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History at Sir John Heron 


Here at Sir John Heron, we know how important history is. History is about exploring the lives of real people and real events from the past, and they have shaped the way we live life today. Looking at history chronologically allows us to see clear changes and progression from past worlds to our present. 


History inspires our children's curiosity and fascination about the past in Britain as well as the wider world around them. It plays an essential role in laying the foundation for us living and working in the modern world. Our children consider how past societies functioned, what their politics were like as well as their beliefs and other cultural influences. They are able to draw conclusions and understand how the past events have influenced our lives today. 


We also learn about our local history in a variety of different contexts. As well as exploring significant events in British history, we explore what our local area was like in that same time period. This helps us paint a picture of how our local area has changed over the years. This also includes creating clear timelines of our own lives, which makes history more personal for our younger children.


Throughout their years at Sir John Heron, children will develop a chronological framework of knowledge regarding significant events in history as well as influential people. At Sir John Heron, our children are the explorers, they have the opportunity to search through sources and use their enquiry skills to find evidence as well as consider and compare ideas to reach their own conclusions. This is a skill not only essential in our history lessons, but in life itself.

We ensure our lessons in history are taught adaptively across our school, making it accessible and engaging for all our students. We opt for real life objects and experiences to make learning memorable for our children, and to keep the spark of history alive.


If you would like to support your child’s learning in history outside of school, consider visiting one of many of the wonderful museums in London, such as the Natural History Museum, Victoria and Albert museum and the National Gallery. Each of these museums are free to enter and full of rich historical artefacts and information.


Useful information and tools to support learning at home: