhile visit and we would recommend you visit the centre yourselves with your children.

Manor Park Library

Year 1 recently went to Manor Park library to increase their love of reading. At Sir John Heron we want all of our children to have a deep love of reading and these visits to Manor Park library play a key role in ensuring this. The children receive a talk from the librarian explaining how to use all the facilities at the library. They take their library cards and are then able to take books out that they are interested in. They were also told about events that are happening regularly such as the family film night. They were also told about the summer reading challenge which is taking place on July the 20th. We would love it if you could attend with your child.

Orange Class Topic Afternoon

Parents and pupils from Orange class participated in a creative Science lesson on the topic of plants. The children were shown real flowers and as a class, they discussed the different features of a flower. They were then given a task of creating their own flower using various collage materials. As you can see the children and adults thoroughly enjoyed creating their own versions of flowers and labelling the features. We would like to thank all the parents for coming and enjoying the children’s learning, it is greatly appreciated. Please keep checking for letters about topic afternoons on Fridays.

Science Museum

Year 1 recently went on an educational visit to the Science museum. The reason we went was to explore the theme of space as this is our science topic. Children were able to see how humans first went into space and also learnt about the various planets in our solar system. Most excitingly, the children took part in an interactive experience where they got to experience the first moon landing in 3D. This has helped the children experience first hand the exciting realm of space travel. 

Football festival

This week year 1 took part in the action packed football festival. Teams were made up from our houses and they unveiled our brand new house sport uniforms, which the children were thrilled to wear! The teams were all very competitive and most of all, they had an amazing day. We had an excellent turn out from our parents who were cheering and supporting all the children, not just their own. They are a credit to our school community.


As part of stem week Year 1 went to visit Westfield bridge. The purpose of this visit was to explore how bridges are constructed and what materials are used. We explored questions such as 'why was the bridge built in this way?' and 'why did the architect use these particular materials?' The children were able to sketch the bridge from different vantage points to fully explore its design. This visit created an interest in how bridges are built and created enthusiasm for their task in class where they had to build their own bridge to hold objects up over the water!

Florence Nightingale

As part of our History block Year 1 learnt about Florence Nightingale. The children had a sense of awe and wonder as they were sent back in time to experience life as Florence Nightingale herself would have experienced. They became familiar with the harsh conditions that soldiers lived in during those times and how Florence Nightingale tried to help them. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and this showed in their follow up work in History.

September 2018 - Writing Sensory Poems


In Literacy, we are exploring poems. We have listened to amazing poets such as Michael Rosen. We learned about the rhythm and the rhyming of poems. We loved performing the poem "Rhythm of the life" by Michael Rosen.


We also learned how to write sensory poems. We explored our senses and then we wrote the poems. We have written a sensory poem about strawberries and we had lots of fun when we explored the strawberries!