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Autumn Term 1&2


This term our Power of Reading books is ‘So Much’. ‘So Much’ is a celebration of Caribbean culture. In the story mum and baby are home alone when- DING DONG! Auntie and then Uncle and Nannie and Gran-Gran and the cousins come to visit. They all want to hug and squeeze the baby, because everybody loves the baby so much.

For the first part of this term, we will teach the children the sounds for the alphabet, as this is the beginning stage for reading. We will also develop the children’s fine motor skills and will teach them how to write the sounds.


We use Read, Write Inc. Scheme of work and will be focusing on:

  • Hearing and saying the initial sound in words.
  • Linking sounds to the letters of the alphabet.
  • Reading simple words and simple sentences.
  • Encouraging the children to give meaning to marks as they draw, write and paint.
  • Using some clearly identifiable letters to communicate meaning, representing some sounds correctly and in sequence.


In Math’s, children will be taught a range of mathematical skills. We will focus on Numbers, Shape and Space. We will use Numicon to develop children’s mathematical understanding. We will focus on a number a week and explore it through lots of different concrete materials to secure the children’s understanding of what that number looks like.


We will focus on:

  • Counting out up to 10 objects from a larger group.
  • Selecting the correct numeral to represent 1 to 10 objects.
  • Finding the total number of items in two groups by counting all of them.
  • Finding one more or one less from a group of up to five objects, then ten objects.
  • Learning the mathematical names for 2D shapes, and mathematical terms to describe shapes.
  • Ordering and sequencing familiar events.
  • Measuring short periods of time in simple ways.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

During this term, children will be encouraged and supported to form relationships with their new teachers and peers. We will also develop their self-confidence and they will be encouraged to learn the rules for their new class.


We will encourage children to:

  • Initiate conversations and to take account of what others say.
  • Explain their knowledge and understanding, and ask appropriate questions of others.
  • Speak confidently to others about their needs, wants, interests and opinions.
  • Describe themselves in positive terms and express their abilities.
  • Be aware of the boundaries set, and of behavioural expectations in the setting.

Communication and Language

Throughout this term, our children will be supported to develop their communication and language skills. We will plan a range of lessons where we support the children’s listening and attention skills. We will also develop the children’s understanding and will give them enough time to develop their speaking skills.


We will support children to:

  • Maintain attention, to concentrate and to sit quietly during an appropriate activity.
  • Follow a story without pictures or props.
  • Listen and respond to ideas expressed by others in conversation or discussion.
  • Extend their vocabulary, especially by exploring the meaning and sounds of new words.
  • Use talk to organise, sequence and clarify thinking, ideas, feelings and events.

Understanding the World

Children will learn about their families and their Communities. We will also learn about the world in which they live and will explore technology. We will be celebrating family with a ‘so much’ party and then think about celebrations such as Christmas and preparing for a nativity performance.


We will focus on:

  • Joining in with family customs and routines.
  • Looking closely at similarities, differences, patterns and change around us.
  • Completing a simple program on the iPads, interactive white boards and computers.

Physical Development

Children will have a range of opportunities to develop their fine motor and gross motor skills. We will also teach the children how to be healthy and safe.


We will encourage children to:

  • Experiment with different ways of moving.
  • Travel with confidence and skill around, under, over and through balancing and climbing equipment.
  • Handle tools, objects, construction and malleable materials safely and with increasing control.
  • Begin to use anticlockwise movement and retrace vertical lines.
  • Begin to form recognisable letters.
  • Show understanding of the need for safety when tackling new challenges, and to consider and manage some risks.
  • Practice some appropriate safety measures without direct supervision.

Expressive Arts and Design

Children will be encouraged to share and express their creativity in a range of ways and through fun and creative activities.


We will teach and encourage children to:

  • Explore the different sounds of instruments.
  • Explore what happens when they mix colours.
  • Construct with a purpose in mind, using a variety of resources.
  • Create simple representations of events, people and objects.
  • Introduces a storyline or narrative into their play.