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Year 6

Welcome to the Jesse Owens and Tanni Grey Class page!


French - w/b 18.10.21




In Year 6, we have been learning the French words for different places in a school, and what goes on there. This week we reviewed what we have learnt by choosing the correct words to complete sentences.


Then we moved on to telling the time. We revised telling o’clock and half past times, then went on to learn how to say other times, such as quarter past, quarter to, and everything in between.


RE - w/b 11.10.21


We had a pair of visitors in Year 6 on Thursday who came to speak to us about Humanism and the Humanist worldview. One spoke about the ‘Golden Rule’ (Treat others the way you would like to be treated) and how his Humanist world view has quite a few similarities to that of various religions. We also had the opportunity to ask the visitors some questions to further our own knowledge of Humanism, such as ‘Why isn’t Humanism a religion?’ and ‘Why do Humanists not believe in a God or supreme being?’

Science - w/b 04.10.21


In our science learning this week, we have looked at the theory of human evolution. We found out that, according to the theory, there have been about twenty human species over time, culminating in homo sapiens - us!


We considered the characteristics that different species of humans had, and which ones were important developments in terms of the theory of evolution. For example, we discussed why larger brains, being able to walk on two feet, and having the ability to make and use tools and weapons made survival more likely.


Finally, we showed all our learning in a mindmap, and tried to show how ideas about the evolution of humans linked together.


Mathematics - w/b 27.09.21

This week in mathematics we’ve been revisiting how we use addition and subtraction.  We’ve looked at representing calculations with bar models, solving real life scenarios which would require us to use our adding and subtracting strategies and we’ve been revising what we’ve learnt during the week using Kahoot quizzes!

English - w/b 20.09.21


In our English lessons, we have been reading and exploring poems by Joseph Coelho, in his anthology, Overheard in a Tower Block


We have performed some of his work by reading it out in front of others, thinking about how to use expression and movement to enhance our performance.


This week we are concentrating on writing our own poems, inspired by Coelho’s ‘Tables Red, Green and Blue’, and using personal experiences as the subject.


Just like any other writing, we proofread and edited our first draft, before redrafting and finally publishing our poems.


We’ll make sure that we perform these, too!


Reading - w/b 13.09.21

On Monday, in Guided Reading, we read a poem called “A River’s Story”.
Whilst reading the poem, we also did actions portraying the poem. We did this with partners. One partner read and acted out the positive start of the poem, which described the river’s beautiful and calm life, while the other partner acted and read the negative area of the poem, when factories came and polluted the river. There were a lot of similes and metaphors which helped us act out the poem better. In my opinion, I enjoyed our Monday Guided Reading lesson!


Ayaat, Jesse Owens


Today in Guided Reading we were reading “The River’s Story”.  It was about a river explaining how it was healthy before factories came round and started polluting in the sea. The text explains that the rivers today are dirty and the rivers a long time ago were nice and clean.  I enjoyed the lesson when we used our bodies to act out the story.  I enjoyed the section of the lesson because it helped me understand the text more.  It also made the lesson very fun and interesting.


Khizar, Jesse Owens.


W/b 06.09.21 - Back to school!


Pupils in year 6 had a very strong start to the school year. They are currently studying the poem 'On a Beautiful Landscape' by William Lisle Bowles and returned their homework projects to school. 


Year 5

2020 - 2021

History - w/b 12.07.21


In Year 5, we have been learning about the history of Benin. In this lesson, we focused on the religious beliefs of the people in Benin and what they might do in a religious ceremony. We learned that animals played a significant role in religion, the Benin people were animists which meant that animals and objects had souls and spirits. Using this knowledge, we became ‘craftsmen’, we used our special crafting skills to create an animal tile to be used as a gift to gods.

PHSCE - w/b 05.07.21


In our PHSCE lessons, we have been thinking about change, and how change can affect us both positively and negatively.


This week we read Melanie’s journal, in which a 10-year-old girl records her thoughts and feelings about some major changes facing her. In small groups, we worked to identify the emotions Melanie experienced and the positive outcomes of the changes.


We then reflected on how change can be a good thing.


Junior Citizens - w/b 28.06.21


Year 5 spent an afternoon thinking about how to be good citizens! We took part in a virtual workshop, and explored several themes, including travelling safely on public transport, knife crime awareness and fire safety. There was lots of discussion about how to be good citizens, and how we can help others, as well. We also talked about how important being a good citizen will be as we get older, and become much more independent.


Let the Olympic Games begin! - w/b 21.06.21


This week in Year 5, we attended an Olympics workshop. In this workshop, we travelled back in time to when the very first Olympic games were held to honour the Greek God Zeus. We were well prepared, as we knew lots of facts about when and why the games began thanks to our guided reading sessions. We enjoyed participating in role-play and being able to imagine what it was like being an Olympian during those times. This was an amazing opportunity for us to broaden our knowledge about the Olympics.  

Diversity Week - Bangladesh - w/b 14.06.21


This week we have been learning about Bangladesh. On Tuesday we carried out research about different landscapes in Bangladesh, and sketched a variety of them in our Art Books. After that we had to choose one of our sketches to recreate the next day. On Wednesday, we looked back at our art topic on Peter Doig from earlier in the year. We discussed his abstract style and use of colour. Then we drew our chosen landscape, enlarging it to twice the size. Using pastels, we finally added colour and texture in the style of Peter Doig.

Mathematics - w/b 07.06.21

Before the half-term holidays, we focused upon fractions and how to manipulate and simply them through the use of our times table knowledge. We were able to convert fractions into equivalent fractions, mixed fractions and improper fractions with the support of our times table knowledge. This term, we have been using this knowledge to make links between fractions and decimals. We revisited place value and learned how fractions can also be represented as decimal numbers.

English - w/b 24.05.21


In English, we have been writing a script based on the story ‘The London Eye Mystery’ written by Siobhan Dowd. In order to understand what a script is, we had to first look at the conventions of a script and then we rewrote some chapters using these conventions. We focused particularly on chapter 9, where the two main characters, Kat and Ted, are brainstorming the mystery of Salim’s disappearance. We then created a role-play based on our script.

Get Active! - w/b 17.05.21


In Get Active, we have been doing lots of exercise in the form of superhero Tabata (which is high-intensity interval training) and ‘just dance’ using our favourite songs. We enjoy these sessions because they help us stay fit and they get our brains and our hearts working. We do a session first thing in the morning, after mathematics and right after our lunch time.

PHSCE - w/b 10.05.21


This week, we have been thinking about the effect of losing someone close to you. We watched a story called ‘The Heart and the Bottle’, and talked about how we can deal with the emotions we feel when we lose someone. Then we designed and made a candle of remembrance to help people feel better.

Art - w/b 04.05.21


In Art, we are looking at an artist named Peter Doig. He creates abstract art and he focuses primarily on landscapes. We began our journey by looking at some of his art work and then we discussed the colours within his work and how they influence the viewers’ mood. This week we focused on colour mixing, specifically creating tints of a colour. A tint is a lighter version of a colour, created by adding a little white. We concentrated on two of the primary colours which were red and blue and then we created green (by mixing yellow and blue) and violet (by mixing red and blue) which were secondary colours. We focused upon these colours as they are predominant colours within Doig’s abstract work.

Falconry Workshop - w/b 26.04.21

Reading - w/b 26.04.21

Reading Macbeth in Year 5


In our Guided Reading lessons, we are reading a version of Shakespeare’s famous story of Macbeth. Although Shakespeare originally wrote it as a play script, we are using an adapted version.


Apart from the events that happen, it has been interesting to think about the way language is used.

We have enjoyed reading the story aloud with each other, too.


Mathematics - w/b 19.04.21


Equivalent Fractions


This week, Year 5 has been learning about equivalent fractions. We started by recapping what a fraction was, and what it might look like as a pictorial representation. We then went on to use strips of paper to create different fractions – ensuring that each part was exactly the same size as the others. After this, we began exploring representations of equivalent fractions using a fraction wall and comparing different fractions. This has been useful in understanding how fractions with a different numerator and denominator could still be the same value as another fraction. Using our multiplication and division knowledge, we have been solving the missing value in equivalent fractions.

Easter Holiday Homework Projects - w/b 19.04.21

During the Easter holiday, pupils were asked by their teachers to research one of the spacecraft that has gone into space, and build a 3-D model of it. They used materials such as cardboard boxes, paper, paint, plastic bottles and masking tape to create these. Have a look at some of the wonderful models created by our artistic year 5 pupils!

English - w/b 29.03.21


Writing about a famous scientist

This week, Year 5 has been writing an obituary for the scientist Copernicus. We started by reading an example of an obituary, and talked about the way language is used, and how information is organised. Then we had to carry out research into the life of Copernicus and make notes, as preparation for our writing. Once we had gathered enough relevant information, we began to write our own obituary for the influential astronomer. Our writing was also a good way to finish this term’s science topic, Earth and Space.


Computing - w/b 22.03.21

In Year 5, we have been cryptographers by learning about different types of communication in the form of codes. Forms of communication have changed over time due to the many technological advancements. Today, many of us use technology to communicate particularly through social media platforms.


We began by looking at Semaphore, which is a form of communication using flags as a visual aid. Using a key, which contained each letter of the alphabet, we studied the flag positions and how some letters look similar to each other. We also managed to spell our names out using Semaphore.



We also looked at Morse code, which is a type of code used to send messages via sound or visual signals. It uses the alphabet, with each letter represented by a different sequence of long and short sound or visual signals called dots and dashes. We used a key to decode secret messages and discussed the importance of Morse code during World War 2 to send coded messages and to spy on the enemy.

Now Press Play! w/b 22.03.21

On Wednesday, Year 5 travelled back in time to relive World War 2 using a program called 'Now Press Play'. They started their journey in the school hall, where they received a set of earphones each. They became a character who travelled back to when children were first evacuated from cities such as London. When these evacuees returned to London, they had to practice using an air raid shelter. It was very enjoyable and pupils were also able to use the knowledge they already had of World War 2, as they read 'Goodnight Mister Tom' last term. 

Have a look at some of the pictures taken during the session!

Science: Earth and Space - w/b 15.03.21

Our topic in Year 5 is ‘Earth and Space’. We have started learning about the solar system, and how planets rotate in their axis whilst orbiting the Sun. We are also thinking about how shadows are formed and how they change during the day. To help us, we have made sundials to use in an investigation. 


Sundials are the oldest known instruments for telling time. The surface of a sundial has markings for each hour of daylight. As the Sun moves across the sky, another part of the sundial casts a shadow on these markings. The position of the shadow shows what time it is.


The ancient Egyptians made the earliest known sundial in about 350BC. This sundial was simply a stick or a pillar that cast a shadow on the ground. The ancient Greeks made a sundial with a bowl-shaped opening cut into a block of stone or wood. A pointer in the centre cast shadows inside the bowl. Muslims later invented the modern sundial. Clocks began to replace sundials in the 1300s.


Back to School! w/b 08.03.21


We are very excited to be back at school, and made a great start! This morning, the year 5 pupils became artists, when they used intricate patterns to design posters containing their initials. They worked carefully and shared ideas. They also enjoyed catching up with one another during playtime. 

Keep watching this space for more exciting learning!

PHSCE - w/b 07.12.2020

In PHSCE, we have been focusing on keeping ourselves safe in many different ways. We have discussed Internet Safety and the actions that we should take in order to stay safe. For example, we should always tell an adult when we are going online and we should ensure that we do not speak to anyone that we do not know. More importantly, we should never give out our personal information to anyone. We also discussed personal safety and what consent means to us. We know that our bodies belong to us and we must look after ourselves in order to be healthy and strong – both mentally and physically! We spoke about the adults that we can talk to in case we feel anxious or unsure about something. 

RE - w/b 30.11.2020


In Year 5, our RE topic is about how Christmas is celebrated around the world. To begin with, we looked at the accounts of Jesus’ birth, as recorded in the New Testament by Matthew and Luke. 


We read the accounts and talked about what was unique to each. Then we discussed the similarities between them. Finally, we recorded what we had found out in a Venn diagram. 


At the end of the lesson, we considered why there were differences between Matthew’s and Luke’s account.

English - w/b 23.11.2020

In English we have been reading a book called ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ which was set during World War 2. First we conducted some background research about the war to better understand its impact upon the lives of people then. We then began to read the story and we explored the reality of a troubled little boy called William Beech who was evacuated to a kind old man, Tom Oakley. We discussed the consequences of right and wrong behaviour towards William’s character and we re-enacted scenes from the first chapter. We then began writing a narrative about two evacuee children and how they experienced the war in the countryside.

This Week's Photo Moments - w/b 16.11.2020

Art/DT - w/b 16.11.2020


In Art we have been looking at the artist Anthony Caro and his amazing sculptures. We investigated his early work and discovered that he used to work alongside another famous artist Henry Moore! Anthony Caro created abstract sculptures which would appear to change as the spectator would walk around them. We discussed how his use of colour and the titles of his sculptures added to our understanding of his work and what the sculptures may actually depict. We first investigated how to create a ‘freestanding’ sculpture by working in groups to create a newspaper tower that could stand on its own. We then evaluated our ideas and discovered that a tripod base was the best starting point to equally distribute the weight. Once we had finalised our designs, we began working on our sculptures using cardboard boxes, card, lots of tape and some messy Murdoc.

This Week's Photo Moments - w/b 09.11.2020

Mathematics - w/b 09.11.2020


In Year 5, we have been learning to round decimal numbers to the nearest whole number, or integer.


To help our learning, we played a game together. We rolled a dice twice to create a 2-digit number. Then we had to look at our number card. If we had a decimal number that rounded to the 2-digit number, then we covered it with a counter. The first person to cover all their decimal numbers was the winner.


Playing the game was a  lot of fun, and it really helped us apply what we had learnt about rounding decimal numbers.

This Week's Photo Moments - w/b 02.11.2020

Guided Reading - w/b 02.11.2020


In guided reading this term, we are exploring Anglo-Saxons and how they have had a huge impact upon our lives. We have been delving into this informative text, and we have been understanding and evaluating the historical role the Anglo-Saxons have played in shaping our language and our lands. We have been discussing historical accuracies and how information can be skewed depending upon the sources we choose. Through our reading about two British monks, Gildas and Bede who had written about life in Anglo-Saxon Britain, we understood that for a long time much of history was dependent upon people retelling a version of events. This also led to ‘Legends’ about mythical creatures and beings, such as Merlin the Wizard!

Computing - w/b 19.10.2020


Our computing topic in Year 5 is ‘We are interface designers’. This week, we reminded ourselves about the importance of being safe when online, and the ways in which we can make sure we stay safe. Then, with our partner, we planned a website all about e-safety, using what we have previously learnt. 


After that came the really fun part - we started using Google Sites to build our websites. It was interesting to experience some of what professional web designers go through when they build a website.

This Week's Photo Moments - w/b 12.10.2020

PHSCE - w/b 12.10.2020


In our PHSCE lessons in Year 5, we have been focusing on our dreams and our long-term goals. As a class we discussed what our own dreams and goals are, these include our career goals and how they might be influenced by salaries. We also compared the salaries within different professions and discussed if this was fair based on how hard the job was and the level of education required. We also discussed the dreams and goals of children in different countries and within different cultures. We discussed how fair trade produce / products may support these children and help them to attain their goals.

This Week's Photo Moments - w/b 05.10.2020