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Fake News 


In the First News newspaper issue 796, the writer Braydon wrote, ‘‘in the last few years, the term fake news has become our everyday vocabulary.’’ In this news, Braydon is explaining that there is fake news all around the world and he shares his thoughts about it. 


Fake News means that people made things up or exaggerated in an attempt to influence people of the way they think. There is one particular fake news that can affect the whole entire world. It’s about Covid-19. People around the world are posting many different things that have caused havoc for the government. The article also stated that ‘‘83% of people believe fake news while 80% of people are convinced that fake news has a negative effect on other countries’ politics.’’ Sadly, the Covid-19 issue is not the only fake news around the world. There is way more than that! In my opinion, this article is beneficial for people across the world as it will make them more aware of what they see on social media.