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24/01/2023- Pre-Writing Skills

This week we have been enjoying writing in Reception. To strengthen the muscles in our hands we have been partaking in lots of different fine motor and gross motor activities.Inside, we have been using playdough to make firefighters as we have been learning all about them in English. We have also been creating and painting our own fire engines by cutting and sticking different materials. Outside, we have been using the large construction toys to make huge pirate ships! We worked together lifting the different sized wooden blocks and crates to make our ship.

19/01/2023- Reading

We have been reading about vets this week in literacy, learning all about what they do! This has inspired us to be Pretendasaurs and role play as vets ourselves. We also enjoyed reading in our cosy reading room with our friends. We tried our best to read the words on the page and enjoyed explaining what we could see in the pictures.



12/01/2023- We love to talk!

This week in Reception we talked a lot! We spoke about big ships and decided to draw our own giant ships, whilst explaining all the details we are adding to them. We also took our new fascination outside and tried to make a ship using large construction. We invited all our friends to sail in our ship, deciding it was best to go to a beach far away from the rain. We also enjoyed talking about the natural resources we have in our area. We used natural objects to create pictures and spoke about what we could see and feel. We had a great week!


7/12/2022- Exploration and Curiosity in Reception

This week in Reception we have been exploring how balls can travel in different ways. We talked about how we can make them move faster and slower. Look at us exploring the balls...

30.11.2022- Pirates!

This week in Reception we have been role playing as pirates and creating props for our play. We rolled up paper to make telescopes to spot evil pirates approaching our ship as well as a huge pirate ship! Inside we practised our cutting skills by trying to make snowflakes. It was a little bit tricky but we tried our best. We also enjoyed drawing maps of our journeys to school, we thought about how we travel to school and the things we see along the way.

24/11/2022- Paint Printing

We had another great week in Reception. We were very lucky to have a visit to Manor Park Library and have a look at all the fantastic books available. At school, we decided to make a new home for Blue Penguin, the main character from our story in literacy. We used recyclable materials to create a cosy and creative home for our penguin friend. We also enjoyed making our own number blocks! We used cubes to create a number block before covering it in paint and stamping the cubes onto a piece of paper.

16/11/2022- Speaking and Listening

Speaking is a huge part of our daily lives in Reception and this week we talked a lot about penguins! We are reading ‘Blue Penguin’ in literacy and took part in many fun penguin related activities. We made craft penguins and were able to explain what we are doing, as well as navigate our way through the Arctic using positional language. We have also worked together to create a home for Blue Penguin in the garden and have begun role playing the story so far.

10/11/2022- The Blue Penguin

We had a great week in Reception. We enjoyed reading our new book in Literacy. It is called the Blue Penguin. We are exploring different feelings through reading this book. The Blue Penguin felt very happy when he made a new friend! We have helped the Blue Penguin and his penguin friends to move around the icebergs and to travel safely over obstacles in their way. Here we are exploring positional language and playing on a huge map. 


1/11/2022- Halloween

We had a great first week back in Reception. We enjoyed lots of different Halloween related activities such as making playdough spiders, stamping spooky paint ghosts and even decorating pumpkins! We were also very lucky to receive some pumpkins from space as Mae Jemison surprised us with some from her most recent travels.


20/10/2022- Black History Week

This week we have celebrated Black History and diversity in Reception. We learnt all about Mae Jemison, the first African American female astronaut to orbit the Earth! To celebrate Mae Jemison, we made playdough astronauts, created giant rockets using boxes and role played as astronauts ourselves! We also painted portraits of Mae Jemison and made number 6 rockets. We had a great week!

12/10/2022- Diwali

We have been learning all about Diwali. We used toys to learn the story of Rama and Sita and why Diwali is such an important celebration. To celebrate Diwali we have made Diva lamps using clay and plain and colourful paper lanterns. We used salt and chalk to trace out and draw beautiful patterns and fireworks. We loved learning about Diwali.

4/10/2022- Science

This week in Reception we have been learning about the different parts of our bodies. We cut out pictures of our faces and placed them on a large sheet of paper. Then we used a pencil to draw our bodies from our heads. After that, we used paint to add some colour to our bodies. We thought about the important jobs our bodies do and how we use our bodies when we move and play. We have also been exploring different materials and how they feel. We used a range of materials to make our own collages which we very much enjoyed.

28/09/2022- Reading

This week, we have been exploring a range of different books in Reception! We have been thinking about how to handle and take care of our books. We were very excited about our Reading tent and could not wait to go inside to read an exciting book. We also changed our books and carefully picked the perfect book to read at home! We also have other texts around in our classrooms that we can read and explore such as the Lego books that can help us build different structures.

22/09/2022- Number

This week, we have been learning all about number 2 in Reception! We have been thinking about all the different ways we can make 2. We used different resources, toys and even our fingers to make 2 in many different ways. We also saw what 2 looks like on a 10 frame this week, and noticed no matter which 2 boxes we coloured in, 8 boxes always remained empty! It has been an exciting week in Maths this week, we cannot wait to see which number we will be learning about next week.


14/09/2022- Making Self Portraits Using Natural Resources

We had an adventurous week in Reception! We enjoyed exploring our new classrooms and had great fun to explore all the new activities. We loved using the natural objects to create portraits of ourselves. We were so excited to create the pictures!

07/09/2022- Our First Week in Reception!

We have had a fantastic first week in Reception! We have enjoyed exploring our new area, making new friends and having fun. The outside area has been particularly popular, the children have been challenging themselves to climb up the wobbly bridge and slide down the pole! We have also been enjoying partaking in many different activities inside too, such as painting, making cube structures and drawing some of our favourite things. We can’t wait to show you all what we get up to next week!