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Sir John Heron Primary School

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Welcome to the Blue and Red class page!


Family Friday Physical Development

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Developing our fine motor skills

Lunchtime Smiles!

We look forward to the arrival of our lunch boxes and sitting down to eat with our friends. We sit and chat together while we enjoy our yummy food, some of us that were a bit worried when we first started are now really brave and we try to eat everything. 

We are such good friends in Reception.

We help each other in our Reception, we look out for each other and work as a team to achieve our goals throughout the day. We have made lots of lovely new friends and are enjoying coming into school to spend time with them. 

Family Friday - 9th October 2020

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Supporting our number development and problem solving

Our teachers are using large Numicon shapes so we can see how many children are allowed in each area of the provision. We are encouraged to count to check and problem solve if there are too many of us. They help us count to see how many are in the area and manage our own emotions if we have to wait our turn and come back later. 

What exciting provision we have in our Reception this week!

Our learning this week

In Reception we have been growing in confidence now that we are really settled into our learning. We have all made good friends and have enjoyed getting to know our new teachers who have supported us in our first couple of weeks to ensure we have had a successful transition into Reception. Our learning has been fun and we have had excellent challenges set by our teachers that have made us think and extended our learning. 

Our first full week

We are so excited to be back in school!

We have been looking at our letter sounds with our teacher this week and we have all been so engaged in our learning during our first full week back.  

New Reception Starters!

Our Reception classrooms and outdoor area are all set up ready for our children to explore! Red and Blue classes will start their phased return from next week and we look forward to welcoming them very soon!

September 2020

Look what we are having built!

Our Reception children are very lucky this year as they will be the first to learn in, and experience our amazing bespoke outdoor play area. It has been specifically designed to provide excellent learning in all areas of the Early Years curriculum, with a focus on providing outstanding opportunities to challenge our children physically. Developing both gross and fine motor skills through such areas as our fantasy house and our system of pulleys and chains in our sand and gravel areas. Alongside our incredible new outdoor area, are our highly skilled EYFS practitioners ready to welcome back our new 2020 Reception children. What a great year this will be!


Meet our new fish!

Science Day in Reception

We loved exploring our wet, sticky slime. Making lumpy mixtures and observing how the textures change with the addition of more water. Inevitably many of us made a huge mess and we enjoyed spreading the whole mess around with our hands! There’s plenty to talk about when exploring and we loved coming up with words to describe how it felt. 

We have been exploring filling containers and developing our mathematical vocabulary

Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

We visited the Fire Station!

Snack Table Problem Solving

This week we have been trying to make our snack equal 10! Our teacher today supported us to think about how we could solve the problem, she modelled clearly the vocabulary she wanted us to use. Some of us thought we could halve some of the different snacks and some of us counted out different quantities to make 10. We cut up our own snacks and talked about how we were going to make 10 while we ate. We always have healthy snacks at our table and talk about how important it is to have a healthy diet. 

Freshly baked bread in Reception!

This week in Reception we have been making bread, we have explored all the different ingredients and weighed and measured these out. We have observed the changes that took place after the bread came out of the oven. The best bit of all though is that we have all enjoyed freshly baked bread on our snack table everyday and it was delicious! 

Parent Bike Sessions

Today we had our families in as they were learning about how we have been learning to ride our bikes. Jeremy from Sustrans has been working with us and he showed our parents and carers useful techniques to help us learn and improve our skills. Our families were brilliant at getting involved and some of them rode a bike too!

Our Teen and Toddler Project

The Teens have been visiting us now for a number of weeks, they have paired up with some of us that are less confident or have difficulty communicating. We have really come out of our shells working with our Teen and love it when they come in and learn with us. We were really lucky this week as we had a story read to us too. 

Happy New Year!

We have made a great start in  Reception to the new year and the start of our new topic. This week we have been learning about all the different people who help us. We were focusing on police and role playing different scenarios that police might help people with. Here are some of us role playing a police officer arresting robbers who stole money.

What a way to finish 2019!

Our Christmas concert for our families was a huge success, all our practicing and the hard work that all our teachers put in, made sure we put on an excellent show. 

Father Christmas came to visit

It was so exciting to have such a special visitor in school today, we were all very excited and loved getting a gift from him. 

Physical Development at Family Friday

Our families found out about how we get taught in our PE sessions in today's Family Friday. Mr Mason showed our families that we have been working on our balancing skills and all our gross motor skills. He encouraged our families to help us take risks by jumping of the equipment and performing tricky balances. 


In the classroom our families had the opportunity to work on our fine motor skills with us. We love it when our little brothers and sisters learn alongside us.

We have been working on our fine motor skills

Our Teen and Toddler group helped us develop our cycling skills

Making our Monsters

We were making monsters today that had 8 features. The number 8 is the number we have been thinking about this week. We added eyes and horns and mouths to make the number bond to 8. We are really good at talking about numbers and about what we notice, sometimes we even surprise our teachers with the comments we make!


Sharing our reading at Family Friday

We had a visit from Falconry UK

We were very brave today when we met Rocco the Pygmy Falcon and Bailey the White Faced Scops Owl. Their feathers were beautiful especially when the baby Eagle Owl stretched out his wings, he was very big for a baby! It was very exciting getting to hold the birds and see them so close. 

Practicing our balancing skills

We have been working on our physical development skills, jumping on and off objects and working on our landing. We have been doing lots of balancing along and on objects, all these activities help us to ride our bikes as our balance is really important as we learn to ride our bikes. 

Number day at Family Friday

We showed our parents and carers how we learn to count at our Family Friday, they were great at supporting us and involving themselves in our learning. 
We love it when our little brothers and sisters learn alongside us. They were really enjoying using the ten frames and counting to ten with us.  

Who would be the winner?

We really enjoy following our interests and our outdoor learning. We were racing cars down the ramp to see which one goes the furthest outside this week, we built our ramps and chose our cars. Then we used meter sticks to measure how far each car travelled to see who the winner was. The cars flew off the end of the pipe really fast and we enjoyed finding out which one had travelled the greatest distance.  
Week beginning Monday 14th October

Shopping for our 'So Much' party

This week we are busy planning our 'So much' party in reception. We have been thinking about all different kinds of foods and decorations we might need at our party. We have been talking a lot about how important it is to have a healthy diet and exercise and how too much sugar is bad for us. When we planned the food for our party we also thought about what would be healthy. Today we all took our shopping bags and took the bus to the large Sainsbury's in Ilford to buy our shopping. It was very exciting carrying the shopping bags and searching for everything we needed, we had to make sure we ticked everything off our shopping list before we took the bus home. We now can't wait for our families to come in and enjoy the party with us on Thursday! 

Look at our 'So Much' party!

Friday 11th October

Star Moments

At Family Friday today our parents and carers looked at our special books and filled in some star moments with us. We have lots of significant moments in our learning that happen at home so our parents can fill in a star moment to capture this, it helps our teachers assess our learning and is  a great way for our parents and carers to contribute to our special books. 

Cooking for our Family

Our parents and carers get so involved in our learning, they even get their dinner served to them and extend our vocabulary while we serve them. The whole family was sat down for dinner!
Wednesday 2nd October

We are all developing our balance on our bikes.

Over the last few weeks we have been learning to ride bikes without stabilisers.  We are learning how to balance on them first, then how to hold onto the handle bars, and finally how to ride them. Here are two of us that are riding a bike on our own for the first time. It has been a great learning experience!

We are builders!

We enjoyed using the big blocks to make a castle for a Giant. We used tools to role play being builders and have been stacking the blocks to make walls. When they have fallen we have been Solvatops and tried different techniques to make the walls stronger.

Our First Family Friday!

Thank you to all our families that made today's Family Friday so enjoyable. Our parents found out why our school is reducing the sugar in our school dinners and what can happen if you eat too much sugar. Did you know a single can of 330ml soft drink can contain as much as 35g of sugar? We learn about the importance of a healthy diet in reception and not eating too much sugar. Some of us were baking from the Gruffalo cook book with our families, it has lots of healthier recipes that are not so high in sugar. We loved learning alongside our families and showing them around our classroom. We really liked getting to mix up the fruit and other ingredients for our Grufffalo crumble!

'Bike it!' project in Red class

What an amazing start we had in Reception to our new 'Bike it!' project. We met Jeremy who helped us with our helmets and showed us how to use the bikes. We learnt how to start to balance on our bikes and how it is important to wear a helmet to protect our heads. We did big hops where we took both feet off the floor at the same time to start to develop our balance and learnt to keep our fingers over the brake ready to stop. We were beginning to be able to find and push down on the pedal to glide and then stop. It was an exciting session and we were enjoying learning new skills. 

We are growing in confidence!

This week we have continued settling in and getting used to our new routines. We have spent a lot of time exploring the activities left for us like making music with our friends and playing in the water tray. We are looking forward to seeing what fun activities we get to try next week!

Our First Week Back

We are all settling into Reception well and enjoying our new classrooms and learning. We have enjoyed seeing our friends again and making new ones this week while getting to know our new teachers. 


Well done Reception!

We celebrated in style today at our very special graduation. We have all graduated from Reception and in September we will begin a new journey in Year 1. This is a very important time for us and all our mums and dads came into school to share in this moment. They heard all the special things our teachers said about us and watched us celebrate our learning. 

Our Final Family Friday

We all loved our last Family Friday of the year, and are so thankful to all our parents and carers who come into our school, to make the event as special as it is. This week it was really special and some of our parents got so involved they ended up having a hula hoop competition. It was so much fun!


As part of our space themed term we had a visit from the planetarium. We all went along to our school hall where we found a huge inflated dome! We were so excited when we were lead into the dome to start our interactive session. The technology inside the dome allowed us to see images in 360 degrees, which meant the whole of the inside of the dome became filled with incredible images and videos. We saw rockets, planets and shooting stars moving all around us!

Old MacDonald's Farm

We all had so much fun on our end of year visit to Old McDonald's farm. There were lots of different animals at the farm; including meerkats, pigs, wallabies, rabbits, ponies, cows and many more. We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to get hands on and meet some of the animals face to face like the Shetland pony. Did you know the Shetland pony is the smallest horse breed? They have short legs and a shaggy coat, we loved getting to stroke them. We spent time exploring the farm and seeing all the other animals and especially enjoyed eating our picnic lunch!




Manor Park Library Visit


We were all very excited to go to the library, as many of us had our own library cards and some had never been before. When we arrived we were treated to a funny story called ‘Funny Bones’ which we all enjoyed very much (even the parents!). Then we had an opportunity to see and read a range of books the library had available for children, before we were able to choose and take a book home using our own library cards. We all had a fantastic time!

Wanstead Flats

As part of our topic on plants and minibeasts we all set off for an exciting adventure to Wanstead flats on a marvellous minibeast hunt! We looked for creepy crawlies under logs and stones and we spotted insects in the air. We became nature detectives on our quest to find out about different habitats and the insects that lived in them. You could be become a Nature Detective! Next time you go to the woods or play in your garden, try and find some minibeasts. Where do they like to hide? How many did you discover?

This week's Family Friday focused on physical development

We had so much fun this week playing games with our parents and our sports coach Mr Mason. We were developing our gross motor skills while we competed with our younger brothers and sisters, against our parents. It got very exciting, our parents really wanted to win! 

We had special family members in today to celebrate Mother's Day.

Friday 15th March

Our Families came in today, for a fun mathematics filled Family Friday. We love sharing our learning!

World Book Day March 2019

We had an exciting day of learning dressed as our favourite book characters. Some of us were superheroes and some of us were princesses. We spent the day sharing books and we even had members of our family come into class and read with us. 
January 2019

We found the Gruffalo!

We went to the forest to meet the special characters from one of our favourite stories, The Gruffalo. We were able to explore the forest to find the different characters in their different hiding places. We carried out lots of fun activities while we were there such as; making stick houses for the mouse using sticks that we found, hiding under the fallen leaves pretending to be hibernating hedgehogs and playing hide and seek with our friends. This was definitely a visit we will never forget!