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Reading KS1

Look at our Book Corners in KS1!

A book review by Sabira


I have been reading a story called Shift McGifty and slippery Sam: the aliens are coming. I chose this book because of the funny name and the characters on the front cover. The book is full of funny pictures that are green, grey, black and white. The characters are funny because they are chefs who solve mysteries and they are animals not even human! One of the characters, Sam, bumps his head and he can see Aliens. His mission is to make a bunker, which is a place to stay safe, for him and Shifty. In the end Shifty and Sam figure out that the Aliens were actually their friends in disguise. Their friends were practising a play.



A book review by Shanum in Purple Class


The Three Little Astronauts is a story written by Georgie Adams and Emily Bolam. 

This story is about three little astronauts from Outer Space who go on an out of this world adventure. They take the wrong turn and end up going through lots of different things to return safely. I enjoyed this book because it made me feel like I was an astronaut travelling through the darkest, black hole and the milky way in an amazing spaceship. I would love to do that one day! I recommend this book to everyone because it is exciting to read and you will find out lots about space. 

Year 2


Year 2 have been reading  and learning facts about whales. We have discovered key facts about different types of  whales. Here are the top five main differences between the blue whale and the hump back whale:

  1. Size: The blue whale is the largest creature on earth, around 2-3 times larger than the humpback whale.
  2. Life span: Blue whales can live between 80-90 years and humpback whales can live up to 50 years
  3. Sound: Blue whales make sounds as loud as a jet engine and are louder than humpback whales
  4. Shape: Blue whales are quite streamlined in comparison to a humpback whale, which has a hump on its back
  5. Colour: The blue whale is actually quite grey in colour, compared to the humpback, which is bluer in colour.