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Sir John Heron Primary School

Together we learn. Together we achieve.

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Senior Leadership Team


Senior Leader

Job Title

 Ms N. Ishaq

 Headteacher, DSL

 Ms H. Shah

 Deputy Headteacher (Acting), DSL, Teaching and Learning,   Curriculum, CPD, KS1

 Miss C. Bekker

 Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Upper School,   ECT Induction Co-ordinator, Monitoring/Assessment,   Behaviour & wellbeing, Admissions

 Mr N. Kundu Assistant Headteacher (Acting), Safeguarding, Inclusion,  SEND, Behavior & wellbeing, Interventions, EVC
 Mrs S. Khan School Business Manager

Teaching Staff



Job Title and Post of Responsibility


 Ms Z. Ahmed

 Senior Nursery Officer

 Rainbow Class

 Miss K. Krasniqi

 Reception Teacher

 Leader of Learning for History

 Blue Class

 Miss N. Chowdhury

 Reception Teacher

 Red Class

 Miss N. Anjum Year 1 Teacher Orange Class

 Miss L. Andrew

 Year 1

 Leader of Learning for RE and Science

 Green Class

 Miss N. Akthar

 Year 2 Teacher

 Yellow Class

 Ms S. Ahmed

 Year 2 Teacher

 Leader of Learning for RWI and EAL

 Purple Class

 Mrs P. Rasoda

Lead Teacher for LKS2 

Year 3 Teacher

Leader of Learning for Mathematics,  Pupil Premium

 Indigo Class

 Ms V. Nel

 Year 3 Teacher

 Leader of Learning for Geography

 Violet Class

 Miss R. Khanom

 Year 4 Teacher

 Cyan Class

 Miss S. Zhegeanu

 Year 4 Teacher

 Magenta Class

 Mr P. Gautam

 Year 5 Teacher 

 Turquoise Class

 Ms J. Choudhery Year 5 Teacher

 Maroon Class

 Miss B. Werrin

 Lead Teacher for UKS2

 Year 6 Teacher

 Leader of Learning for PHSCE,   School   Parliament, SRE

 Silver Class

 Mr D. Worth

 Year 6 Teacher

 Leader of Learning for Literacy,   HOTS   and Music

 Bronze Class
 Mr N. Kundu




 Mr J. McLeod (HLTA)

 Music (PPA cover)

 Miss K. McLuckie (Cover   Supervisor)

 PE (PPA Cover)


Support Staff


Support Staff

Job Title

 Mrs S. Khan

 School Business Manager

 Mrs H. Archer

 PA to the Headteacher

 Mrs T. Davis

 Senior Admin Assistant

 Miss O. Aktar SEND Admin Assistant
 Miss A. Hussain Admin Assistant

 Mr R. Farooqui

 Site Supervisor

 Mrs F. Patel

 Safeguarding and Outreach Manager, DSL

 Mrs C. Baker

 Learning Mentor

 Mrs S. Begum HLTA
 Mr J. McLeod HLTA
 Miss K. McLuckie Cover Supervisor (Acting)

 Ms Z. Ahmed

 Senior Nursery Officer (Acting)

 Mr S. Leak

 Nursery Nurse

 Miss F. Parvin Nursery Nurse



High Needs Teaching Assistants (One-to-one support)

Toufique Ahmed
Rimsha Akbar
Glory Akpolo
Fahmida Akther
Meraj Ali
Rubina Azhar
Daniela Omokarova
Suzon Peters
Erije Qayyum
Nekharim Rawan
Elaine Watson
Juliana Oduro
Mehnaz Begum
Shibly Begum
Elena Bellettati
Amoy Dublin
Saliha Hussain
Muzaffrah Ismail
Janhavi Jadhav
Harjeet Kaur
Amna Khan
Shazia Konser
Sophia Makardam
Julia McLuckie