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New rules to help rainforests

This article caught my attention as in PSHCE, we've been learning about charitable causes and how we can help. This is linked to our learning because we've been learning about charities which help nature, like WWF etc.

This was also very interesting to learn about because this article is about WWF urging for stricter checks to be put in place. Brazilian companies cut down a lot of trees and disturbed nature in the production of beef, palm oil and soy. This is causing climate change or global warming to increase. WWF is now calling on the government to set new rules to stop deforestation.



This article really caught my attention as it seems impossible to get shorter, but the Dutch office for statistics have proven that on average, Dutch males have become 1cm shorter and females, 1.4cm shorter. This is very interesting as over the generations people have become shorter and shorter but 1cm, for height is quite a lot. I enjoyed reading this article a lot as this is an interesting and new fact to me. 


Keeping Kids From Crime

This article particularly caught my attention because young children are falling victim to gangs and crimes. For example ; On the 28th February 2019, 28 000 children (under the age of 18,) joined gangs/fell victim to crime. 

The former Children’s Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield is looking for a way to stop young and vulnerable children falling into a world of crime and gangs. Anne Longfield quoted “ COVID-19 has dealt a strong hand to the gangs and criminals who exploit vulnerable children. We need to start fighting back with coordinated national action that stops the conveyor belt of vulnerable children who are being groomed, abused and denied their chance to do well in life.” 

Polling from parents in England showed that 60% were concerned about their children falling victim to knife crimes.

I feel we need to speak up about this issue because innocent children are being murdered by their friends, classmates, neighbours etc. I feel more children are getting involved in these problems as their school friends might have brought in a weapon to school saying it’s “cool” therefore changing the child’s mentality. The internet sometimes persuades these actions. 

I feel the campaign launched by Anne Longfield should be spread and become more popular so children realise they are making a mistake getting into the world of crime.