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Welcome to  Nursery!


Here is a guide to help you support your child learning to read

24/01/2023-Pre-writing Skills

We have been focusing on our pre-writing skills. Pre-writing skills are the fundamental skills children need to develop before they are able to write.  These skills help children to build finger dexterity, support hand-eye coordination, give strength to the grip and even in wrist movement. 


19/01/2023- Reading

We have been reading the story Jack and the Beanstalk. We love to look at the illustrations and talk about what we can see. When our teachers read to us, we sit on the carpet and listen carefully. Sometimes, we also like to join in with repeated phrases from the story. We enjoy using our body in different ways to act out the scenes. Our key reading skills include choosing a book, holding it carefully and talking about the pictures.

12/01/2023- We love to talk!

This week we have welcomed new friends to our nursery. We have been busy talking to our peers, teachers, parents and carers. We are learning to develop conversation, often jumping from topic to topic. Occasionally, we start a conversation with an adult or a friend and continue it for many turns. We love it when the adults engage in our play, focus on our interests and give us time to share our ideas. The toys in our nursery such as the lego and dolls, support our language and cognitive development.


7/12/22- Characteristics of Effective Learning

Over the past few months, children have been demonstrating various behaviours through which they learn. The nursery children are selecting and using activities and resources independently. The children use their senses to explore the world around them. On a daily basis, they are showing curiosity about objects, events and people as well as maintaining focus for a period of time.



This week we are focusing on our reading skills. We are trying to find sounds we have been learning in class. Last week we learnt the ‘m’ sound, this week we are learning the ‘a’ sound. 

We love to be read to and use our listening and visuals skills to engage with books everyday.

We are excited to welcome our parents to the Nursery Together session on Thursday. 


24/11/2022- Mark Making

We love a challenge in the Nursery. This week we have been finding new ways to make marks on paper. We laid on our backs to make marks on large paper. We have started to make some Christmas decorations for our school. We are using tinsel, sequins and pom poms to decorate Christmas trees.


16/11/2022- Nursery Rhyme Week

We are celebrating Nursery Rhyme week. All our activities link to nursery rhymes we love to sing. Singing songs everyday helps develop our oracy skills. We can remember and sing entire songs and sometimes we love to create our own songs! When we are singing in the garden, we enjoy using the instruments too. We can sing loudly, quietly and use different voices and tones.


8/11/2022- Fine Motor Skills

In the nursery this week we are focusing on developing our fine motor skills. We are using the shapes, hammers and nails to create our own 2D shape picture. We have to carefully place a nail in the shape and hammer it into the board. This can be tricky but supports our hand-eye coordination. We have also been using scissors to cut magazine pictures. We are being a focusaurus because we are focusing on moving the paper as we cut.


1/11/2022- Being a confident learner

This week we have demonstrated our personal, emotional and social skills. We are playing with other children, extending and elaborating play ideas. We are beginning to find solutions to conflicts and challenges. We use our listening skills to follow the rules and routines independently. At the start of the day, we move our picture to our emotion faces. We are learning to talk about our feelings using words like happy, sad, angry or worried.


18/10/2022-Black History Week

We are learning and talking about Black history month. Some of our provision activities this week are based on African-American influences. We are creating some art work inspired by Alma Thomas who was an expressionist artist. The children used coloured squares to glue onto paper, creating a class masterpiece! We have also made our very own bracelets using beads and string.

12/10/2022- Diwali

We are learning about the festival called Diwali. This year it will be celebrated by Sikhs and Hindus on Monday 24th October. 

We used clay to make our individual diva’s which we will paint and take home. Clay is much harder to mould but we tried to pinch, roll and squeeze with good control. 

We are creating our own firework pictures using chalk and paint. We talked about the sounds and colours we can hear and see. During our carpet session we are listening to the story of Diwali and the many ways it is celebrated.

Happy Diwali to everyone celebrating.


5/10/2022-We are explorers!

In nursery this week we are challenging ourselves to try new skills. Using scissors to cut patterns on paper develops our motor skills as well as our hand-eye coordination. We are working together to roll the large, heavy tyres outside to build an obstacle course. 

We have been using our listening skills to engage in our activities and explore our environment. 

What will we explore next week?


28/09/2022- Reading

Our nursery offers us a range of exciting books to read. We help ourselves to the books on the bookshelf everyday. We also enjoy choosing a book and relaxing in our cosy reading garden where we read on our own, with our friends and our teachers. 

We love it when adults read to us and talk about the books. We are learning to read but it’s so important that we talk about the illustrations to build our reading skills. We take a new book home each week to read with our parents and carers.



Counting to 5 everyday helps us with maths knowledge. We love lining up and counting all the children. This week we are exploring maths in various ways- threading coloured beads to make a pattern, building towers using cubes and even using tweezers to pick up pom poms. We are extending our learning by counting the number of beads, cubes and pom poms we have used. In the garden, we sing songs to help us memorise numbers. Our favourite one this week is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I caught a fish alive.

Can you think of any other number songs to sing?


14/09/2022-Owl Babies

This week we have welcomed more new friends! We are learning to share our toys and listen to the teachers. We love making marks on paper using paint and crayons. Every day our teacher reads a story to us on the carpet. During this time, we are learning to sit, look and listen. Our focus story is ‘Owl Babies’. The owls miss their mummy but she comes back. We are adjusting to saying bye to our parents and carers as we get used to new faces.

07/09/2022- Welcome back!

We have been very brave settling in the Nursery this week. We are learning to share our toys and become familiar with our new environment. Our teachers have been reading stories with us and supporting us to manage our needs. Some of our old friends are back and it’s been great building new friendships. We’re looking forward to learning new skills and becoming confident learners.




2021 - 2022

20/07/2022- Keeping Cool in the Heatwave!

In the Nursery this week, we've been trying to keep cool! We have been immersed in lots of water play activities and have enjoyed keeping cool in the heat.

13/07/2022- Feeling hot, hot hot!

We love water play, especially in the hot weather. We enjoyed filling up the water pistols and spraying each other. We are learning ways to stay safe when it is very hot. We know we can drink water, have a rest and stay in the shade when it is too hot outside. It is very important we drink enough and wear sunglasses and sun hats to keep us safe.


06/07/2022 - We enjoy pretend play!

This week in our nursery we have made our own ice creams using foam, cones and sprinkles. We’re always focusing on our motor skills so this week we used the pipettes to collect water and soaked the cotton pads. We were filling the clouds with rain water to see what happens. 

It was so much fun pretending to be firefighters and using the hose to put out the fires. We had to focus on where the fire was and aim the hose correctly. We managed to soak some of the teachers too…oops!





29/06/2022- Our Visit to BarleyLands Farm!

We went on a visit to the farm! We travelled on a coach, fastened​ our seatbelts and waited patiently. When we got off the coach we walked to the barn where we used the toilets and started our adventure. First, we got onto a tractor which took us around the farm. We were very excited to see the goats, cows, geese and meerkats. We stayed together, walked sensibly and even fed the animals. After, we ate lunch and continued to see more farm animals. We safely got onto our coach and had a nap- we were exhausted from all the fun. All the adults are very proud of how we behaved on our visit and we are excited for our next educational adventure.

22/06/2022- Reading

We love to read everywhere! Our focus story is ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and we have been re-telling the story and sequencing events. Using familiar language from the story helps develop our vocabulary and our reading skills. This week we made story maps using various textures to represent the grass, mud, river and snowstorm scenes. We are learning to ask questions about the book and make comments and predictions about what happens.


In the Nursery this week we are focusing on numbers and shapes. We have been reciting numbers past 5 and saying one number for each item in order. We are using the coloured links to match quantity to number. This also supports our motor development because we have to join the links together. We are using 2D shapes to make shape faces. We have to think about the shape we want to use and try to find it. In the Nursery we always sing number songs. Our favourite is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I caught a fish alive. Singing nursery rhymes is a great way to help us recite and sequence numbers.

09/06/2022-We are Brave!

We are adapting well to changes in our life. It can be difficult to settle after the holidays but we are finding different ways to help us. We love coming into class to see the activities and start playing. This week we are exploring 2D shapes and using shapes to make models. We are trying hard to problem solve and put puzzle pieces away. We’re excited to see the learning we will engage with next week.


12/05/2022-We are artists!

We have loved having paint outside during this wonderful weather. On the mark making table we were exploring paint, using fingers and other parts of our bodies as well as brushes and other tools. We were using the water colours to express ideas and feelings through making marks, and we sometimes give a meaning to the marks. Sometimes we create new colours by mixing colours together. Painting is great for our motor skills but also supports our communication skills.



We have enjoyed listening to the book Superworm. Superworm is super long and super strong! We have been making our own playdough worms and measuring to see how long they are.

At the mark making table we are drawing our own Superworms and gluing tissue paper to resemble the main character from the story.

In the garden, we are using water colours to paint. Using a paintbrush to make marks supports our motor skills. We are very proud of our achievements this week. We wonder what exciting activities we will explore next week…


28/04/2022- Developing Oracy

We are learning to use a wide range of vocabulary and develop our communication skills. Our small world area supports our pretend play and extends our sentences.

In mathematics, we are starting to make comparisons using language related to size, such as tall, taller, short and shorter.

We love having a snack in class and we can now use the snack table independently. At the snack table we talk to our friends and teachers about what foods we like and dislike.


21/04/2022- Superheroes!

We have enjoyed playing in our new role play area. Dressing up is exciting and challenges us to get dressed independently. We are using pencils and scissors with good control by cutting patterns and writing some letters. In mathematics, we are measuring using cubes and problem solving during tidy up.


01/04/2022-Understanding the World


We loved having the parents in for our Nursery Together session on Monday to support us with our learning. We are learning about the features and changes taking place in our environment. In mathematics, we had to find the hidden eggs. This was tricky as they were hiding in the shredded paper. In the garden, we made Easter cards with our parents and drew pictures of daffodils. We are beginning to talk about the different parts of a flower and what they need to grow.


17/03/2022- Oral Health

This week we had a visit from the dentist. They checked our teeth and applied a fluoride varnish to help prevent tooth decay. We lined up in a line, walked down the corridor and waited for our turn.

In our provision, we have been using the toothbrushes and toothpaste to brush plastic teeth. We know it’s very important to brush twice a day and look after our teeth.


10/03/2022- Nursery Together

This week the parents joined us for our learning. They supported us with reading activities in the class and the garden.

We used coloured laces to thread letters and tried to identify the sound of the letter. During the carpet session, we used our listening skills to join in with the story and say repeated phrases.

We have also been developing our PSED and communication skills with our friends by joining in with each other's play.


3/03/2022-Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Our nursery allows us to share our own ideas and opinions. We are developing confidence to be increasingly able to talk about and manage our emotions. In the morning, we put our face photos onto the emotion we are feeling. This helps us to talk about our feelings with our teachers and settle us.

We are developing friendships with other children. This requires us to use our communication skills such as listening and speaking. We can play with one or more peers, extending and elaborating play ideas.


24/02/2022-People who help us

This half term we are learning all about animals. Our role play area has been transformed into a Veterinary surgery. We love using bandages and plastic injections to help the animals. The role play area helps develop our oracy skills by listening and talking to one another. In mathematics, we are learning to recognise numbers and put quantity to number.


10/02/2022- Reading

We love reading everyday in the Nursery. We enjoy looking at the illustrations and listening to a story. Our reading den is comfortable and cosy but we also enjoy reading on the carpet. Our teachers read the same story over time so we become familiar with the language which helps us join in. Over the past few weeks we have read Goldilocks and The Three Bears and The Three Little Pigs. We can confidently talk about these books and join in with repeated phrases.


03/02/2022- Chinese New Year

This week in Nursery our provision has linked to the Chinese New Year. We used brushes to form Mandarin numbers in the tuff tray. It was a challenge to copy the same shapes but we tried our best.


We decorated our own lanterns using gold and red paper. We used PVA glue to stick the paper and left it to dry.


Sensory play helps develop our motor skills and we love it! We used the Numicon to form marks in the shaving foam.



We love problem solving in the Nursery! This week, we have been sorting links by colour and making chains. We can count how many links we have used and find the number in our environment.


Some of our 2D shapes were hiding! We found them in the tray with straw. We can identify and describe some 2D shapes.


Working together helps us share ideas and take turns. We love using the wooden blocks to build towers. This week we have been building a house for the Three Little Pigs- The Big Bad Wolf blew their house down so we’re trying to find a stronger material.


20/01/2022-Goldilocks and The Three Bears


This week we have enjoyed reading our focus story. At the mathematics table we used sticks, eyes and stones to make a bear's face. We had to think about the features and try to create our own.


We have been exploring and talking about different forces we can feel. Our investigation area allows us to explore and talk about what we notice.


Our role play area represents the bears cottage. We use the bears and props to act out scenes from the story. Our favourite part is when Goldilocks runs away!


13/01/2022-Welcome back!

We are pleased to be back in school and learn. This week, we are using Bee Bots- trying to navigate them is exciting. We are learning to use words such as forwards, left, right and backwards.


Our focus story is Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We used the small world tuff tray to retell the story. At the mark making table we have been drawing pictures of Goldilocks and the Bears.

In mathematics, we are sorting bears. We can sort the bears by colour and size. 


17/12/2021-Nursery Tea Party!

This week, we had a Christmas tea party with our parents. We ate cheese sandwiches, drank juice and iced biscuits. 

We have been very busy making Christmas decorations for our tree. We carefully glued 3 lolly sticks together and added sequins.

In mathematics, we are learning to use numbers in our play and count to 10.

In our mark making area, we cut pictures of toys from magazines and wrote a letter to Santa. We are learning to give meaning to our marks and write recognisable letters. 

It has been fun listening to Christmas songs. Our favourite song at the moment is Jingle bells. 


9/12/2021- Understanding our World


In mathematics we are learning about length by using words such as long, short, longer and shorter. We used these key words when making our Christmas Tree’s.


In phonics, we have learnt the sounds m, a and s. We are learning to identify these sounds in our environment and make marks to represent sounds.


Our Elf workshop is now open! We are super busy wrapping presents to place under our Christmas tree. It can be a tricky task but working together makes the job manageable.


02/12/2021-The Tiger Who Came To Tea


We have been exploring our focus story this week in the Nursery.

In Maths we made tall towers using orange and black cubes. We tried to make an ABAB pattern- orange, black, orange, black. Can you count the number of cubes we used?

At the playdough table, we used orange playdough, googly eyes and black pipe cleaners. We looked at a picture of a Tiger and made our own stripy tigers.

Mr Ervalho made fruit smoothies with us. We put bananas, mixed berries and milk in a blender. We enjoyed making and trying a new healthy snack.


24.11.2021-Understanding the World

We are learning about the celebration called Christmas. This week, we decorated our own stockings using sequins and stars. We have been listening to the Christmas story during carpet time and trying hard to remember key events.


There was something different about our mark making table this week. The paper was underneath! We had to lay on our backs and look up to make marks. 

Outside, we used paint brushes to make marks with water. We enjoyed making big and small circles by moving our bodies.


We are developing the muscles in our fingers every day. Our challenge this week was to hang socks using wooden pegs. 


Next week we'll be learning more about Christmas and how it is celebrated. We’re looking forward to new activities!



Nursery have enjoyed counting and recognising numbers. We used our toy cars to go over the road numbers. This supports our number knowledge and motor skills.


Some of the toy cars had crayons attached. We used the cars on big paper to make marks. It was interesting to see the marks made when we moved the cars back and forth, applying pressure.


We have noticed changes in our garden so we decided to go on an Autumn hunt. We were looking for different coloured objects outside and collected these in our paper bags.  We found some green, orange and yellow leaves as well as plenty of sticks. 


Our teachers know we love to be a Challenge- Rex. This week, we had to rescue the animals. They had lots of elastic bands wrapped around- we had to remove the elastic bands one by one then count how many we collected. 


11/11/2021-  Little Shoppers

On Monday, some of the children walked to Tesco Express to buy snacks for our snack table. They chose a healthy snack, gave money to the cashier and walked back to school. We can’t wait to do this again next week.


Our focus story Happy Birthday Cupcake has inspired us to make our own playdough cupcakes. We added cocoa powder to make it smell and look like chocolate. 

We also made birthday cards and collaged balloons to help us talk about birthday celebrations.


In the mathematics tuff tray, we tried to pick conkers using the big tweezers. We counted how many we collected and tried to find the number.

We enjoy choosing a book from our reading den and sitting with our friends. We found new books and we can’t wait to read them in class.


We used the balance bikes in the garden and it was so much fun! We remembered to wear helmets and wait our turn. Using balance bikes helps develop our core muscles.



This week Nursery have been learning about the festival called Diwali. Hindus and Sikhs around the world celebrate this special festival.


We made rangoli patterns using different shapes. Rangoli patterns can be square, rectangular or circular – or a mix of all three. They are often symmetrical. 


During this time of year, you may hear fireworks outside. The children used chalk on black paper to create their own fireworks. They described the fireworks using words such as ‘loud’, ‘bang’ and ‘shiny’.


The children drew around their hands to make a mehndi pattern. They used squiggly, straight and wavy lines.


21/10/2021- Boo!

This week Nursery have been hammering golf tees into pumpkins! We talked about the size, texture and weight of the pumpkins. We held the golf tees in one hand and the hammer in the other.  There were some creepy crawlies hiding in the mathematics tuff tray! We looked carefully and used the tweezers to take them out. We helped the adults make a race track on the floor using masking tape. We placed our cars at the starting position and pushed them to see who went the furthest. On your marks, get set, go!


14/10/2021-Exploring 2D shapes


This week in nursery we have been playing with 2D shapes. Making shapes using elastic bands can be challenging but it supports our mathematics and fine motor skills. We used the large foam shapes to create pictures. In the garden, we created shapes using coloured sticks. We can notice some shapes in our environment and use shapes in our play.


7/10/2021-Communication and Language


This week in Nursery we have been busy talking! We love talking to our friends and teachers about our learning.


We created our bodies using googly eyes, wool for our hair and tissue paper for our clothes. We talked about the way we look and our features.


In mathematics, we are learning to say numbers. We used the Numicon to count and playdough to create our own numbers.


Our role play area gives us plenty of speaking opportunities. We act out our experiences from home with our friends. Making tea and food and looking after the babies.


30/9/2021- The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We are enjoying having tea parties with our friends. We use the role play area to act out our experiences from home. Pre-writing skills develop muscles in our hands to help us write. We love getting messy with different textures like rice, sand and salt. We painted our own caterpillars using pom poms and paint. In mathematics, we are learning to find the number 1. I wonder what number we will find next week?


23/09/2021- Being Brave!

We have had a fun week in Nursery. We are starting to settle without our parents and carers, this can be scary but we are brave! We have enjoyed using the train tracks to construct. Joining pieces together means we are problem solving. Our focus story is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We used green and red playdough to make our own caterpillars. We’re excited to see what skills we use next week.  


16/09/2021-Construction, Water Play and Painting


We are learning to stack blocks horizontally and vertically. We can work together to share ideas, take turns and use construction blocks.


Water play

Playing with water is a fun sensory experience. We are learning to remember to wear our aprons and share our toys.



Developing our motor skills can be tricky, but we always try hard. Holding and using paintbrushes helps to develop muscles in our body which supports our grip and movement.


10/09/2021- Starting Nursery

Nursery Children have had a great start to the new term as they have started to settle back into the school routine.





We are enjoying our topic on superheroes. This week we have been making Captain America’s shield using coloured tissue paper.


Developing our motor skills is always fun! Recognising numbers 1-10 can be tricky but we always do our best.


Mark making in a quiet area is relaxing. We like to find small spaces where we can write and draw our ideas and thoughts.


We loved our Forest School today, we played exciting games and loved playing inside the tent that we made. We laughed and smiled a lot and ran around in the fresh air. We are growing in confidence in our Forest School and have lots to talk about when we finish our session. 

Our First Forest School Session

We loved our First Forest School session today, we explored our forest and thought about what we could see and hear. Miss Josson is a trained Forest School teacher and she made our first session lots of fun, we are really excited about the weeks ahead and learning in the outdoors.


Benefits of Forest School

Forest School sets learning in a different context for children where they can undertake a range of practical activities and carry out small achievable tasks. At Forest School children can develop their team working skills and also learn to become more independent. Those who are unfamiliar with woodlands and green spaces can become confident in using them and this can form the basis of a life-long relationship with natural spaces.


Colour mixing - We are scientists! We used pipettes to collect coloured water and create a new colour. 


Animal tuff tray - We have been exploring farm animals. We can identify animals by their appearance and the sound they make.


Geoboards - Using elastic bands to make 2D shapes can be challenging for our little fingers. Being a Tryatops helps us develop our motor skills and shape knowledge.


We are using magnets to find letters in the rice. Using phonics helps us to read the words. We can read the words cat, mat and sat.


Using tweezers can be tricky but we never give up. We read the number in the bowl and collected the correct amount of pom poms with the tweezers.


Getting creative in Nursery this week. 14.5.21

We have been exploring textures and colour patterns while we develop our number skills. 

Number Day!

Our Learning

We are working together everyday and learning to take turns. We are considerate of others’ needs. We use our kind words to communicate with our friends when we play.

Sensory play is an important part of our development. We use the nets to try and catch as many fish as possible. Filling empty bottles helps support our gross and fine motor skills.

Exploring magnets is great fun! We pretend to make different flavoured ice-cream using the magnets.

Look at our learning!

We have been are learning about animals and some of us have been matching the animal to the print. We have loved finding different sized tigers and zebras

We are working hard to write our names and form recognisable letters, some of us can hold and use pencils with good control. We really enjoy writing the sounds we have learnt. 


We had some very special visitors in our Nursery today

Our World Book Day Celebration

What exciting learning opportunities we have!

Our teachers have created such amazing spaces for us to explore and learn in. We are really enjoying being back in school and are settling well back into our nursery and our learning. It has been great seeing all of our friends again and meeting new ones. 

More great home learning from Nursery this week, lots of drawing and name writing. Well done Nursery!

Beautiful work produced by Saibah

Adyan counting 3 items of toys

Our Nursery have been very busy learning from home!

Rae has produced some excellent work

Nursery may be learning from home this week but that hasn't stopped them from producing some excellent work for Mrs Josson. Look at Rae's fantastic writing and number formation!

Khadijah has worked very hard on her sounds, well done!

Look at Isaac's homework for yesterday's home learning!

Finger Gym

Spray Bottle Fun

We have been using spray bottles to make chalk numbers on the floor disappear. We had lots of fun doing it, discovering how the water made the chalk vanish. It was also great for developing the muscles in our hands as well as helping us with our number recognition as we played with our teacher. 

Supporting Children in Need

We dressed in yellow today to show our support for Children In Need. One of our teachers even dressed as a lion! We have had great fun this week with our learning and today we particularly enjoyed following a treasure map that was brought to life by Mr Leak as we travelled around the nursery following the map. It was great fun!

We made you healthy cupcakes parents/carers but... we decided to eat them ourselves, they just looked so delicious!

Happy Birthday Cupcake

We have started an amazing new book this week 'Happy Birthday Cupcake' and have some exciting learning that will be taking place over the next few weeks. Watch this space parents and carers, we have a treat install for you! 

Family Friday Physical Development

Still image for this video

We have been making our own playdough this week!

Playdough is excellent for developing our fine motor skills, it helps us develop our finger muscles that we need to write. It is soft and squishy and we can make anything out of it. We can mould, flatten, squish, pinch, break and roll the playdough into all sorts of creations. As we worked on our creations we formed new ideas and concepts and our teachers helped us to extend our vocabulary.  



We are working on our fine motor skills this week in our maths area and getting messy with some hand printing!

Mark making

We are being encouraged to make marks this week with an exciting activity. We love how the crayons have been attached to the cars and have enjoyed pushing them around to make our marks. We give meaning to our marks and enjoy sharing this with our teachers. 

We love our Nursery

Our teacher is amazing in our Nursery, she really thinks about how she sets out our provision and the activities that extend and challenge us. When we are learning she interacts with us to extend our thinking and always asks us to use our words and speak in full sentences. 

We love our snack in nursery

Our healthy snack table is one of our favourite activities in our nursery, we love sitting around it and chatting to our friends and teacher. 

We are really enjoying our learning this week.

In our Nursery this week our teacher has created exciting activities for us to develop our fine motor skills. We have really enjoyed the cereal crushing, trying to hit the cereal loop with the hammer was great fun with our friends. 

We are so happy to be back!

There are just a few of us to begin with but we are really looking forward to meeting our new friends next week. We have all settled back into our learning very quickly and our parents/carers didn't need to stay with us as we were so confident and happy to be back in our Nursery. 


Science Day Fun

Fun with phonics in today's Nursery Together

We had a great time practising our sounds as we zoomed down the slide today with our teacher. Our teacher shouted out a sound and we had to find it before we flew down the slide, it was great fun and we were all really good at taking turns and lining up.  

We had excellent speaking and listening skills on today's shopping trip!

Exploring Textures

We have loved our provision this week!

We have had great fun developing our fine motor skills this week while we also practice our counting. Our teacher has set up really exciting activities and we have loved exploring them and learning with each other. 

We have enjoyed following our interests and exploring magnets

We were great Shareadons today and shared the magnets between us with our friends. We have loved exploring what the magnets do and using them in our play while we learn. 

Fresh Water Theatre

We had a visit from the Fresh Water Theatre today, it was great fun. It was a story telling session and we became part of the story. We sang lots of nursery ryhmes and met different characters along the way. 

This week in Nursery

We have been exploring the bee bots in nursery with our friends. This week we are learning to programme the bee bots by pressing the buttons to help it move. We are beginning to use directional language such as forwards, backwards, left and right. 
Our focus story this half term is The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We are using different coloured paper to create a scene from the story.

Happy New Year!

We have made an excellent start to 2020 and are really enjoying all of the learning our teachers have set us for our first week back. When we play in the sand we love exploring filling containers and pouring the sand, we use fine and gross motor skills and our teachers encourage us to think about what we are making and doing. 

Look who visited us in Nursery!

Christmas Celebrations in Nursery

We really enjoyed having our families in today to help us share in our Christmas celebrations at school. There were lots of activities for all of us to enjoy together, we wrapped up parcels, decorated Christmas cards and we even made guacamole Christmas tress at our snack table. 

Shape Week

We have been thinking about shape. We used the wooden shape box to connect and layer shapes to form pictures and patterns. We are learning to name shapes and to think about their properties, we have been using language such as straight, curved, corner and side. 


Here are some of our ideas:


“It is a Elmer bus because it has lots of squares and rainbow colours”


 “This is my brother….the round one matches…...I am not making my brother now, I am making a truck.



Small World

We love our 'Small World' play in nursery. We benefit a great deal from getting into character and acting out scenarios, our teachers in nursery are excellent at following our lead and joining in with our play. 

We had a visit from Falconry UK

Today was very exciting as we had a visit from Falconry UK. We saw lots of different birds, we met Rocco the Pygmy Falcon and Bailey the White Faced Scops Owl. We also met a baby Eagle Owl but he was enormous and still didn't have all his feathers. Some of us had the birds perch on our arm, we were very brave and loved meeting all the birds. When we got back into nursery we were so excited about what we had seen that we drew lots of pictures of the birds and wrote about them. 

Reading at our Nursery Together

Today some of our parents and carers looked at what we do around reading in the nursery. The session finished with Miss Harris telling a very engaging story of 'Goldilocks and The Three Bears', she used lots of exciting props and we loved joining in with parts of the story. 

We love our bikes in nursery

Our 'Bike it!' Nursery Together