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Planet Omar is coming to the big screen!


Wow, can you just imagine one of your favourite books, if not your favourite book, hitting the silver screen? I certainly know that I was delighted to find out this information.


Will fans like it or not?

I assume that fans will like this because the average rating of Planet Omar is 5 stars. So let's just say it wouldn't be wise to rate something full marks when you don't like it.


Would you like to watch Planet Omar to be turned into a TV series ?

I would like to see the book that relaxed me and sent me to a whole new world of fantasy be turned into a tv series. What do you think about this?


How would you react if you wrote a book loved by millions of children around the world and it was turned into a movie ?

I would feel elated knowing that millions of kids around the world are enjoying my books and my new TV series. Do you agree with me, yes/no, why/why not?





I chose to write about this article because it really emphasizes the effects of global warming and pollution. Pollution is terrible for the environment, so we should try to recycle, reduce and reuse more so that marine life doesn't die out sooner than it's supposed to.


The total household waste across the UK is around 30 million tonnes every year! The main culprits are food waste and packaging, e.g. instead of throwing the cardboard coffee cup in the recycling bin, we throw it in the normal bin when it only takes a couple of steps to walk to the recycling. When we buy a packet of jam tarts we leave it in the fridge and eventually forget about it, and by the time we rediscover it the date has gone. Polluting the Earth is the same as wanting to end human kind.


So a message to all of us is to stop abusing the Earth and start helping the Earth before it’s too late.




First News Sep 10-16 


This extremely well opinionated article caught my attention for various reasons. Perfectly situated on the top right side of the paper, the photo of this football icon can catch any reader's eye. As we all know, Marcus Rashford has started a campaign to end child food poverty because the government reacted too slowly when Covid-19 struck the UK. He has been bringing hot meals to children since June 2020, just two months after the pandemic started.


Even though this article is short and snappy it portrays enough information in a few sentences to give the reader a quick insight on his commitment and dedication to end hunger and food insecurities in homes across the UK. Any other person in Rashford's position may not have given their time for this cause. This highlights the fact that no matter what race you are or what religion you are or how different you are to the others, you can always stand up and stand out.


Rashford even pointed out that you could fill 27 Wembley stadiums with the 2.5 million children in food poverty in the UK. You can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it.