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Brilliant Club Graduation

Congratulations to our children in this year's Brilliant Club who graduated yesterday via an online ceremony! The children watched the ceremony at the end of the school day with some special snacks!


A special well done to Fatima, who wrote a speech and was brave enough to read it out in front of all the other schools - an excellent role model, well done Fatima!


Read her speech here:

'It is a privilege and honour to have taken part in this year's Brilliant club course. We learnt a lot about artists and different types of paintings such as abstract art and renaissance paintings. We learnt about how art isn’t necessarily right, wrong or how perfect it is. It’s about how you interpret the artpiece you are analysing. If you find the allegorical meaning (hidden meaning) behind the artwork, you will understand the painting clearer. My favourite part was when we focused on abstract paintings since we had to really think about the hidden meanings. We also learnt about something called ‘Art for Art’s Sake’ which means beauty matters more than the story we are meant to depict. All of us disagreed with this because we thought if art didn’t tell us a story, we wouldn’t know where to start looking and the painting would just look like lines and colours. We also learnt another phrase. ‘ Ut pictura poesis’ which translates to ‘as is painting, so is poetry’ which shows that paintings and poetry have the same importance. On behalf of all my peers and teacher, I would like to say thank you for giving us this opportunity Abaigh.'