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Year 2

Welcome to the Yellow and Purple class page!



22/09/2022- Mathematics

This week in Mathematics we have been learning to partition 2 digit numbers in different ways. We have been using a range of manipulatives to represent numbers. We also worked systematically to find all possible ways we can partition numbers. Some of us were able to spot patterns when partitioning in tens.

14/09/2022- English

This week, Year 2 have been looking at poems and similes. They have been reading poems and discussing the impact of adjectives and similes. They learnt that similes compare two things using the words ‘like’ or ‘as’. 

At the start of the week, the children worked in pairs to write similes. They also used adjectives to describe the nouns, in order to make their work even more interesting to read. Throughout the week, they have worked independently to write their own similes and they have also compared different poems. 

Year 2 have made a great start to the school year!


07/09/2022- Welcome back!

This week Purple and Yellow class settled in Year 2 really well. Children were given the opportunity to share their amazing holiday adventures and memories with each other. Some children bought in their fantastic time capsules, keeping everyone in suspense about what could possibly be in there!  Children played games as a team to pass a hoop around a human chain without breaking the chain, this became a challenge when a time restriction was set! Children also created paper bridges and tested whether they were strong or not. They found out that communication was key in building a strong bridge. Children are very excited about the exciting new topics they will be learning about and can’t wait to get started!



Year 1

2021 - 2022

20/07/2022- Making Appreciation Cards

This week we have been making friendship cards and writing letters to our friends to show appreciation. Showing our teachers and friends that we value them and explaining how they have helped us.


This week Year 1 made the houses that we planned during our D&T lessons. The children used lolly sticks and chose what resources to use to stick it together. They chose from blu tack, PVA glue, or tape to stick the house together. The children were encouraged to try different ways of sticking and not give up when the house fell apart but instead to try another way.

04/07/2022 - Visit to the Tower of London

This week Year 1 visited the Tower of London where we got to take a step back into history. We were able to walk around the historical grounds and see what it was like to live there. We also walked through the 'Superbloom' exhibit and saw the beautiful flowers that had been planted in the mote.

30/06/2022- Science

This term we have been looking at Seasonal Change in Science and the children have been exploring the differences between the four seasons. Here we are making seasonal trees. The trees have four sides and each side represents one of the seasons. We looked at how the leaves all look different depending on the season and showed this on each side of the tree.



In Year 1 we have been reading lots of books this week. The children have had the chance to choose a book from our book  corner and read it to their classmates during DEAR (Drop Everything and Read).


This week some of  the Year one children have been working on different ways to make numbers 18-20. For this activity the children were using playdough to fill up a plate with food. Next, they had to write a calculation to show the way they made the number 19.

9/06/2022-Emily Brown and The Thing

This week in English we have started looking at our new text Emily Brown and the Thing. We started the week by thinking of a prediction for the text. Some children thought that Emily Brown would be teleported into Space and look at gleaming and shiny stars.  The children are excited to see what happens in our new story. 


12/05/2022- Discover Story Centre Visit

On May 11th the Year 1 classes went to the Discover Centre in Stratford for a story workshop on The 100 Story Hotel. When we arrived there, we were greeted by a guide and played some games to make sure that we hadn’t forgotten our listening hats. Our guide read the  story ‘The Odd Dog Out’ and we created soundscapes for the pictures. Soon after, we entered The 100 Story Hotel and tried to solve the mystery of the missing story. Through working together, we eventually discovered who stole the story.

6/05/2022- Religious Education

This week we have been learning about Hinduism. We learnt about the 5 duties of a Hindu and then created a dart board thinking about the most important belief and least important belief. Swipe right to see examples of our work.


28/04/2022- Art

For Art this week, we have been looking at the artist Eileen Agar and trying to reproduce her work. The children printed objects that were related to an animal so they could use them in a collage. They printed leaves for a monkey, snowflakes for a polar bear and shells for a crab. Eileen Agar is known for using different materials in her collages; it is for this reason the children are getting the resources together to finish off their final products.

22/04/2022- Mathematics

This week we have started looking at multiplication by making groups and counting in 5s. For this activity we investigated a problem of making 4 equal groups and 3 unequal groups and showing all the different ways we could show them using double sided counters. The children enjoyed the opportunity to investigate an open ended problem.


01/04/2022- Science

This term for Science Year 1 has been learning about ‘Animals Including Humans’. We have been putting animals into different categories like what they eat or their species. We know that carnivores only eat meat like a lion, herbivores only eat plants like a horse, and that omnivores eat both meat and plants like a human. The highlight or the term was when the farm came to visit and we were able to meet some of the animals that we had been studying.


This week we have been working on becoming independent writers by using our writing checklist to extend our writing. We then looked at how we can underline key learning such as conjunctions. Here is an example of our work.

17/03/2022- Reading

In Year one this week, Mr Ervalho asked the children to summarise what they do for reading and this is what they had to say: 

“In Year 1 we know how to read quietly and calmly. We read with our partners. We can read as quiet as a mouse. We help each other read words that we don’t know. In Year 1 we learn new words. In Year 1 we read a story book with our partners. We read our stories slowly. We take care and share our books in Year 1”. Year 1 pupils



This week Year 1 has been learning about the parable ‘The Prodigal Son’. It is about a son who asks his dad for money and then spends it all and is forced to return home embarrassed. But instead of the father shaming him for being wasteful, the son is welcomed back home and embraced. You can see that we freeze framed the part of the story where the son comes back home and is greeted by his father.

03/03/2022- PSHCE

In year 1, we have been looking at friendship and what it takes to be a good friend so we role played a scenario where children were upset and what we could do to console them. The children came up with ideas like giving them a hug, playing with them, telling them a joke, or making them laugh. 


24/02/2022- Geography Parent Workshop

On the 22nd of February Orange class had their Geography Theme Term Parents Workshop to recreate the local area using junk modelling to recreate some of the buildings in Manor Park. The children have been learning about Our Local Area and had a visit from Barnaby Bear who came to Manor Park and took some pictures of the buildings he saw as he visited our school. The children then had to recreate these buildings using various pieces of junk and were able to make the local Post Office, Tesco, and Manor Park Library. It was a very exciting workshop that both the children and parents enjoyed!

10/02/2022-Mental Health Week

For Children's Mental Health week, the children in Year 1 created a calm picture. They drew things that made them feel calm and happy. The children were also listening to relaxing music while they created their drawings.

04/02/2022- Computing

This week in our Computing lessons we revisited our learning from last week and had a discussion about how to be safe online. We then moved onto looking at recipes and how they are written in a simple format so that everyone can understand the instructions. Next, we wrote instructions on how to make a sandwich. We made use of key vocabulary such as: recipe, first, second and then.


This week Year 1 has been looking at making ‘Related Facts’ and using manipulatives in order to be successful at this. The children used counters, cubes, 10 frames and double sided counters to make fact families. They worked systematically to ensure that they didn’t miss any number facts along the way. The children were able to find all the number facts for a number for both addition and subtraction.

20/01/2022- Florence Nightingale

Over the last few weeks Year 1 has been learning about Florence Nightingale and the impact that she had on nursing. We had a ‘Now Press Play’ workshop where we listened to a story about Florence Nightingale and her time in Crimea during the Crimean War. The children learnt about how Florence helped the soldiers by cleaning the hospital, giving them good food, and administering medicine. The children role played the story as they listened to it and were able to get a sense of the impact that she had.

13/01/2022-Grace and Family

This week Year 1 had been reading their new book ‘Grace and Family’. It is about a little girl, Grace, who visits her father in Gambia and has an amazing time there. We started our week by thinking about what the story could be about and what questions we want to ask about it. Next, we started reading the story and thinking about how Grace felt at the beginning of the story and started writing sentences about her emotions.

17/12/2021- Making Wreaths

This week Year 1 had been getting ready for Christmas by making wreaths. The children coloured in baubles and then cut them out and added them to their wreaths. These preparations come on the heels of our trip to the Methodist Church where we learnt about modern Christmas celebrations like decorating the tree and house as well as us learning about the Nativity and the importance of Christmas to Christians.

9/12/2021- Methodist Church Visit

On December 8th Year went to the Manor Park Methodist Church Christmas Journey. The children were able to learn about the Christmas story and the birth of Jesus. They met the wise men and learnt about the gifts that they gave Jesus, they met a shepherd and explored what he does, and even met Mary and Joseph. The children had a fantastic time and enjoyed learning about the Christmas story.


3/12/2021- Science

This term for Science we started off looking at Seasonal Change and what the similarities and differences are between the four seasons. We looked at Autumn and what the weather is like and how it differs from the other seasons. The following lessons we have been working on Investigations and using our senses to look at different fruits.


26/11/2021- Why Do Christians Give Gifts?

This week Year 1 continued to learn about Christmas and why Christians give gifts to one another at this time. We learned about the Three Wise Men and the gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh that they gave to Baby Jesus. The children discussed the reason Christians give gifts and it is because the Wise Men gave gifts to a special baby. It is because of this that Christians give gifts to one another at Christmas.


This week we have been Exploraptors and have been learning about addition and subtraction and comparing them to see which was greater than or less than. We had practical lessons using double sided counters and a number track to work out some subtraction number facts. We also made towers out of cubes to compare them with our partners, and compared different number facts to see which was greater than or less than.

11/11/2021- Reading in Year 1

Year 1 has been enjoying reading this week. We have been reading in class, the Library and the Reading Garden. We have been sharing books with one another and delving into a book. The children particularly liked reading outdoors in the Reading Garden. The library was an amazing experience as well because it was the first time we used the library.

5/11/2021- How Do Christians Celebrate Christmas?

This term we are looking at 'How do Christian celebrate Christmas?’. We started this by looking at gifts that we have received and how it made us feel when we received these gifts. The children were able to describe how they felt with words like thrilled and overjoyed. Then we moved onto thinking of a special person to give a gift to and what gift we could give them. The children thought of people like their mums, dads and siblings and wanted to give them thank you cards and rings.


21/10/2021- Mathematics

This week in our Mathematics learning we created a bar model. We used different manipulatives to make a number and then wrote the fact families. The children have enjoyed using a manipulative of their choice to make the number.


14/10/2021- Provision in Year 1

Over the course of the term the children have been enjoying the provision that has been set out for them. We have enjoyed painting a bus that was used as part of a role play, we went shopping at Tesco for snacks and we have enjoyed making spaceships from Lego. The children have had the opportunity to talk about the things they are doing and sharing their ideas with others. 



During our free flow time the children have enjoyed reading the books in the book corner. Pupils have the opportunity to choose a book of their choice and delve into it with a friend or alone. One of the most popular books in year 1 is a story book called ‘Chocolate Cake’ which is about a boy who wakes up in the middle of the night to eat a whole chocolate cake and another favourite is ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes the Avengers’. The children love reading stories and having stories read to them.

30/9/2021- One More, One Less

Year 1 has been looking at Place Value this term in Mathematics. Here are some pictures of children exploring numbers and counting this week. We played snakes and ladders to explore counting, we looked for one more and one less using a ten frame, and we challenged our partners to see who could reach the end first in the ‘Incy WIncy Spider’ counting game.


23/09/2021- Poetry

This week Year 1 has been reading the poem ‘Kimmy’ by Eloise Greenfield which is about a dog and how he loves to play football with its owner. The children went to the hall and explored  different ways to use the ball. We discussed what a verb is and how to move the ball, for example, throw it, roll it, catch it, kick it, and sit on it.

16/09/2021-London Bridge

Year 1 has been looking at the nursery rhyme ‘London Bridge’. They explored this nursery rhyme by playing a game, where two children made the London Bridge using their body and dropped their arms to illustrate the bridge falling down as they walked under it. They sang the song beautifully whilst playing the game. We have been using drama as a way to delve deeper into a text.

10/09/2021- Back to School for Year 1

Our Year 1 pupils have settled well into KS1 this week and are becoming familiar with the routines and structure of the school day.  





This week In Blue class during free flow the children have loved pretending to be the teacher and writing sounds. We have had a focus on pretending to be the shopkeeper and customer and using 1ps and 2ps accurately in our play.

We had our parents in today to help us learn to ride a bike!


This week we have been celebrating Diversity week and learning about Brazil. We learnt about the flag and what the colours represent. We then wrote about them and remembered to use a capital letter, finger space and full stop.


This week in Reception we have been investigating how the ball can roll fast and slow using guttering and colourful balls. 

The children have been using the balance bikes and trying to find space and negotiate how to move their body to ensure they stay balanced on the bike. 




We love our learning!

This week during free flow we have been making 10 in different ways using double sided counters. We then moved onto recording in different ways. Some of us recorded the number sentence as dots and some used the numbers. We are really enjoying playing with numbers. 


This week in Reception we have also been looking at building our fine motor skills using different mediums. We have been using theraputty, bolts and tracing over lines, we have had new and exciting activities every week to support the development of all the muscles in our hand and arm!


We loved our visit from ZooLab today!

Our World Book Day Celebrations

We have loved seeing our friends again.

Reception are working very hard at home, look at Mohammad's home learning!

Working together junk modelling

Junk modelling offers us opportunities to develop our creativity, as well as our fine and gross motor skills. Junk modelling is important because it involves exercising the imagination, problem-solving, designing, communicating, self-expression, trial and error, sharing, resilience, happiness and building knowledge. We are given the time and space to explore and create, rather than being told what we should build.

Family Friday Mark Making

Still image for this video

We made delicious spring rolls.

We have been very busy today making spring rolls, we particularly enjoyed preparing the filling with our teachers. When it came to rolling up the spring roll our teacher informed us that it was really good for our fine motor skills and building up the strength in our fingers. We know this will help us with our writing but best of all it was great fun and they were yummy!

Child Initiated Play

Child Initiated play is defined as play that is instigated, led and controlled by us rather than the adults. A child led play scenario allows us to control the direction and narrative of our play experiences. It is only Monday morning and we are already so engaged in our learning. The provision set out by our teachers supports us having our own ideas and play with what we know, we choose how to use the resources and learn through these first hand experiences.  



Ten Frames

We use ten frames for counting. They make counting values simpler. We can use them for composing and decomposing numbers in relation to 5 and 10. They help us form the basis for understanding place value in the future (example: numbers like 12 are a ten and two ones)

We joined Joe Wicks in his 24 hour PE session to support Children in Need

Small World

We love our Small World play, as well as being fun, it is the ideal platform for nurturing our imagination from a young age. This play provides us with an opportunity to explore new materials, act out scenarios from real life, build language, practice social skills, and gain an understanding of the world.

Looking at movement

It is too cold for our water play at the minute but we still love exploring and discovering how these giant marbles travel along the guttering. We enjoy problem solving and building the runs for the marbles, we were trying to get the marbles to land in the large bucket. We worked together and felt a great sense of achievement when the marble hit the bottom of the bucket. 


Construction Play is proven to make a difference to the way we think and complete tasks. It's a form of play that aids our growth and development. Construction play can be crazily vast. Simple things such as counting bricks, measuring weight and moving objects all contribute to making a us think outside the box. We all have different ways of learning and thinking (at different stages too). Open-ended activities allow us to grow and develop to our full potential. 


When we engage in this way of playing, we will start to ask ourselves the question 'what if?' - an indication we are challenging ourselves. For example, we may stack blocks as high as we can until they fall down or put a particular amount of water into a bucket when using scales to see how full it should be before it becomes unbalanced. These simple things are constantly stimulating our brain.  Playing with a variety of building and creative products helps build our self-confidence and encourages our independent learning too.

Family Friday Physical Development

Still image for this video

Developing our fine motor skills

Lunchtime Smiles!

We look forward to the arrival of our lunch boxes and sitting down to eat with our friends. We sit and chat together while we enjoy our yummy food, some of us that were a bit worried when we first started are now really brave and we try to eat everything. 

We are such good friends in Reception.

We help each other in our Reception, we look out for each other and work as a team to achieve our goals throughout the day. We have made lots of lovely new friends and are enjoying coming into school to spend time with them. 

Family Friday - 9th October 2020

Still image for this video

Supporting our number development and problem solving

Our teachers are using large Numicon shapes so we can see how many children are allowed in each area of the provision. We are encouraged to count to check and problem solve if there are too many of us. They help us count to see how many are in the area and manage our own emotions if we have to wait our turn and come back later. 

What exciting provision we have in our Reception this week!

Our learning this week

In Reception we have been growing in confidence now that we are really settled into our learning. We have all made good friends and have enjoyed getting to know our new teachers who have supported us in our first couple of weeks to ensure we have had a successful transition into Reception. Our learning has been fun and we have had excellent challenges set by our teachers that have made us think and extended our learning. 

Our first full week

We are so excited to be back in school!

We have been looking at our letter sounds with our teacher this week and we have all been so engaged in our learning during our first full week back.  

New Reception Starters!

Our Reception classrooms and outdoor area are all set up ready for our children to explore! Red and Blue classes will start their phased return from next week and we look forward to welcoming them very soon!

September 2020

Look what we are having built!

Our Reception children are very lucky this year as they will be the first to learn in, and experience our amazing bespoke outdoor play area. It has been specifically designed to provide excellent learning in all areas of the Early Years curriculum, with a focus on providing outstanding opportunities to challenge our children physically. Developing both gross and fine motor skills through such areas as our fantasy house and our system of pulleys and chains in our sand and gravel areas. Alongside our incredible new outdoor area, are our highly skilled EYFS practitioners ready to welcome back our new 2020 Reception children. What a great year this will be!


Meet our new fish!

Science Day in Reception

We loved exploring our wet, sticky slime. Making lumpy mixtures and observing how the textures change with the addition of more water. Inevitably many of us made a huge mess and we enjoyed spreading the whole mess around with our hands! There’s plenty to talk about when exploring and we loved coming up with words to describe how it felt. 

We have been exploring filling containers and developing our mathematical vocabulary

Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

We visited the Fire Station!

Snack Table Problem Solving

This week we have been trying to make our snack equal 10! Our teacher today supported us to think about how we could solve the problem, she modelled clearly the vocabulary she wanted us to use. Some of us thought we could halve some of the different snacks and some of us counted out different quantities to make 10. We cut up our own snacks and talked about how we were going to make 10 while we ate. We always have healthy snacks at our table and talk about how important it is to have a healthy diet. 

Freshly baked bread in Reception!

This week in Reception we have been making bread, we have explored all the different ingredients and weighed and measured these out. We have observed the changes that took place after the bread came out of the oven. The best bit of all though is that we have all enjoyed freshly baked bread on our snack table everyday and it was delicious! 

Parent Bike Sessions

Today we had our families in as they were learning about how we have been learning to ride our bikes. Jeremy from Sustrans has been working with us and he showed our parents and carers useful techniques to help us learn and improve our skills. Our families were brilliant at getting involved and some of them rode a bike too!

Our Teen and Toddler Project

The Teens have been visiting us now for a number of weeks, they have paired up with some of us that are less confident or have difficulty communicating. We have really come out of our shells working with our Teen and love it when they come in and learn with us. We were really lucky this week as we had a story read to us too. 

Happy New Year!

We have made a great start in  Reception to the new year and the start of our new topic. This week we have been learning about all the different people who help us. We were focusing on police and role playing different scenarios that police might help people with. Here are some of us role playing a police officer arresting robbers who stole money.

What a way to finish 2019!

Our Christmas concert for our families was a huge success, all our practicing and the hard work that all our teachers put in, made sure we put on an excellent show. 

Father Christmas came to visit

It was so exciting to have such a special visitor in school today, we were all very excited and loved getting a gift from him. 

Physical Development at Family Friday

Our families found out about how we get taught in our PE sessions in today's Family Friday. Mr Mason showed our families that we have been working on our balancing skills and all our gross motor skills. He encouraged our families to help us take risks by jumping of the equipment and performing tricky balances. 


In the classroom our families had the opportunity to work on our fine motor skills with us. We love it when our little brothers and sisters learn alongside us.

We have been working on our fine motor skills

Our Teen and Toddler group helped us develop our cycling skills

Making our Monsters

We were making monsters today that had 8 features. The number 8 is the number we have been thinking about this week. We added eyes and horns and mouths to make the number bond to 8. We are really good at talking about numbers and about what we notice, sometimes we even surprise our teachers with the comments we make!


Sharing our reading at Family Friday

We had a visit from Falconry UK

We were very brave today when we met Rocco the Pygmy Falcon and Bailey the White Faced Scops Owl. Their feathers were beautiful especially when the baby Eagle Owl stretched out his wings, he was very big for a baby! It was very exciting getting to hold the birds and see them so close. 

Practicing our balancing skills

We have been working on our physical development skills, jumping on and off objects and working on our landing. We have been doing lots of balancing along and on objects, all these activities help us to ride our bikes as our balance is really important as we learn to ride our bikes. 

Number day at Family Friday

We showed our parents and carers how we learn to count at our Family Friday, they were great at supporting us and involving themselves in our learning. 
We love it when our little brothers and sisters learn alongside us. They were really enjoying using the ten frames and counting to ten with us.  

Who would be the winner?

We really enjoy following our interests and our outdoor learning. We were racing cars down the ramp to see which one goes the furthest outside this week, we built our ramps and chose our cars. Then we used meter sticks to measure how far each car travelled to see who the winner was. The cars flew off the end of the pipe really fast and we enjoyed finding out which one had travelled the greatest distance.  
Week beginning Monday 14th October

Shopping for our 'So Much' party

This week we are busy planning our 'So much' party in reception. We have been thinking about all different kinds of foods and decorations we might need at our party. We have been talking a lot about how important it is to have a healthy diet and exercise and how too much sugar is bad for us. When we planned the food for our party we also thought about what would be healthy. Today we all took our shopping bags and took the bus to the large Sainsbury's in Ilford to buy our shopping. It was very exciting carrying the shopping bags and searching for everything we needed, we had to make sure we ticked everything off our shopping list before we took the bus home. We now can't wait for our families to come in and enjoy the party with us on Thursday! 

Look at our 'So Much' party!